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THDP Ch 66 Part 3 – Li Che (III)

“Excuse me, Sect Leader Shen.” Meng Qi turned her head at Shen Zhengheng and said calmly: “I have to charge you spirit stones for this.”

Shen Zhengheng “…what?”

Su Junmo “…”

He knew Meng Qi’s habit. However, on the way from Qingfeng Valley until now, Meng Qi didn’t seem to be so attached to spirit stones. She would take payment from the people she cured according to the severity of their condition. But when she met ordinary people who were really poor, she would accept fruits or vegetables as treatment fee.

Unexpectedly, she began to ask for spirit stones again.

“Oh.” Shen Zhengheng was stunned and glanced at Pei Mufeng again. Then he quickly took out a spirit stone from a storage bag and handed it to Meng Qi. “We have troubled Young Daoist Meng Qi.”

It was a fifth-grade spirit stones. In fact, this was a too expensive payment for just dissolving and feeding a pill. However, Meng Qi asked for spirit stones too suddenly, and Shen Zhengheng was too surprised. In any case, it was not that he couldn’t pay the fee either, and disciples of Canglang Academy would also collect treatment fee when healing people, so he didn’t have any objection.

The atmosphere in the room turned a bit awkward.

Meng Qi also felt depressed. She knew that a fifth-grade spirit stone was too expensive. But judging from her experience with Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, charging ten times of the normal fee was very effective. However, although she felt nothing when bullying the future ‘Little Devil Lord,’ Meng Qi really felt depressed to bully a good person like Li Che.

Li Che desperately kept his eyes wide open. Although his vision was still foggy, but he could hear clearly. Sure enough, this woman was not Lu Qingran. If it were Lu Qingran, she would never do this kind of thing.

The room suddenly became silent until Shen Zhengheng broke the awkwardness: “Xiao Chen, what happened later?” ”

“Ah…later? Later, this disciple asked Fellow Daoist Lu Qingran to leave together. But she shook her head and refused, only urged me to go quickly, otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to help me if that person returned.” Li Che continued. “This disciple refused to leave Fellow Daoist Lu and escape alone. But she was very anxious, and put a sword in front of her neck to force this disciple to go quickly.”

Li Che’s face was flushed again, and his eyes became gentle and shy. “This disciple had no choice but to leave alone. When this disciple almost reached Xingluo City, this disciple collapsed because of the chill in the body. When woke up, it was just now…Master!” Li Che suddenly reached out his hand: “Please save Fellow Daoist Lu! She must be threatened by a villain. Even so, she risked herself to save this disciple. This disciple feels guilty as long as I remember how she forced me to leave.”

“Don’t worry. “Shen Zhengheng said in a heavily. “Naturally, we won’t let this matter go. ”

“Yes.” Li Che responded in a low voice.

When he spoke, Meng Qi’s eyes never left Li Che’s back. The array on this young man’s body was indeed similar to the one on Xue Lingfeng, but not exactly identical. She must be very careful if she wanted to solve this array.

When Li Che began to talk about Lu Qingran, Meng Qi also listened. This was normal. Almost all people who have met Lu Qingran would fall for her. What’s more, Lu Qingran saved Li Che’s life. Anyone in his place would also be very touched.

“Master.” After a moment of silence, Li Che asked: “Is the poison in this disciple’s body very tricky?”

“It’s the afterimage grass and winter plum blossom’s juice.” Shen Zhengheng didn’t hide it from Li Che. “But the enemy is very cunning. There is a prohibition array on your body. Anyone with cultivation level of Golden Core and above cannot detoxify you. Until the array is removed from your body, your poison cannot be cured.”

Li Che nodded silently. He is Shen Zhengheng’s most favored disciple. Although young, his Master taught him very well. These two poisons were not that hard to solve. Although they had no antidote, but they only needed Qingfeng spell to detoxify. Not to mention his Master, Canglang Academy had plenty of fourth-rank medical cultivators who could use Qingfeng spell to cure him.

The other party obviously thought of this, and the prohibition they set was accurate and ruthless.

Xingluo City and Xingluo Pavilion had plenty of medical cultivators in the Foundation Establishment stage. Among Canglang Academy disciples who came to Xingluo City this time, there were also several juniors in the Foundation Establishment stage. In addition, they also still didn’t know whether this array had other effects or no.

“Don’t worry, Xiao Che.” Shen Zhengheng patted his disciple’s shoulder, “Countless medical cultivators are gathering in Xingluo City now. We will certainly find a solution. What’s more…” He said solemnly: “Xue Lingfeng of the Xue Clan also attacked just like you, and her condition is similar. The Xue Clan Head will arrive at Xingluo City tomorrow. He will find a solution for his daughter.”

“Yes.” Li Che replied softly, “The disciple is not worried about my safety. But this disciple doesn’t know what will happen to Fellow Daoist Lu if that villain came back. Master…” He looked at Shen Zhengheng. “This disciple begs Master. Please send people to save Fellow Daoist Lu. This disciple’s body can wait.”

“Ah…” Shen Zhengheng sighed and patted his disciple again.

“Fellow Daoist Li can be assured.” Pei Mufeng, who had been silent until now, finally spoke. “Several people were poisoned and injured near Xingluo City. Xingluo Pavilion will naturally takes care of this matter. Please tell me where you met this Lu Qingran, and I will send people there to save her.”

“Thank you, Pavilion Master Pei.” Li Che cupped his hands in salute. “I remember the place. However, with my condition, I can’t guide you there myself.” He said. “From Xingluo City’s south gate towards the Lezhou City, around one hundred miles away, go north to the first mountain you see. After going arond the foot of the mountain, there is a valley. However, I have been unconscious for a long time and I’m not sure whether they are still there or not.”

“Okay.” Pei Mufeng nodded and immediately sent a message to his sect’s disciples, ordering them to send people to find find Lu Qingran.

Li Che sat quietly on the bed. After Pei Mufeng finished sending the instruction, Li Che cupped his hands again: “Many thanks, Pavilion Master Pei.”


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    1. Considering what she said about the one who did it and her being not seeming too worried about herself, I think it’s her ‘friend’ the devil cultivator doing it in revenge for Meng Qi ‘stealing’ his targets and setting the debt collectors on them.

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