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THDP Ch 104 Part 3 – Unexpected Danger (III)

Sovereign Qingyan?!

The first thought that flashed through Meng Qi’s mind was—

Did something happen to him?!

Meng Qi no longer cared about her predicament. She rolled on the floor in a circle and jumped up again. The elegantly furnished room now seemed to have been wracked by a disaster. The thin gauze hanging on the bedpost had completely torn away, revealing the large carved bed. Yun Qingyan was still sitting cross-legged there, but now he was floating in the air. Despite there being no wind in the room, the sleeves and hem of his robe were fluttering away, making a sharp sound in the air.

As if feeling Meng Qi’s gaze, Yun Qingyan suddenly opened his eyes. Those gaze of his was as cold as frost, and the bloody red color in his eyes was now even thicker than before, making him like a peerlessly seductive evil spirit.

Next to him, a translucent red flame suddenly ignited. After a while, a gush of black water rushed in, extinguishing the flame and surrounding Yun Qingyan. The black water was transparent, and thus Meng Qi could see his white robe flapping in the water.

In the next second, the black water was pressed down by a huge rock that suddenly fell from the sky. The dark gray rock was also transparent, making it look terrifying. However, the falling rock did not even break a single strand of Yun Qingyan’s hair.

In the blink of an eye, countless young saplings grew out of the rock. The rock then fell apart, turned into countless fragments, and completely dissipated.

Then the translucent flames swept in again, burning the saplings…

Meng Qi took a deep breath, barely suppressing her shock. She could recognize this strange phenomenon as the visual manifestation of the five primal aura Yun Qingyan used to heal himself. But why was this happening?

Meng Qi had never used five primal aura for healing treatment before, but she still had some theoretical knowledge. The five primal aura formed from five elements, which mutually restricted each other and enabled them to circulate endlessly. If she was to use five primal aura for healing, she must not let the elements overpower each other, as the five elements needed to coexist in order to continue the endless circle.

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly jumped. Above her spiritual sea, the bamboo slip she had gotten from Lin Yan suddenly lit up. She quickly dived into it with a ray of spiritual sense and immediately found a change. Previously, she could only read the first four volumes of the record, but new content was now appearing—

“When the five elements are repelling each other, it is a sign of qi deviation.”

Startled, Meng Qi quickly pulled her consciousness back and looked at Yun Qingyan.

Could it be that Sovereign Qingyan… is about to enter qi deviation?

The huge rock once again suppressed the black water, only to be destroyed by countless saplings. Moments later, another flame burned all the saplings…

The redness in Yun Qingyan’s eyes was thicker than before and now was even accompanied by faint traces of black aura. His gaze was cold and sharp, just like a murderous blade, devoid of any temperature.

Meng Qi held her breath and took a step forward. Inside her spiritual sea, a second line appeared on Lin Yan’s bamboo slip—

“Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell…”

Meng Qi quickly scanned the spell with her mind. Heart-clearing spells were basic spells commonly used to calm the rampaging spiritual aura that showed signs of qi deviation. Previously, to heal Qin Xiumo, who was betrayed by his best friend during a tribulation and ended up in qi deviation, Meng Qi also used a heart-clearing spell. This ‘Five Aggregates Heart Clearing Spell’ from the bamboo slip was very similar to the basic heart-clearing spell, but even more powerful and complex.

Meng Qi’s ability to learn spells was heavily lopsided. She was terribly slow at learning attack spells, but her speed in learning medical spells was out of the league. In the case of the Heart-clearing spell, she was not only proficient but had even abruptly practiced it to the fourth realm, only to have it upgraded to the fifth realm following her breakthrough to the fourth rank of medical cultivation.

Meng Qi closed her eyes, slowly circulating the spiritual aura in her body. The Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell was based on the basic Heart-clearing Spell, which she had long mastered. It took her only two tries to successfully learned this new spell. Surprisingly, this Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell seemed to be categorized as the same as the basic Heart-clearing Spell. As soon as Meng Qi learned it, the spell was instantly upgraded into the fifth realm.

Meng Qi took a deep breath. She took out the last bottle of Beiming Pill from her storage space item, which contained nine pills in total. It was obvious, but the Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell consumed more spiritual aura compared to the basic Heart-clearing Spell, and Meng Qi couldn’t estimate how many times she would have to use it, hence the preparation.

Next, she took out another porcelain bottle, which contained a single dark blue pill. This was the Cangmingsan Pill, which could temporarily improve a cultivator’s cultivation base to the peak of their current stage. The side effect, however, was that the cultivator wouldn’t be able to use spiritual aura for three days after taking the pill, and a worse case might result in a permanent drop in their cultivation base.

But Meng Qi didn’t care!

After her preparations were ready, Meng Qi walked to Yun Qingyan’s again. She had just taken a step when a sudden burst of strong wind forced her to stop. “Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi called softly, “I won’t harm you.”

She opened her eyes and directly faced Yun Qingyan’s bloody red and emotionless eyes. He was just showing signs of qi deviation, which meant he had not deviated yet. As a medical cultivator, Meng Qi was clearly aware of the difference, and she was sure that Yun Qingyan still had a clear sense of consciousness and could comprehend her words.

Sure enough, the strong pressing wind that made her almost unable to breathe seemed to reduce a bit. Meng Qi took a deep breath again and slowly walked towards Yun Qingyan.


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