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MWFV Ch 99 Part 1 – Hello, Uncle (I)

Lin Shaochi never thought that one day, he would be unceremoniously thrown out by Qin family’s bodyguard. He still wanted to say something, but after receiving Su Bei’s signal, he had to give up.

Mr. Qin turned his head and saw his daughter winking desperately at the damned guy. His face sank: “What are you doing?”


“Follow me in.”


In the living room.

Mr. Qin sat on the sofa. Looking at his daughter, who was standing far away, his temple pulsated.

“Come here.”


Su Bei walked in front of Mr. Qin and stood still.


Seeing Su Bei’s guilty conscience, Mr. Qin’s eyelids jumped violently—is this girl afraid of him being angry at that guy? She even uses the coquettish tactic.

“How long has it been?” Mr. Qin asked sternly.

“Still not long.” Su Bei replied with a low voice. Her tone was full of desire to survive.

Su Bei: “Dad, I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Qin Shao: “What is your wrong?”

Su Bei: “I shouldn’t hide this.”

Qin Shao: “What else?”

Su Bei: What else? No more, ah.

Seeing his daughter’s confused face, Mr. Qin felt a headache.

The father and daughter looked at each other for a while. Finally, it was Mr. Qin who lose the battle. He sighed helplessly: “It’s getting late, go to bed now.”

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Mr. Qin pampered his daughter and couldn’t bear to scold her. So naturally, Lin Shaochi had to bear all his wrath.

Uncle Fu came into the study to bring the tea. Looking at Qin Shao, who was full of anger, the housekeeper secretly mused: Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s arrival really warmed Mr. Qin’s heart. At least in the home, he had not seen Mr. Qin getting so angry for many years.

“When children grow up, they will have their own thinking.” And in the future, they will also have their own lives and families—however, Uncle Fu didn’t dare to say this last sentence to the current Mr. Qin.

“Sir, do you think Young Master Lin is not good enough?” Not worthy of Xiaobei?

Although from the family’s perspective, their children were naturally the best and no one was worthy of their children, but Uncle Fu still thought that Lin family’s young master was pretty good.

In the past few years, Uncle Fu had met Lin Shaochi many times from his frequent visits. Lin Shaochi was talented and promising, had a successful career, and possessed excellent character. He was a rare young man.

From social and economic status, Lin family was no worse than Qin family. The most important thing was that the two families had gotten closer over the years, and people in the Qin family knew Lin Shaochi well.

“It has nothing to do with his quality.” Mr. Qin said sullenly. His voice was cold with dissatisfaction.

Listening to Mr. Qin’s tone, Uncle Fu finally understood: Sir doesn’t think that Young Master Lin is bad. It’s just that he suddenly sees his baby daughter he has been holding on his palm was being stolen by a bastard, so he feels angry.

Uncle Fu couldn’t help laughing secretly, but didn’t dare to say anything to Mr. Qin.

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Meanwhile, Su Xiaobao was in Su Bei’s room.

“So, when you said before that someone confessed to you and made you very entangled, it was about Brother Lin?” Su Xiaobao was smart. Seeing Mr. Qin threw out Lin Shaochi today, he immediately thought of Su Bei’s previous abnormality.

“Uh-huh.” Su Bei nodded.

Su Xiaobao: “So you accepted his confession?”

Su Bei: “Uh-huh.”

Su Xiaobao: “Do you like him?”

Su Bei’s face was slightly hot: “Well, yeah.” She glanced at her brother: “Xiaobao, do you think Brother Lin is not good?”

Su Bei was a little worried that Su Xiaobao’s attitude was the same as that of Mr. Qin. After all, these two were her most important people, and Su Bei couldn’t ignore their feelings.

“No, I think he okay.” After a pause, Su Xiaobao whispered: “Anyway, he is better than Xie Minxuan.”

Su Bei: …

“What’s the matter with Xie Minxuan? Why do you suddenly mention him?”

Looking at Su Bei, Su Xiaobao smiled inwardly with an expression of didn’t care about Xie Minxuan. Having been good buddies for years, how could Su Xiaobao not see that guy’s thought about Xiaobei?

In the beginning, Xie Minxuan only had a vague affection towards Su Bei. But because of a teen boy’s arrogance, he was unwilling to admit it and pretended that he had no romantic feelings towards Su Bei. When he matured later and finally recognized his own feelings, it was too late. Su Bei completely regarded him as a buddy.

Now, even if Xie Minxuan came to confess, Su Bei would never consider him romantically.

Thus, the pure youthful love was crushed to death in the cradle.

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It was not that Su Xiaobao laughed at Xie Minxuan’s misfortune. The two had been friends and rivals for years and always competed for everything they did. Su Xiaobao had thousands of critics towards Xie Minxuan, and didn’t think that this guy was worthy of his family’s Xiaobei.

As for Lin Shaochi? Su Xiaobao had received many gifts from him, so the boy had nothing to say.


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  1. So funny!!!
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  2. Lol Xiaobao was so practical here but also Xie Minxuan used to try to separate the twins and annoyed Xiaobao, so he was never going to accept him for his sister.

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