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THDP Ch 56 Part 1 – Heaven Auction House (I)

It only took a short distance to the city gate, but on the way, no less than four or five small groups of people passed by Meng Qi. They were obviously here for a purpose, having a discussion as they walked.

Meng Qi became more and more worried. Of course, she didn’t think that all these people were aiming for the Blazing Feather. Although it was rare and precious, the feather wouldn’t attract so many people.

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These people passed by her in a hurry, and it seemed that there were many middle-aged cultivators among them. Regardless of gender, they all had an imposing aura and outstanding posture. At one glance, one could see that they weren’t of ordinary status.

Even if these people came for something else, they could easily bid for the Blazing Feather as an addition. If they really did so, Meng Qi had no hope to compete. She became more and more anxious. She finally found a blazing feather in Three Thousand World. How could she give up?

Meng Qi quickened her pace and walked towards the city gate. She had never visited the Heaven Auction House before. After asking for direction from the staff at the city gate, she hurriedly stepped into one of the teleportation arrays.

She walked in a hurry and didn’t notice how the staff she asked looked at departing back with surprise on his face.

Heaven Auction House was located on the third-highest floating island of Beyond The Heaven. Not far to its left was the second-highest floating island—where Beyond The Heaven Restaurant was located. From Heaven Auction House, one could see the tallest main building for Beyond The Heaven Restaurant. Except for this, there was not much different from the floating island of Profound Auction House.

Meng Qi walked out of the teleportation array, confirmed the direction, and walked forward. Xue Jinwen mentioned that Beyond The Heaven’s auction houses were generally located in the middle of floating islands. There were also many separate courtyards scattered around, where appraisers like Xue Jinwen and Xiang Linmo lived.

On this floating island, the scenery was breathtaking as usual. In the distance, clouds were floating forward elegantly, with blue sky as their backdrop. The birds, flowers, and plantations on this island were all exquisite and elegant.

Meng Qi subconsciously raised her eyes to glance at the highest floating island in the sky. Her fingers quivered slightly. The voice from yesterday seemed to ring again in his mind.

Don’t be afraid.


And then, there was that array. And the momentum that seemed to come from someone standing at the pinnacle of the world.

Was it him?

Meng Qi’s eyelids narrowed slightly. She didn’t mention this to the others. At first, she thought it was an illusion. But that person was too powerful! Even with the messy arrays, she laid down, that person completed the array in a calm and easy manner.

Seven Planets Array.

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Meng Qi recalled the name of the array that finally made Sikong Changlie spooked out of his mind. That wasn’t her doing, because she was unable to. It was one of the arrays she heard from her Master, but he never taught her how to use it. Seven Planets Array was said to be a well-known killing array, even more lethal than the main killing formation of the Four Poles Great Array.

Meng Qi’s long eyelashes quivered softly. After she woke up, she tried to call the voice again, but never got a response.

Has he really appeared? However…

She raised her eyes to look at the floating island in the distance. Even now, she was still far from being his disciple. Meng Qi pursed her lips, her eyes became firm. It didn’t matter. She only had to work harder.

Meng Qi clenched her hands in determination. Four Poles Great Array, Seven Planets Array… Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo never heard about these names before. However, these two arrays could incur such fear on demon cultivators like Sikong Changlie and the others.

Did Master really come from the Demon Realm?

Did he really have a connection with the white tiger sovereign?

Meng Qi pondered. She didn’t know much about the demon realm, and most of her knowledge came from the chatterbox white fox when she treated his wounds in her previous life. Su Junmo liked to gossip, but he knew what could be said and what could not. Meng Qi heard a lot of mundane love affairs of various great celestial demons from his mouth, but he never babbled anything particularly important.

Just stop thinking for now!

Meng Qi shook her head and temporarily dispersed the things that she couldn’t figure out for now. If Master truly had a connection with the white tiger sovereign, saving Xiao Qi was even more important. So for now, she should focus on getting the Blazing Feather first.

Having sorted out her mind, Meng Qi hastened her pace. She was completely immersed in her thoughts and hadn’t noticed how the cultivators who came to Heaven floating island couldn’t help but take a look at her whenever they passed by her.

This Heaven Auction House wasn’t accessible to everyone. Most of the people who were eligible to come here were from large sects—usually elders, disciples cultivated to be the heir, sect leader, or other important people. Sometimes, there were wandering cultivators who weren’t affiliated with a specific organization, but these people were particularly outstanding. Put out their names randomly, and most people in Three Thousand Worlds would recognize them.

This kind of outstanding people often looked much younger than their actual age. Even so, Meng Qi still looked too young. Because of that, the people who had been cultivating for many years and rarely got curious would still give her a surprised look when they passed by her.

Beyond The Heaven indeed could change a visitor’s appearance at will, but those who could enter the Heaven Auction House had long ceased the need to mask their appearance here. They no longer minded being recognized by others. This girl looked seventeen or eighteen years old at most. After seeing Meng Qi, the cultivators who walked in a small group would exchange a glance and then left in a hurry.

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At first, Meng Qi didn’t notice anything. But the glances gradually increased, and she finally noticed something was odd.

She raised her head and looked around, and found that everyone was treating her…a bit differently?


Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly fell on the face of a black-robed man.


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