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THDP Ch 115 Part 2 – Do You Want to Learn? (II)

Ji Wujiong chuckled in disdain, “Little girl, has your master never told you? The red foxes and the black tortoises are incompatible by nature. No matter how hard you try, at best, you could only learn one-third of his skills.”

“My master never said that!” Sikong Xing pointed her finger at Ji Wujiong. Fully aware that she had to tolerate having this guy on the team for the time being, she suppressed her anger and spoke more amicably, “My master said that everything depends on one’s own effort. With enough hard work and perseverance, even destiny could be changed. Nothing is impossible on the road to attain the Dao.” She paused to take a deep breath before continuing, “Besides, what I have achieved so far is not even one-tenth of my master’s. If I truly can reach one-third, I will be satisfied beyond belief. Oh right, maybe I should thank you instead for your well-wish!”

Listening from the side, Meng Qi glanced thoughtfully at Sikong Xing. Telling his disciple that one’s destiny depended on one’s efforts… this person must be very wise.

In contrast, Ji Wujiong sneered rudely, “Can destiny be changed? What a joke!”

“You believe your master who said that destiny can be changed with enough effort. So do you believe you can change from a little red fox to a little black tortoise?”

Ji Wujiong’s pupils narrowed as he spoke, and a coldness flashed in his eyes. If destiny could be changed, why were there separations in this world?!

“Up to you!” Sikong Xing pouted and decided to ignore Ji Wujiong.

“Ji Wujiong.” Meng Qi said, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

This was the third time she was asking this question. Although Ji Wujiong had huge wounds on his face, both his eyes were previously still fine. Moreover, now he had broken through into the Void Comprehending stage, which meant the damage on his spiritual sea must have also been healed. Therefore, it was very strange that the wounds on his face didn’t get healed and instead became even more hideous, and he now seemed to even have lost sight from his left eye.

Meng Qi couldn’t figure it out. When a cultivator broke through, they would have to endure tribulation. Passing a tribulation and advancing one’s cultivation base meant that any injuries on the body would be healed, or rather, a cultivator wouldn’t be able to pass the tribulation if they were injured too badly.

And Ji Wujiong had advanced from the Spirit Severing to the Void Comprehending stage…

Without slowing her pace, Meng Qi slightly tilted her head and glanced at the black-robed man. There were countless cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds, and those at the Nascent Soul to the Spirit Severing stage were usually categorized as mid to high-level forces. In many sects, disciples who reached the higher realms of the Spirit Severing stage could normally be promoted to elders or hall masters.

As for Void Comprehending cultivators… even in the largest and most prestigious sects, they were respected and treated importantly.

If Ji Wujiong had really advanced to the Void Comprehending stage, then his injuries should also have healed. Although Meng Qi had little knowledge about Void Comprehending strength, she was very knowledgeable in medicine, and it was in her understanding that such a breakthrough should be akin to rebirth, with no chance for old wounds to remain.

So, there was another possibility—

Ji Wujiong never had any breakthrough, because he was already in the Void Comprehending stage from the begin with. However, he was injured for some reason, and the sequelae resulted in his cultivation base being suppressed to the Spirit Severing stage.

Meng Qi narrowed her eyes slightly, and her gaze swept past the wounds on Ji Wujiong’s face. The three wounds were very deep, as if cutting into the bones. These wounds, which used to be very narrow, had now expanded, revealing a current of terrifying black aura inside. She initially believed that Ji Wujiong had been injured by a devil cultivator’s weapon, which explained the wounds’ strange characteristics, but now she was doubting it.

Meng Qi’s brain started to recall the many medical books she had read. Was it a sealed wound, or…

The next moment, her heart suddenly skipped a beat. Could it be that Ji Wujiong himself…

“Everyone, be careful!” Xu Zijun suddenly shouted. Everyone immediately stopped in place, even Ji Wujiong, who quickly jumped to Meng Qi’s side.

“A fierce beast is approaching.” Xu Zijun lowered his voice and made a silent gesture. Although Ji Wujiong had ordered the pack of snow wolves to scout the way ahead, he and Qin Xiumo didn’t lower their guards and kept both of their natal swords out, full of alertness.

Qin Xiumo waved his hand, prompting Su Junmo and Sikong Xing to jump to each side, preparing for combat.

Meng Qi took a deep breath and flicked her fingers. The chilling aura in her Five Spirits Cauldron was still very strong. All this time, the spiritual aura produced by her Golden Core kept being transformed into snowflakes, causing the ice layer covering her spiritual sea to grow thicker over time.

When Ji Wujiong showed himself in the snow wolf form just now, Meng Qi’s frozen spiritual sea suddenly caused her entire body to go rigid, which was the true cause of her unresponsiveness. Although she was alright now, half of the aura in her spiritual sea was still frozen.

Meng Qi took out her silver knife from her storage space item and held a spirit stone in her other hand as usual.

Ji Wujiong glanced at her, “Do you know how I controlled that snow wolf?”

“…with an array?” Meng Qi responded.

“Correct.” The corner of Ji Wujiong’s lips curled up, “Want to learn it?”

Meng Qi was moved, and she nodded honestly: “Yeah.”

This array might be nothing to others, but it was extremely useful to her, especially since her current cultivation base was still in the Golden Core.

Across the Starfallen Sea at the other side of the sky-viewing mirror, a layer of mist seemed to pass by. In the courtyard where Meng Qi had stayed before, the white-robed Yun Qingyan stood under the phoenix tree that no longer possessed a single fruit. He opened his eyes, and a gust of wind suddenly blew across the pond where the zilan lotuses grew, causing ripples on the water surface.

The scenery of the Starfallen Sea was suddenly reflected on the pond, showing a girl in a blue robe standing beside a black-robed man. The two stood close, almost shoulder-to-shoulder. Ji Wujiong looked treacherous and mysterious, while Meng Qi was solemn and focused.

Yun Qingyan stared at the two for a moment, and then moved his gaze to the silver medicine knife in Meng Qi’s hand.

A touch of warmth flashed in his eyes, but when he looked at Ji Wujiong again, only coldness was left.

It was at this moment Meng Qi answered Ji Wujiong’s offer, “I couldn’t be your disciple, but… if you are willing to let me pay spirit stones as tuition fees, I will gladly learn from you.”


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