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THDP Ch. 55 Part 4 – Counterattack (IV)

Meng Qi opened her eyes abruptly.

“You are awake?” Hearing the movement from the bed, Sikong Xing, who was guarding Meng Qi by the bedside, jumped up happily. “How is your body? Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?”

Before Meng Qi could reply, a soft and cool palm touched her forehead: “Well, there seems to be no problem.”

Sikong Xing jumped up again: “You have slept for almost fifteen hours. You must be thirsty. I will pour you a cup of water.”

Eh? Did she sleep for so long?

Fifteen hours…

Fifteen hours?!


Meng Qi sat up: “What time is it now?”

“It’s already the morning of the next day.” Sikong Xing walked over with a cup of water. She carefully helped Meng Qi sit up and brought the cup to her lips. “Take a sip.”

She didn’t miss the Blazing Feather’s auction! Meng Qi sighed in relief. She drank a bit and immediately got out of bed: “Sikong Changlie and his men…”

“Don’t worry.” Sikong Xing smiled. “All of them had been sent back to the Cultivator Alliance alongside their immortal devouring vines. We already received the spirit stones. Here…” She took out a brocade bag from her storage space and handed it to Meng Qi: “Because we finished them in one sweep and completely eliminated the probability of hidden dangers, the Cultivator Alliance had doubled the reward. We got four ninth-grade spirit stones in total.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded, ” Where are the others?”

“Resting.” Sikong Xing replied, “After we returned yesterday, everyone was tired. So we rent two small courtyards in Ruyi Inn. Here is one of them.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded again. She began to ponder: how should she distribute the four ninth-grade spirit stones?

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing leaned closer, “Are you thinking about the reward’s distribution?”

Meng Qi nodded.

“The four of us have discussed. If it weren’t for your arrays yesterday, all of us might have died. Therefore, everyone has agreed to give all the spirit stones to you.”

“No.” Meng Qi shook her head firmly. “I promised to divide the reward according to each person’s contribution.” She opened the door and walked out: “Let’s call them now…”

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Chu Tianfeng and the other two waiting in the yard. Hearing the door opened, they immediately turned to look.

“Are you awake?” Su Junmo’s expression relaxed. If the person the Lord ordered him to protect was injured, even dying one hundred times wouldn’t be enough to make amend. “How is your condition? Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?”

Chu Tian Feng and Qin Xiumo didn’t speak. The two looked at Meng Qi in silence. Their mood at this moment was heavy and complicated. At yesterday’s battle, the girl’s growth speed and actual strength made them feel tremendous pressure. They wanted to protect her. But in the end, Meng Qi took control of the whole situation and single-handedly got rid of all the demon cultivators.

This kind of feeling was simply terrible!

“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.” Meng Qi nodded towards Su Junmo and stepped forward: “Let’s divide the spirit stones.” She paused. “I still have something to do after this, so let’s be quick.” As she spoke, Meng Qi took out the four ninth-grade spirit stones from the bag.

“My arrays controlled the overall situation and deterred Sikong Changlie. I should get one.” Meng Qi put one spirit stone aside. “Sikong Xing contributed the intel, plan, and also lured the enemy into the trap, so she should get one too.” She handed one to Sikong Xing.

“The rest will be divided equally among us.” Meng Qi said. “Any objection?”

Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng actually didn’t want to accept any spirit stones at all. But if they didn’t take it, the ‘I want to earn spirit stone’ excuse they used would be completely destroyed, and they would have to rack their brains to find other excuses to follow Meng Qi in the future.

With a complicated mood, the two young men looked at Meng Qi and nodded slowly: “No problem.”

“That’s good.” Meng Qi quickly divided the spirit stones: “I still have something to do, see you later.”

Meng Qi returned into her room, shutting Sikong Xing outside. Here was the courtyard within Ruyi Inn’s gate and a relatively safe place. Meng Qi quickly took out Beyond The Heaven’s jade slip and held it in her hand. She closed her eyes, poured her spiritual sense, and the next moment, she had appeared outside Beyond The Heaven City.

Today was the monthly auction day at Heaven Auction House. Meng Qi hurriedly walked towards the nearest teleportation array. Today, there were obviously more pedestrians than usual.

“Huh? Fellow Daoist Chen, did you also received that news?” When passing by two male cultivators, Meng Qi accidentally overheard their conversation. Both men wore a dark blue robe with wide sleeves and didn’t look like an ordinary person.

“I heard that anyone eligible to enter the Heaven Auction House this time, whether it is a sect leader, elder, or even reclusive wandering cultivator, will receive the news as long as they are at Beyond The Heaven. I am naturally no exception.” The cultivator surnamed Chen smiled and shook his head, “This chance is extremely rare!”

“I also heard that.” The other cultivator nodded with a smile, “People who initially didn’t plan to participate in today’s auction, including some who had long gone into seclusion, all are coming. Probably they already arrive in the Heaven Auction House now.

“Then we should hurry.” The cultivator surnamed Chen flicked his long sleeve and hastened his pace.

Meng Qi was a little baffled.

What news?

She didn’t seem to receive anything on her nameplate.

Meng Qi examined her nameplate. Xue Jinwen told her that if she received any message, the nameplate would notify her. She exchanged nameplate imprint with Xue Jinwen, and could send messages to each other.

Meng Qi stared at her nameplate for a while, and then became nervous: According to those two people’s conversation, didn’t it mean that the number of people participating in today’s auction was more than usual?!

Did it mean that more people would bid for the Blazing Feather?!

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly sank.


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