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THDP Ch.17 Part 2 – Refining Medicine (II)

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Meng Qi believed that there must be a sect willing to buy her Beiming pills. Three Thousand World has never been peaceful. Devil Realm has always kept its eyes on human territory and sometimes came to invade. In the past 100 years, Demon Realm also began to be restless. On top of that, since the beginning of time, when there were humans, conflict always followed.

Three Thousand Worlds was divided into four realms, and absolute peace never existed between the four great realms of Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern. Battles between great sects often occurred. Larger sects would swallow smaller sects, and there were also fights between the small sects. Even a sect like Qingfeng Valley, which was so small that it was usually overlooked, would sometimes attract other small sects who came to challenge and tried to annex them.

Therefore, medicines like the Beiming pill had always been very popular. Cloud Immortal Pavilion always had a supply for it. Cultivators typically brought ten or more pills around with them anytime. Of course, Meng Qi was also well-prepared.

She put the three Beiming pills into a porcelain bottle and continued to add another batch of ingredients into the small cauldron. Refining medicine also consumed her spiritual aura. Meng Qi’s cultivation was too low. After the third round of refining, she had to stop and rest for a while.

Meng Qi was so focused that she did not notice that Xiao Qi had opened his eyes since she took out the small bronze cauldron. The little white tiger was lying on the bed unmoved. He simply stared at Meng Qi with his blue eyes. When Xiao Qi saw the arrays drawn on the table, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes.

Arrays similar to that ones might exist in the Three Thousand World. However, this specific array drawing method was clearly unique to the Demon Realm. Among the three races of human, demon, and devil, demons were notable for their superior refiners. Legendary artifacts and weapons that circulated in the Three Thousand World, almost all were created by the hands of ancient demon cultivators. Because of this, Demon Realm also possessed the most complete and best arrays from generation to generation.

Xiao Qi’s eyes narrowed slightly; his eyes flashed. His attention quickly turned from the table to Meng Qi’s slender back. The blue-robed girl was clearly in the Qi Condensation stage. Even in Three Thousand Worlds, she was at the bottom of the food chain. But the things that came from her hand, those beautiful arrays, the genius medicine refinement method….amazed even himself.

Soon, the last batch of Beiming pills was finished. Meng Qi stored them all with satisfaction. She threw the porcelain bottle that almost being filled to the brim into her storage bracelet, and then turned to look at Xiao Qi.

“Are you awake?” Probably because she knew that the little guy was a member of the demon’s royal clan, Meng Qi always spoke to him like an adult.

Xiao Qi opened his eyes wide and looked at Meng Qi’s small and delicate jaws. He woke up once last night to find himself overbearingly hugged by Meng Qi’s warm body. At that time, he clearly wanted to break away from her arms, but the warm and light medicinal scent seemed to have a soothing effect on him. The little white tiger soon fell asleep again. Now, his blue eyes finally met Meng Qi’s bright and clear eyes.

“Do you want to eat something?” Meng Qi asked. She walked towards the bed and stared at the little tiger’s fluffy head…

She wanted to touch it.

Just a little bit!

Meng Qi raised her hand and couldn’t help but brushed Xiao Qi’s head several times.

“Ah…c-cough…” Meng Qi asked: “I didn’t have time to ask yesterday. Do you need to eat?”

Of course not! The little white tiger wanted to scream. He was born into a celestial demon’s royal clan. Some of their clan members even were born already with a cultivation level at the peak of the Golden Core stage.

What’s more, he is…

Her slender, slightly cool fingers were no longer satisfied with just touching the fluffy little head. Meng Qi’s hand reached to Xiao Qi’s ear and gently squeezed its base. The little white tiger stiffened and suddenly shivered. Before even he had the time to respond, Meng Qi’s other hand was already tracing down his back and finally grabbed his tail.

Xiao Qi: “!!!”

Meng Qi: Ah…so soft! Very comforting!

Immersed in joy, Meng Qi pinched Xiao Qi’s ear. She then took out several oranges and pomelos from her storage bracelet. These were given to her by the residents of Qingfeng Town yesterday.

Xiao Qi simply threw a glance and turned his back in disdain.

“You don’t eat fruit?” Meng Qi asked patiently: “What about chicken?”

Xiao Qi: “…”

He kept his back turned, refused to look at Meng Qi.

“Then…” Meng Qi thought for a while, “So you don’t need to eat? Am I right?” She leaned back and bowed her head closer to the little tiger.

A beautiful face came close to Xiao Qi’s face. It seemed like with just a little movement, he could touch Meng Qi’s face. Especially her soft lips, which emitted a faint fragrance…


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