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MSRV Ch 44 Part 1 – Living Together (I)

Wenwen took a full nap after lunch, then went out to find his friends. He was eager to instruct other children to be on the watch. If they caught sight of any strangers entering the village, they were to quickly inform him. To ensure his mother’s safety, little Wenwen felt the need to eliminate any potential danger as much as possible.

Si Yue also went out, following the boy who departed with fighting spirit. However, Fu Yunruo was not alone at home because Auntie Mei was visiting.

In order to defend Fu Yunruo, Auntie Mei learned how to surf the internet. After knowing about Fu Yunruo’s past, she was even more distressed.

No wonder such a young woman like Ruoruo would travel far away and come to this kind of remote place alone. She had no way to survive in that so-called home!

It was also no wonder that she cried so badly when she first came here…

Ruoruo’s biological father must be blind! How could he be sweet-talked into such foolishness that he even didn’t want such a good daughter?

Auntie Mei was so angry that she and her husband spent a few days scolding those people, but when facing Fu Yunruo, she didn’t mention the bad past at all.

“It’s good that A’Yue is living here.” Auntie Mei said. Si Yue had been living in Mei family house, so he naturally greeted the couple before moving out.

Fu Yunruo replied: “I’m worried it will bring gossip…” Most important, however, was that Fu Yunruo felt uncomfortable. She had no experience living under the same roof with a man of her age, especially because they both had special situations.

Fu Yunruo could care less about anything people said about her on the internet as long as they didn’t jump in front of her, but she didn’t want to be talked behind her back by the villagers again like she had experienced when she had just arrived here.

Auntie Mei raised her eyebrows and said angrily, “Who dares? See if I don’t tear her mouth off!”

“In any case, you can’t let him live next door, can you?”

Fu Yunruo was startled. Right, why didn’t she think of letting him stay next door? But when she thought about it again, she realized that this idea wasn’t feasible. There was indeed a family living right next door, but they had a pregnant daughter-in-law, so it was even more inconvenient for them to accept a live-in guest.

“Wenwen, that child…” Fu Yunruo was helpless. Forget it. It seemed that she had to quickly ask Tiantian to find one or two female bodyguards willing to come here. After all, hiring male bodyguards wouldn’t solve the problem.

Fu Yunruo thought that her fear was unfounded, but Wenwen’s state before still scared her, so hiring bodyguards was a must, even if it was just to appease Wenwen’s heart.

Auntie Mei knew Fu Yunruo’s worries and thought for a while, “Why don’t I stay here too?”

Fu Yunruo’s eyes lit up, and she nodded immediately, “Okay!”

Auntie Mei actually thought that Si Yue and Fu Yunruo were a good match, but Si Yue was a big star, and he must know many beautiful girls. In her opinion, Ruoruo was perfect, but it was inevitable that many people would mind the fact that she was a single mother with a child. So Auntie Mei suppressed her matchmaking desire and turned the topic to other places.

After Wenwen ran out, he gathered all the children from both this village and Xiahe Village next door, then stood in the middle to deliver a solemn speech.

A large group of children of different heights and stature listened to Wenwen’s speech with all seriousness.

Finally, Wenwen declared solemnly with his still babyish voice: “Is it clear?”

“It’s clear!” the children answered in unison.

“Repeat it again!”

Zhuangzhuang was the first to raise his hand and shouted: “Don’t eat candy from strangers!”

Diandian followed loudly: “Don’t talk to strangers!”

“Report to adults if we see strangers coming into the village!”

“Run away when we see danger…”


Seeing that his little friends had remembered all the points, Wenwen nodded with satisfaction.

“Wenwen, don’t worry. We will definitely protect you and Big Sister Ruoruo!” Dashan patted his thick chest with a bang and then said proudly: “Wenwen, my aunt drove the bad woman out!” He saw it with his own eyes!

Wenwen was surprised. That woman was actually kicked out by the villagers?

Wenwen felt a little refreshed. That woman probably had never been treated like this before, right?

After being happy, Wenwen began to worry again. That woman was very narrow-minded; what if she held a grudge? No matter how united their villages were, they might not be able to resist.

Moreover, before the production team went here to shoot the variety show, they signed an agreement to make a donation to the villages, right? In this case, would the villages still get the promised donation?

The children didn’t know Wenwen’s worries. Seeing that their little leader had finished the speech, they surrounded him and asked, “Wenwen, shall we go play?”

“You can choose the game!” Without Wenwen, all games seemed to lose flavor.

The children looked at Wenwen eagerly. Seeing this, Wenwen hesitated, but he finally relented: “Okay. But I cannot play for too long.”

Si Yue has been watching Wenwen all this time. Seeing how popular his son was, he was very proud. As expected of his son, he does well everywhere!

Wenwen, who said he couldn’t play for too long, unknowingly played until the evening. It was not until Fu Yunruo arrived to take her son home that the group of little buns dispersed.


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  1. Ig, they will hide the fact that Wenwen is Si Yue’s biological son and just made it as if they step father-son that’s as close as biological later?

    At least, right now I can’t think of how he will break the news to public otherwise.

    1. Considering how easily Ruoruo’s past was revealed on the internet, author will probably just have the full situation be revealed on the internet again and her fans will defend her.

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