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MWFV Ch 98 Part 2 – Mr. Qin Found Out (II)

“Lin Shaochi.”


“Don’t you think the food in this restaurant is a bit ‘cutting corners’?” Su Bei glanced at the seafood platter on the table and said.

Lin Shaochi raised his head and saw the girl holding her chin while looking at him innocently.

His breath stagnated.

Although Chairman Lin frequently had his IQ turned off when facing the girl he loved, he was originally a super smart guy. He quietly deduced the reason why Su Bei called him from the Dongshan Road this afternoon and also why her attitude towards him subtly changed.

“Eating too much cold food is not good for your body.”

“Then you eat more.” Su Bei seemed to ‘retaliate’ and pushed the seafood plate to Lin Shaochi.

“Are you sure you want me to eat more?” Lin Shaochi lowered his gaze.

Su Bei: “Huh?”


After the meal, the two walked by the lake. Lin Shaochi held Su Bei’s soft and slender hand carefully, as if holding his whole world. The water’s calming sound and the girl’s beautiful voice were all he heard at this moment.

“This restaurant is so delicious. Next time, let’s bring Xiaobao together, and also Dong Wenqi and the others.”

“Lin Shaochi, how did you find this restaurant?” Su Bei glanced at Lin Shaochi, but found that the man was standing still before her eyes. Before Su Bei could react, the next second, Lin Shaochi’s lips had landed on hers.

Su Bei: !!!

He didn’t dare to go too deep, only a lingering tasting kiss.

Lin Shaochi reluctantly let go of Su Bei’s lips and stared with eyes full of lingering. Su Bei’s eyes widened in surprise and panic.

“Are you scared?” Lin Shaochi asked. His voice was hoarse, as if he was trying hard to restraint himself. Although he reminded himself countless times to make progress only step by step, Lin Shaochi was overwhelmed with the joy of Su Bei’s slight change in attitude today.

“No, no, I just…” She was a little surprised and couldn’t react for a while.

Su Bei shook her head repeatedly, trying to say something coherent. She kept lowering her gaze and didn’t dare to look into Lin Shaochi’s eyes.

OMG! Her face is so hot. It must be super red now.

“I’m going back.” Su Bei said to Lin Shaochi.

“Where? To your dormitory or…”

“Back to Jingyuan.” Su Bei glanced at the time. Mr. Qin was a bit busy recently and probably hadn’t returned home yet.

Su Bei initially wanted to go to the company to pick up Mr. Qin from work, but…

After glancing at Lin Shaochi for a moment, Su Bei decided to go straight home.

Lin Shaochi sent Su Bei back to Jingyuan Villa. After helping her out of the car, he didn’t let her go right away, but stretched his arms and pulled her into his bosom.

“What? I’m going in.” Su Bei’s face, which has been cooled down on the way, suddenly became hot again.

Lin Shaochi chuckled twice. Instead of letting her go, he tightened his arms on Su Bei’s body.

—I don’t want to let you go.

Lin Shaochi stared at Su Bei deeply. His eyes darkened a bit.

“Good night kiss.” Lin Shaochi lowered his head and pecked Su Bei’s lips, but he seemed addicted and reluctant to leave.

“L-Lin Shaochi.”

“What do you call me?”

“Lin Shaochi?”

“Don’t use ‘Lin.'”

Su Bei: “……”

“My Dad is coming back.” Su Bei blocked Lin Shaochi’s mouth with her hands and reminded half-heartedly. But she didn’t lie either. It was true that Mr. Qin usually came back around this hour.

Imagining Mr. Qin came back and saw she and Lin Shaochi together…

Su Bei didn’t even dare to think.

“You should go back now.” Don’t let Mr. Qin run into you.

The two didn’t know. Not only Mr. Qin knew Lin Shaochi was here, but he was also actually standing before the window on the second floor at this moment, and clearly saw their interaction from the beginning to the end.

Because his latest project finally was over, Mr. Qin came home earlier than usual today. Originally, he was in a good mood. Mr. Qin poured himself a cup of tea and walked to the window. Unexpectedly, he saw a scene that made his veins almost bursting in anger.

The sudden appearance of Mr. Qin not only shocked Su Bei, but also stunned Lin Shaochi.

“D-dad, good evening.” Su Bei pushed Lin Shaochi away and looked at Mr. Qin with a guilty conscience.

“Get into the house.” Qin Shao said to his daughter with a rare stern voice.

Su Bei was terrified and obediently walked away from Lin Shaochi. Instead of entering the house, however, she stopped next to Mr. Qin.


Mr. Qin ignored Su Bei. He glared at Lin Shaochi coldly: “You visit so late at night and don’t come in to greet the host. Is this how your Lin family educates their children?”


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  1. Mmm…Ngl, uncomfortable with how he just kissed the Mc, even if it was a peck. And he did it twice. Though it took him a long time to confess, I think he is also moving too fast now.

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