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MSRV Ch 13 Part 3 – Si Yue (III)

When the car drove towards the road and merged into the traffic, Si Yue’s lips straightened into a thin line.

What the woman mentioned made him recall that bad—yet not so bad—night. On that night, he was careless and fell into a trap. He immediately went into a secluded area and waited for Yuan Xin to pick him up while preserving his sobriety with willpower alone.

Unexpectedly, a woman suddenly rushed towards him, clearly was also drugged. He originally wanted to hold back, but the woman unexpectedly hugged him and rub her body around. His remaining reason immediately scattered into pieces, and they ended up sharing a chaotic night together.

When Yuan Xin finally rushed to the hotel, he found no response when knocking on Si Yue’s door. He immediately checked the hotel surveillance camera and found Si Yue brought a woman back to the room. Knowing that he was too late, he quickly focused on remedy the aftermath situation.

Yuan Xin destroyed the surveillance recording. After a check, he found out that the woman was not arranged in advance, but the eldest miss of Fu family who was infamous with a bad reputation.

Fearing that this incident might burst out into scandal, Yuan Xin stayed up all night and exhausted all of his power to clean the mess. After finding out that the media was preparing to pour dirty water on Fu Yunruo and exposing her scandal, he also suppressed it by the way.

Unexpectedly, he just dozed off for a while, but Fu Yunruo had already run away in a hurry. Looking at her attitude, it seemed that she was planning to disappear completely.

Yuan Xin hurriedly knocked on the door to wake Si Yue up and quickly reported the matter. Si Yue was very satisfied with Yuan Xin’s method of dealing with this matter. After knowing that someone with malicious intent was trying to find out the woman, he helped to wipe out her traces.

In fact, he really didn’t know where the woman had gone, and he never especially looked for her whereabouts. Although they had an intersection, since the other party didn’t come to demand his responsibility, he didn’t take care either. However, although the woman had a bad reputation, he didn’t feel repulsive of that night. On the contrary, he quite enjoyed it, and that’s why he was willing to help her.

However, this matter actually made him targeted by a disgusting woman, which was annoying.

Si Yue knocked on the steering wheel lightly. Since they were so idle, let’s give them something to make them busy.

Fu Yunruo obviously had no idea of what was happening thousands of miles away. She carefully organized her personal flower room and made sure everything was ready before nervously starting her first livestream.

Her only livestream equipment was her mobile phone. At present, however, this mobile phone was the most high-end model in the market and was also her most valuable asset. The camera resolution was very high, and the pictures it took were comparable to a professional camera.

After opening the app, Fu Yunruo finally began her livestream channel.

“Hello everyone, I am Yunjuan Yunshu. This is my livestream channel. The purpose of my livestream is to grow flowers with everyone. I hope we can grow amazing orchids together.”

“This is the flower room.” As she spoke, she moved the camera around the flower room and began explaining the tools, seeds, and seedling plants one by one. Whether there were viewers or not, she still explained very seriously.

Fu Yunruo suddenly saw a comment pop out on the screen.

[Sister’s voice is so nice! Love, love]

Fu Yunruo’s eyes bent into a crescent and she said happily: “Thank you for the compliment.”

She then noticed that the viewer of her channel had jumped from 0 to 8.

She was very happy.

It seems that doing a livestream is not that difficult!

[Sister must be very beautiful. Please show your face~]

The second comment popped up.

Fu Yunruo replied cleverly: “I don’t show my face. My channel only shows the orchids. They are so beautiful. Can you bear looking at the streamer’s face instead of admiring the orchids’ beauty?”

[This streamer is so interesting~]

[I want to see the orchids, but also want to see Sister’s face, ah.]

Fu Yunruo laughed, “I won’t show my face, only show my orchids~”

The number of viewers quickly jumped up, and in an instant, had become 23.

Fu Yunruo chatted with one or two active commenters for a while and then said: “Back to the topic. I am ready to start planting the orchids. This is the seed of lotus petal orchid, this is the seed of jasper orchid…”

Fu Yunruo presented the seeds one by one, then fixed the phone on the table, pointing the camera at the empty flower pot next to it. This was the good angle she had spent a long time experimenting with. This way, the camera could capture her movements clearly, but her face wouldn’t appear within the range.

Originally, Fu Yunruo only planned to grow one orchid, and tried to grow a mutated variation with that single plant. Unexpectedly, Uncle Guo gave her a lot of seeds and seedlings.

So, Fu Yunruo decided to select ten varieties of orchids and grew one pot of each.

She had limited energy, and ten was the maximum number she could focus on.

“For these ten varieties of orchids, every day I will plant a lucky one chosen by everyone who watch my channel. Since this is the first day, I choose a lotus petal orchid myself and will plant it today.”

As she went on with her explanation, Fu Yunruo adjusted the ratio of soil and put it into a pot before planting the seed of lotus petal orchid. After she finished, she took the phone and looked at the screen. There were already 259 active viewers and a barrage of continuous comments. Everyone seemed to be interested in the seed-selecting activity and also interested in the streamer herself.

Fu Yunruo finally said: “Next, I will open a forum and started a vote for tomorrow’s seed selection. If you want to grow a specific orchid, please vote and leave messages to support my channel. Click on the top right to follow my channel. See you tomorrow!”

Fu Yunruo turned off the livestream. She immediately went into her account to check on her livestream data. At the peak, nearly 400 people came to her channel. In the end, an average of 200 people remained to watch.

She was very satisfied with this data. Originally, she thought that her first day of livestreaming would not attract any viewers, so this was a pleasant surprise.


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    1. Ah… Of course Si Yue is our WenWen’s dad… Kinda cliche when the ML is our FL’s child’s father…

  1. wow its getting more interesting from here. First I really hope that she will streaming her daily life in countryside with his son like cooking or gardening and so on coz I really like this kind of story hehe, but orchid is also interesting coz its so specific.

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