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THDP Ch 76 Part 1 – Trapped in the Same Place (I)

In the chaos, Meng Qi felt something was coiling her ankle and violently tugged her away. She was about to shout at Sikong Xing for help when the sky suddenly spun before her eyes. A massive amount of spiritual aura descended from the sky, as if cutting the space and time itself and completely enveloping her body.

A man’s cold laughter rang. His laughter seemed to echo the night of the winter solstice. It was extremely cold, gloomy, and dark.

The chaos enveloping Meng Qi briefly flashed, and a little light from the sky gradually dissipated the darkness around her. Meng Qi looked around. The Apricot Forest where she was just now had completely disappeared, and even the injured cultivators controlled by the black-robed man were also gone.

Meng Qi lowered her gaze to the ground. What she was stepping on was no longer lush grass, but moist and soft black soil. A sound of gurgling water came from the side, which came from a long, meandering river.

The thing that coiled her ankle just now had disappeared. The one who did it seemed to want to drag her here.

A muffled voice came from a short distance in front. There was a huge rock there, just like any boulders often seen near the river. Its surface was smooth by abrasion.

The muffled voice came from behind the rock. Then there was a rustling sound, and a slender hand came out to hold onto the rock.

Meng Qi flipped her palm, and her small silver medical knife immediately appeared in her hand. She cautiously watched over the rock.

The hand was very slender; it should be a young man’s. But the skin was very white, so white that the faint blue blood vessels on the back of the hand were clearly visible.

It was obviously a sickly pale.

Meng Qi quickly looked around. She took a deep breath, gripped the medical knife tightly, and walked with steady steps towards the huge rock.

A black-robed man strenuously held on to the rock and staggered to stand up. He was very tall. Although Meng Qi was not short for a woman and the man himself hadn’t stood up straight yet, he seemed to be one head taller than Meng Qi.

The man turned his body slightly. A small white jade headdress meticulously tied his hair. The left side of his face was revealed, showing a face so perfect that it seemed to come from the hands of the gods.

Flowing eyebrows and straight nose bridge. Thin lips that were shaped meticulously and tight jaw. However, his complexion was sickly pale, the same as the skin of his hand.

His lips were so pale they seemed to be totally bloodless.

But even Meng Qi couldn’t help being taken aback upon seeing the man’s appearance. There were no shortages of good-looking faces among cultivators. However, even with two lifetimes combined, she only knew one person whose face could rival this person: her Master.

Who was this person? A trace of doubt flashed in Meng Qi’s mind. She looked at the man’s black robe, which was somewhat familiar.

It was that powerful male cultivator who appeared with Lu Qingran.

Meng Qi’s gaze trembled slightly, and her grip on the silver medical knife tightened. She observed the man alertly; her breathing was gradually slowing down. This person could throw Qin Xiumo away with just a flick of his finger. Meng Qi knew very well that she was definitely not his opponent. On top of that, from the first encounter in Huajiang Manor to his poisoning of Xue Lingfeng, Li Che, and the others, it was clear that this man was also an expert in medicine, which meant that her hidden cards might be totally ineffective against him.

Right, there were also the arrays!

The more Meng Qi thought, the more she sensed danger. Falling into this kind of unknown place with this guy was definitely not a good thing. From the beginning, this guy behaved strangely, and this time, he made it clear that he was coming to wreak havoc at the Medical Cultivator Conference.

And that Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array, was he perhaps…

Meng Qi subconsciously took half a step back. Her eyes kept staring at the black-robed man vigilantly.

“Heh—” Seemingly aware of Meng Qi’s vigilance, the man laughed coldly and stood up straight. He was no longer wearing the black-gauzed hat that covered his whole face. He turned his head and looked straight at Meng Qi. The left side of his face was so handsome and perfect that no flaw could be found. However, three long black scars covered his right face, spreading from the eye to behind his ear.

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The scars didn’t seem to be new, but they had not healed yet. The man’s complexion was very pale, which made the scars even more conspicuous, like three large strokes of black ink.

Meng Qi was stunned once again, and she subconsciously tilted her head to look more clearly at the three scars.

For a moment, her mind was full of questions: “Are those poisoned?”, “It’s a bit like injuries caused by devil weapon,” “Maybe it’s not only poison, but there are also other causes,” “The scars spread from below the eyebrow to behind the ear. Was his eye also injured before?”…

Upon the last question, Meng Qi subconsciously glanced at the man’s eyes. The color of the pupils was not normal brown, but more like the dark blue of the deep ocean.

When their gazes met, the man’s eyes flashed with mockery.

Meng Qi returned to her senses and stared vigilantly again.

“That group of idiots!” The man sneered, “I thought they least could hold you back.” His voice was actually very nice, but it carried a perpetual touch of indifference and mockery, making the listeners feel uncomfortable.

Meng Qi quickly looked around and immediately understood—

This place should be the arena where the medical cultivators were supposed to compete at the Grand Tournament. She previously called for Xue Chengxuan to open the Grand Tournament’s barrier, but in fact, her knowledge about this place only came from the book Xue Jinwen gave to her. According to the book, at every Medical Cultivator Conference, the Grand Tournament was held inside the only independent barrier inside the Apricot Forest holy land.

As for what was going on inside the barrier, nothing was written in that book, so Meng Qi had no idea.


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  1. I think Meng Qi end up healing him. I bet he had grudge againts medical sect because none of them willing to cure him. or maybe the cause of the scar is someone from human medical sect

  2. Was I the only one that thought his injury was done by her master? And that his injury that won’t heal was done by this guy? She can’t heal him. He’s too much of a powerful, loose cannon, and they don’t have someone strong enough to deal with him. Plus him being her master enemy and the apparent bbe from the first life. She should be healing her master so HE can deal with this guy while he’s still hurt.

    1. I also think about many possibilities beside what I said before, this was one of them. But I cant really connect for his reason to mess up the medical sect conference to begin with. He show an attitude of someone who has a grudge over human medical sect. He event busied himself with the grand planning at the conference.

      Oh well, we will know for sure later whichever possibilities they might be. I hope Xiao qi heal soon. Cant wait to see their moments

  3. I think I have him pegged as Dreadful Devil Man from the before, but I’m still really confused about what the dastardly plan was.


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