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THDP Ch 100 Part 2 – Yun Qingyan’s True Form (II)

Meng Qi’s tears wet the white fur on the white tiger’s chest. As if being scalded, he quickly shrank back.

Why is she crying again?!

Wasn’t she okay just now?!

How can she always cry so suddenly?!

“Uuuuuu…” Unable to control her flowing tears, Meng Qi cried while hugging the white tiger’s fluffy paw. Up until now, she actually felt like she was half-dreaming. Maybe because of the one-month illusion she had experienced in the Grand Tournament barrier, but when Yun Qingyan appeared like a deity and saved her from Starfallen Sea’s beast, Meng Qi didn’t feel it real at all.

When she followed Yun Qingyan all the way to this island manor, Meng Qi always felt like walking on the cloud, unable to step on the ground. She came with him obediently, but was ambivalent about whether to leave or stay, all because of this unreal feeling. Suspecting that she was inside another illusion array, she had even been quietly looking for any flaws to see through the illusion.

Even after she went to Beyond The Heaven and met her friends, there was always a voice deep in her heart that kept saying: ‘Fake, these are fake! You will soon discover the truth, see through the illusion, and then wake up!’

She expected herself to wake up from this beautiful dream anytime and found herself alone, with Yun Qingyan still on the distant horizon far beyond her reach.

But now!

Meng Qi squeezed the white tiger’s paw even tighter, savoring the feeling of the soft white fur gently brushing her palms.

He not only told her his name, but even let her see his real form…

Did it mean that he wouldn’t leave so suddenly again, leaving her all alone without any contact afterward?

Such a touch of reality made Meng Qi breathe out slowly. Her feet, which seemed to have been stepping on the cloud until now, finally touched the solid ground again.

“Uuu…” Meng Qi continued to sob, whimpering. She pressed her forehead against the white tiger’s stiff chest, and her tears fell faster. The soft and clean white fur on the tiger’s chest was messed up by her. Tears wet the area completely, making him look pretty disheveled.

“Don’t…” The white tiger’s other paw that was not hugged slowly raised, but it abruptly stopped midair. As if resigned to his fate, the paw finally went down again and gently patted Meng Qi’s thin shoulder, “…don’t cry!”

“Uuuuuu…Yes!” Meng Qi responded with sobs. She always obeyed Yun Qingyan’s words unconditionally. Meng Qi immediately let go of the paw she was holding and reluctantly stared at the fluffy fur that she had been rubbing just now. Taking a deep breath, Meng Qi slowly sat upright and put her hands on her knees. She closed her eyes, and it took her a few deep breaths before she managed to stop the tears from falling.

Meng Qi then slowly opened her eyes. Those eyes, still moist from tears, were extremely bright, and her eyelashes made her look a little pitiful. Her face was red up to the tip of her nose. Her cheeks were still wet of tears as she quietly stared at the white tiger.

The paws on the bed stiffened subconsciously.

The white tiger closed his eyes and ordered with a hoarse voice: “Close your eyes.”

“Oh.” When Meng Qi spoke, she still had a slightly nasal sound, making her sound a little aggrieved, but she still obediently closed her eyes. Her wet eyelashes drooped and slightly trembled, like a butterfly whose wings were wetted by the rain and lay on a person’s palm so fragilely, totally at the mercy of others.

The white tiger took a deep breath. For a slight moment, a turbulent mood that he had never felt before surged in his heart.

Just now, he wanted to…

The white tiger quickly stopped himself from thinking more. After all, the blue-robed girl in front of him was already very well-behaved and obedient.

The large and awe-inspiring body of a celestial demon white tiger suddenly disappeared. The next moment, a handsome man in a white robe sat cross-legged in front of Meng Qi.

Yun Qingyan said lightly: “You can open your eyes now.”

Meng Qi slowly opened her left eye slightly first and quietly looked at Yun Qingyan. Then she opened both of her eyes wide: “Sovereign Qingyan!”

Sure enough, did he finally allow her to know his identity and no longer hide it?

Meng Qi immediately straightened her posture and sat more upright. At this moment, she seemed to hear the sound of spring breeze warming out and see the earth blossoming. Her heart was melting into a puddle of happiness as she looked straight at Yun Qingyan with extremely bright eyes.

“…Hmm.” Yun Qingyan responded vaguely. In fact, he had long noticed how Meng Qi’s eyes were always so bright, as if containing countless shining stars, when she was looking at him. Still, it was his first time seeing her so happy that her whole body seemed to exude the spring breeze itself.

Was she so happy because she had seen his true form? Yun Qingyan recalled that Meng Qi seemed to have a certain preference for fluffy animals. His face slowly turned colder, and his sleeve suddenly flicked, covering the right hand where he still could feel Meng Qi’s tears, making his mind somewhat uneasy.

Neither Meng Qi nor Yun Qingyan noticed, but at this time, the distance between them was so close, almost ambiguous. No matter how big the bed was, there was not much space left with two people on it. As long as he stretched out his hand, Yun Qingyan could easily pull Meng Qi into his embrace.

But of course Yun Qingyan wouldn’t do such a thing. His eyes gradually calmed down, and he finally opened his mouth and asked: “What happened?” Meng Qi wasn’t sleeping and ran into his room, so something must have happened.

“I…” Meng Qi was about to say that she was okay when she suddenly remembered her original purpose, “Sovereign Qingyan!” She became anxious again: “Some times ago, I picked up an injured young celestial demon…white tiger.” Meng Qi said hesitantly and gave Yun Qingyan a cautious glance.

Yun Qingyan: “…”

“When I fell into the Starfallen Sea, I also confirmed that he was still inside the beast house in my storage space. But when I went back to the room just now to take a rest, Xiao… I mean, the little white tiger was no longer in there.” Meng Qi said quickly, “Sovereign Qingyan, I beg your help to find him. He should be a cub of your…of your clan, but accidentally fell into Three Thousand Worlds for some reason and was seriously injured.”

“Celestial demon white tiger…” Yun Qingyan stared at Meng Qi, “still a cub?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded. At first, when she saw the large white tiger sleeping on the bed, she momentarily doubted whether it was Xiao Qi. But this thought just flashed briefly in her mind, and was quickly dismissed by Meng Qi herself. Yun Qingyan, with just a flick of his hand, could kill a nirvana fiery eagle that almost killed her. How could he be that pitiful Xiao Qi? That little guy was injured so badly that he could only sleep almost all the time.

“Since you lost him, so be it.” Yun Qingyan’s eyelids drooped slightly as he said indifferently: “Why bother to find him?”

“No!” Meng Qi’s voice suddenly increased. But she quickly reacted in shock and hurriedly lowered her voice to explain in a soft voice: “He was injured, and this is Starfallen Sea. With his current condition, he definitely could not survive outside.”

“Oh?” Yun Qingyan raised his eyes slightly and looked at the blue-robed girl sitting upright in front of him. “Do you care about him?”


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  2. After realize that Meng Qi seemed to have a certain preference for fluffy animals, he will begin make a list of fluffy animals in the world and keeping her off from them😂

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