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THDP Ch 75 Part 2 – Farce (II)

The elegant and handsome Li Che stood upright, seemingly had fully recovered. Standing there, he stared directly at the black-robed man. His eyes were clear and fearless. It was exactly the young man Meng Qi knew in the past, a brave healer who dared to venture deep into a poisonous swamp for his patients.

“Fellow Daoist Lu.” Li Che cupped his hands towards Lu Qingran and said politely: “Your live-saving grace, I don’t dare to forget even a day. I should have gone to help Fellow Daoist earlier, but after following my memory to find the previous place at the foot of the mountain, I cannot find your trace.” Li Che said, “Fellow Daoist Lu has suffered.”

Lu Qingran’s face suddenly turned even paler. She bit her lower lip, didn’t dare to say a word. She could only shake her head desperately at Li Che.

“Heh—” The black-robed man sneered. He suddenly raised his hand.

No one there, including Xue Chuan and others standing on the twelve peaks, could see exactly what he did.

A sharp wind swooshed, and Li Che’s figure suddenly was blown back. This repeated a few times, and in the end, he was separated from Lu Qingran by quite a distance and was just barely standing.

“Want to be a hero saving the beauty?” The black-robed man sneered. “You cannot even save yourself!”

On the twelve mountain peaks, there were a lot of murmurs:

“What happened?”

“Did you see that?”

“How did he do it?”

“Where is Pei Mufeng?”

“He didn’t stop them?”

“It turned out that Medical Society Alliance is nothing more than this!” The black-robed man suddenly raised his voice: “The so-called gathering of the most prestigious medical cultivators from all over the four realms of Three Thousand Worlds…” He sneered and took a step forward.

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The man’s voice was clear, piercing into the ears of every cultivator in the Apricot Forest: “Then, let me ask. Who can cure…” The black-robed man suddenly flew up. He looked down towards the cultivators who were lying on the grass from the midair: “…these people?” His head turned slightly as he spoke, and his black gauze swayed. He stood facing the wind. His position was higher than the twelve peaks.

“Who can?” The man sneered coldly.

The whole Apricot Forest fell into silence. Wind passed the lush trees, and the leaves made rattling sounds. It was as if the wind was imitating the black-robed man, laughing at the incompetence of the large sects standing on the twelve peaks.

Under the peaks, the medical cultivators who still could stand raised their heads dazedly, forced to look up at the man standing above.

They couldn’t believe their ears. The so-called preliminary test was actually fake?

Those people were hurt by this man?

So why did the alliance’s elders deceive them?

Was it like the mysterious man said, that it was because the alliance couldn’t cure them?


“What nonsense are you talking about?” One of the Northern Realm’s sects on the twelve peaks suddenly raised a voice: “This is the preliminary test for our Grand Tournament. Who are you? Why are you suddenly barging in and talking nonsense?” While speaking, the person secretly glanced at the Xingluo Pavilion’s elders standing in the center. Even without Pei Mufeng, the elders could still take action.

“Fellow Daoists from Xingluo Pavilion. This Medical Cultivator Conference is hosted by your sect. Are you going to let this person talk nonsense and disrupt the conference?” The person said sharply.

No one could see clearly the method used by the black-robed man to deal with Li Che just now. But they all knew that he was unfathomably powerful.

“I’m talking nonsense?” The black-robed man sneered. “So, let me ask the Feng Alliance. Have you solved the poison on your sect’s disciples?”

“Of course we have!” Xue Lingfeng stood up and said loudly: “Just a small trick! Am I not standing here well?!”

“Huh?” The black-robed man seemed to be stunned.

No problem. Since Li Che had been healed, it wasn’t strange for Feng Alliance’s disciples to also get healed.

“Since it’s just a small trick.” He sneered. “What about these people?”

The black-robed man waved his hand.

All the cultivators lying on the ground suddenly screamed in pain. The screams came and went one after another, like a loud slap on the face of Medical Society Alliance.

“Hahahaha!” The black-robed man laughed and waved his hand again.

The screams stopped abruptly, and the cultivators on the ground suddenly became like Xue Jinwen. Their eyes wide open and they were staring blankly into space. They slowly stood up. As if completely losing their awareness, they slowly walked towards the black-robed man.

“Ah!” Xue Lingfeng screamed.

Not only her, but other cultivators who were unaffected all also backed away in horror. This situation was too weird. Those cultivators were like lifeless puppets, their hands hanging on the side, swinging wildly.

“Sister Xue.” Like the others, Xue Jinwen also stood up and walked unsteadily towards the black-robed man.

“I see!” The name of an array suddenly flashed in Meng Qi’s mind. She murmured: “It’s the Hundred Ghosts and Hundred Charms array!”

Her voice was not loud. However, the whole Apricot Forest was engulfed in an eerie silence, so silent that only the sound of the wind passed by the leaves could be heard. Therefore, Meng Qi’s words rang very clearly throughout the forest.

The black-robed man stood midair and could see everyone standing below at a glance. “It’s you again!” He sneered and flicked his fingers.

All the cultivators who obeyed his command like puppets suddenly turned around simultaneously and slowly walked towards Meng Qi.

“Ah!” Sikong Xing screamed. A huge black wave suddenly surged from the ground, protecting Meng Qi, herself, and Su Junmo in it.

“Heh!” The black-robed man sneered. His slender fingers flicked in the air again.

The cultivators under his control suddenly summoned their natal magic weapons. Lights from various magic weapons flashed, attacking Meng Qi’s group of three.

“Separate him from these cultivators!” Meng Qi suddenly yelled, “Open the Grand Tournament’s barrier and send him in!”

“Okay.” Xue Chengxuan jumped out from the crowd.

The sky above the Apricot Forest suddenly became distorted. A powerful force enveloped the entire holy land from top to bottom.

“Dare you!” The black-robed man snapped. But even he couldn’t match the power of the ancient Apricot Forest holy land.

His black figure gradually disappeared into the air.

“Heh—” Before he completely disappeared, the black-robed man sneered again.

“Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing suddenly shouted, “Where is Meng Qiqi?!”


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