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THDP Ch 77 Part 3 – Bet (III)

The black-robed man folded his arms around his chest and coldly watched Meng Qi’s busy movement.

The girl was young, slender, and weak. Except when she mentioned that mysterious teacher of hers, her white and beautiful face never showed any particular emotion, and she always maintained a calmness that didn’t match her age.

However, thinking how this girl made the Cultivators Alliance collect the debt from Lu Qingran and even rushed ahead of him to catch all the demon cultivators on the wanted list, the black-robed man gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Hey!” He called Meng Qi, “How long are you planning to search like this?”

Meng Qi stood up. She squinted her eyes slightly and turned to look at the man.

The black-robed man raised his jaw to her: “We both have the same purpose and want to leave this place as soon as possible. Why don’t we bet to see who can first gather all the medicinal plants needed to dissolve the Qiwu powder?” After pausing for a moment, he said again: “The loser must listen to any orders from the winner for the next twenty-four hours. How?”

Meng Qi hesitated for a while. This was actually not too bad. At worst, she would just lose, but if she won, she could…

This Grand Tournament barrier was originally prepared for medical cultivators from Golden Core to the Nascent Soul stage. In the past, at least hundreds of people entered each time to pass the test, and the highest number recorded was close to five hundred. But now, there was only her and this black-robed man. No matter how smooth, it would be difficult to get out in less than half a month.

“Okay.” Meng Qi finally nodded and agreed to take the bet.

“Haha.” The black-robed man sneered, “Aren’t you proficient in arrays? Yet you are using such a stupid way to find medicinal ingredients. Truly stupid beyond hope! No wonder that person refused to accept you as a disciple. If I have to teach such a stupid and stubborn disciple like you, I will die of anger!”

Meng Qi’s face sank, and her eyes instantly turned cold.

“Not convinced? Then come and beat me. Hah—” The man raised his hand, and a weird-looking weapon suddenly appeared in his hand. The weapon was longer, yet narrower, than the typical long swords used by the majority of cultivators. Its whole body was pitch black. Rather than a sword, it looked more like a narrow saber with just one sharp edge.

The man glanced sideways at Meng Qi and quickly drew an array on the ground with the black saber.

He moved quickly, as if he already had a well-cut plan in his mind. The tip of the saber crossed the ground, smooth and unrestrained, blowing around the withered yellow grasses.

Meng Qi retracted her gaze.

Her Master…

Meng Qi’s eyes became gloomy. Right. Speaking of it, she was indeed not qualified to call that person her Master.

As this guy said, that person had never admitted her as his disciple.

Maybe, it was really because of her poor talent.

Meng Qi took a deep breath. Most of the arrays she had learned were used to defend against enemies, to attack, or to aid in refining medicine. Even the Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array was not taught by her Master, but something she had seen in the bamboo slip given by the senior from Heaven And Earth Book Hall.

Meng Qi bit her lower lip lightly. She knew that this black-robed man was nothing good, and deliberately said that to make her unhappy.

Even so, she still felt uncomfortable.

Sometimes, words hurt people even more painful than any weapons.

For a moment, Meng Qi was full of hesitation. Her mind gradually turned blank, and she was at a loss of what to do.


Meng Qi took a deep breath, and the slightly cool air made her sober. She forced herself to cheer up.

She couldn’t let herself be influenced by this guy’s words. In this world, only one person was qualified to tell her that! Except for him, she wouldn’t believe other people!

She definitely wanted to defeat this black-robed man, so that he would have to listen to her orders for one full day, humph!

Meng Qi quickly gathered back her spirit and began to carefully search her surroundings.

“A fool is indeed a fool!” Not far from her, the black-robed man stood up suddenly. He raised his hand, and seven or eight spirit stones flew quickly towards the ground. With a bang, the array on the ground lit up, and immediately after, loud giggles suddenly rang in this vast yet barren world. Very bizarre.

Countless tiny white figures spawned from the shining array and ran in all directions.

The man squinted his eyes at Meng Qi: “A little trick that is nothing to fear of? Ha! Let me think…how will I punish you for the next twenty-four hours? Hmmm…”

His voice had just fallen when one of the tiny white figures rushed back to him. The figure raised its small hand highly, holding a handful of pale pink flowers. This flower was exactly one of the ingredients needed to dispel the Qiwu powder.

The black-robed man laughed mockingly: “Let see…every time you are talking to me, you must obediently add the word ‘My Lord’ beforehand. Your voice must be sweet, and any time I say something, you just smile and answer with ‘Yes, My Lord.'”

Meng Qi: “…”

What kind of sick hobby does this damned guy have?!

She lowered her head and quickly resumed her search.

She definitely can’t lose!

She will never call such an annoying fellow ‘My Lord’!

She doesn’t want to!

“Meng Qi.” A man’s voice suddenly rang in Meng Qi’s head.

She was startled, and even her hands stopped moving.

Just like at the forest outside Huajiang Manor that day, the voice that was talking directly into her head was so pleasing to the ear, like the gentle sound of the wind that passed through a flute.

Only this time, the voice seemed a little colder, and there was a hint of anger that was about to burst out——

“Showing off a skill, huh—”

He said, “You don’t need to be afraid!”


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Translator’s note:

Someone is angry enough that he come out regardless of the heavy after effect…

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  1. Many thanks
    :O her master! Well. He doesn’t see her as a disciple cause he was grooming her to be his wife… No . Grooming might be too harsh… He was training her to be strong enough to be his wife. Yeah

    1. GiveMeAmericanoPls

      Grooming is a dangerous and bold word.. please take note that some people will use that word to write negative reviews if they saw that.. So yeah, be careful.(• ▽ •;) Have a nice day

      1. Oh boy, Shall we dig a grave now for this man?

        Her “master” doesn’t even want Qiqi to call him Master because he wants her to call him Hubby~ or in Ancient settings don’t Wives call their Husbands “My Lord”?

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