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THDP Ch 77 Part 2 – Bet (II)

The world was vast, with no sign of the end. The two walked in silence for another incense stick of time, but all they could see was still a withered scenery.

The black-clothed man became more and more bored, and couldn’t help turning his head to look at Meng Qi’s calm face.

“Hey!” He called Meng Qi, “What are you looking at?”

Meng Qi: “…”

“Are you doing a desperate last-minute effort?” The man laughed darkly. “Want to gather enough strength to deal with me before leaving the barrier, lest I will cut you into pieces and make you feel worse than death?”

Meng Qi kept her eyes closed and paid no attention to the man’s threat.

“You know the Four Orders And Four Seasons and also the Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms arrays. Why the person who taught you all of these didn’t accept you as a disciple?” He wanted to provoke Meng Qi to spill out who was the mysterious person who taught her. “Is it because your talent is too low and you are too stupid to teach? Or is this person barely knows a bit of superficial things and has nothing more to teach you?”

Meng Qi: “…”

She couldn’t bear it anymore and turned her head to the man: “What is so amazing about the Four Orders And Four Seasons array? Does it need to be taught especially? Just a small trick. Nothing to fear about.” She paused for a moment. “And that Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array might sound amazing, but actually isn’t hard to break. Simply attack the person who activate the array or separate them from the controlled people, then the array would collapse by itself.”

Meng Qi snorted, “Besides, you also have to make arrangements in advance and draw an array on each person’s body. It takes too much effort and time in preparation, at least a few days, but the result isn’t worth the effort.”

“Your arrogance isn’t small!” The man sneered.

“Still far less than you.” Meng Qi’s tone was cold. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and continued studying the Yinyue sword method.


The man squinted his eyes slightly. As expected, even a blockhead still reacted to certain things. He didn’t know how long he would have to stay in this damned place, but he didn’t want to spend time trapped with boredom.

He had tried probing with his spiritual sense before. Indeed, he couldn’t reach the center and edge of the barrier. It seemed that this medical holy place was indeed passed down by the great ancient powerhouse. If he was at his full state, he still had the confidence to forcefully break open this barrier.

But now, it was a bit difficult.

Little by little, Meng Qi read the details of the Yinyue sword method and carefully memorized all the moves. Her other hand was still holding the silver medical knife. Meng Qi closed her eyes for a moment and went through the entire Yinyue sword method in her head. She then opened her eyes again and began to practice the moves with the knife.

“This kind of sword technique is actually still be used?! Unbelievable!”

“Are all medical cultivators this bad at offensive technique?”

“Are you attacking wood or stone? You are moving like this—do you think enemies will just stand there and let you slash them?”

“Are you stupid or stupid? So slow. Do you think you are dancing?”

“Tsk tsk, I have never seen someone who memorized all the moves but still cannot connect the whole set. And it is merely a simple sword technique!”

About one hour later…

“Meng Qi…choosing to become a medical cultivator is probably the best choice you ever made!”

“After all, if you choose spell or sword cultivation, you might be expelled from the sect on the second day…ah, no! There should be no sect willing to accept a disciple like you!”

“Forget it, Meng Qi. If you are learning this to protect yourself, or even want to deal with me…tsk tsk, I can give myself a bit of handicap—no, a very big handicap! If you can touch the corner of my clothes, then I will admit defeat.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She started to get a headache. Even though the man’s noise pollution level was still far less than that chattery fox Su Junmo, but his words were full of thorns, as if he would feel uneasy if he didn’t ridicule others.

But even though his tongue was poisonous, his eyes were very sharp!

Meng Qi understood her own weakness. But the black-robed didn’t keep his eyes on her all of the time. He just casually gave her a few glances here and there as they walked, but could instantly point out all of her shortcomings.

Each of his words stabbed right to the center, with no mercy at all!

Meng Qi suddenly felt sympathy towards Lu Qingran. If she didn’t guess wrong, even since before they met again in Huajiang Manor, Lu Qingran had already been together with this man, and probably also had to endure the same amount of poisonous tongue.


Meng Qi’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she glanced at the black-robed man. He certainly wouldn’t have this attitude towards Lu Qingran. She and her were totally incomparable.

“Why do you stop moving?” The man said again: “Such a simple sword technique, I can learn it in a blink of an eye, but you are practicing for a full hour only to achieve this pathetic result! Do you want to stop now? Are you finally acknowledge your poor talent and decide to stop wasting your time?”

Meng Qi: “…I saw a living grass. ”

She crouched down and carefully used the medical knife to split open a small patch of yellow grass on her side. Under the withering grass blades, a tiny speck of greenness could be seen. There were only two fresh green grasses, swayed gently in the wind and looked very cute.

“Being too cautious is indeed your forte.” The man said.

Meng Qi ignored him. She dug a bit of soil near the patch with her medical knife and brought it near her nose to take a sniff. She then stood up and looked around. “There must be medicinal plants nearby.” She added. “It can suppress the poison of Qiwu powder.”

After speaking, Meng Qi crouched down again and began to search her surroundings more carefully.

The black-robed man folded his arms around his chest and coldly watched Meng Qi’s busy movement.


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    1. If only Meng Qi was strong enough to stuff some of that soil into his mouth to shut him up…he could easily render a few silence-loving people into insanity

  1. We have a tradition for new babies, a small ceremony giving the baby its first taste of liquid /water, aside from their mother’s milk. The choice is usually between blessed holy water or honey, fed to the baby in a golden/silver spoon. So that in the future the baby will grow up with a cultured and courteous speech.

    This man’s first taste of water must be taken from some poisonous cesspool…

  2. I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. I feel like she needs to chant this like the heart sutra.


  3. He sounds more and more like the white Tiger’s evil twin – all knowledge but no teaching.

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