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THDP Ch 75 Part 1 – Farce (I)

For a moment, all the eyes in the Apricot Forest focused on the black-robed man and the beautiful blue-robed girl next to him.

“It’s your senior sister.” Su Junmo lightly bumped Meng Qi’s arm and whispered.


The girl in the blue robe was Lu Qingran!

Meng Qi stared at them. The man next to Lu Qingran was precisely the one they had met in Huajiang Manor. Even the black gauze hat he wore didn’t change in the slightest.

Lu Qingran was obviously afraid of the man. Her head hung down, and her slender body kept trembling slightly. She was clearly biting her own lip, and her exquisite face was so pale as if it was totally bloodless.

Even Meng Qi felt pitiful when seeing this, let alone others. Lu Qingran’s appearance aroused the protective feeling of the people around her.

“It’s that man!” Su Junmo exclaimed. He had also met this mysterious black-robed man before. Although the other party didn’t show his face or identity, his strength was unfathomable. It was hard to erase the impression of the moment when he stopped Qin Xiumo’s attack with just one finger.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded again.

“What are you talking about?” Sikong Xing leaned over and asked in a low voice, “Who are those two people?”

“One is a senior sister from my former sect. The other we don’t know, but he is very powerful.” Meng Qi explained.

“Your senior sister? Then she is also a medical cultivator?” Sikong Xing asked, “Are they also coming to attend the conference?”

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly jumped.

“It doesn’t seem to be so. They are clearly here to create chaos.” Su Junmo replied softly. “If they could suppress the Medical Society Alliance and smear its name in front of so many medical cultivators, and at the same time, also steal the limelight from Feng Alliance and other large medical sects…” His eyes were slightly cold, and his tone became sharp. “…the benefits will be great. Even if he wants to stand on his own and build a new sect from scratch, this will be the best opportunity…this man is ambitious. His scheme is huge!”

“Building a new sect? Why?” Sikong Xing didn’t understand.

“With a new sect of his own, he can fight the current Medical Society Alliance and cultivate his own power.” Su Junmo snorted lightly. Your father is pacifist, and probably never let you know about this kind of dispute, let alone make you involved. Let me give you an example. In the Demon Realm, between the territories of Nine Heavens, has there ever been peace? Do you know why? It is for power, for women, for resources…understand?”

Meng Qi and Sikong Xing shook their heads in sync, “I don’t understand.”

Meng Qi thought for a while and added: “But the cultivators he can entice by this way are those who are unable to enter larger sects. Can the formed new sect compete with a large sect like Feng Alliance?”

“…” Su Junmo felt a headache, “This matter is complicated, and not much can be seen at this juncture. However, a tall tower should be built on an even ground. It might be impossible for him to gain an absolute upward momentum at this moment, but it is always better than nothing.”

“But isn’t hitting the face of Medical Society Alliance no different than hitting the face of all medical cultivators?” Sikong Xing asked again. “How can he win them then?”

Su Junmo “…”

He looked at the two girls’ clear and bright eyes, then sighed helplessly. “For example. Meng Qiqi, if a person wants you to follow him and be his disciple, what should he do to immediately convince you?” his ability, right? Makes you think that he is very powerful, even more powerful than the powerful person you admired before.”

Meng Qi suddenly got it.

Even Sikong Xing blinked in amazement.

The two nodded vigorously, “I see!”

Su Junmo “…”

He felt like he was educating daughters again! Next time, he would never take these two girls out again!

While Meng Qi’s group was busy talking, the black-robed man had already passed the cultivators who were writhing on the ground, slowly walking towards the twelve mountain peaks.

Lu Qingran lowered her head and obediently followed behind, not even daring to take a look at the man.

There were many cultivators around, but no one dared to stop the two. They were all scared, probably because of seeing so many fellow cultivators lying on the ground in pain, or probably because the black-robed man was so mysterious. The aura radiating from his body was unfathomable even for the Nascent Soul cultivators, and no one was able to see the depth of his cultivation base.

The black-robed man and Lu Qingran slowly walked through the crowd, unimpeded.

“Fellow Daoist Lu!” When the two were about to reach the mountain peaks, a young man in a long robe suddenly floated down and stood before them.

“It’s Li Che from Canglang Academy!”

“It’s Li Che.”

Cultivators who recognized him called out immediately.


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