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THDP Ch 81 Part 3 – Fengyu Town (III)

“The time stated in the message is twelve hours from now. I am going to summon other cultivators to discuss the deployment of defense for tonight.” The mayor said again. “Two hours beforehand, all shops in the town will be closed, and I will also order ordinary residents to hide. Two guests, please be hurry.”

“I understand.” Meng Qi nodded, “Thank you.”

She handed one of the tokens to Ji Wujiong, turned around, and walked out of the inn. On the streets outside, the town still looked as lively as before. These ordinary residents had no idea what was going to happen tonight and were walking around with a smile.

Meng Qi quickly figured out what she needed to prepare. First, a lot of medicines to cure poisons. In addition, she should also refine some insect repellents. Since the sect was called ‘Tengshe’ (Teng snake), they probably also controlled many venomous snakes, which meant that medicines that could inhibit snake venom or repel snakes would be necessary.

Because the opponents were originally spell cultivators, she also needed to prepare medicines that could cure both external and internal injuries, plus injuries caused by unusual methods.

On top of that, her own small reserves of aura were a big problem. The Beiming pills she personally refined had been running out, so she had to buy more ready-made Beiming pills.

But even so…

Meng Qi stood outside a medicinal material shop and cast her glance across the entire town. When she looked over from the mountain just now, she didn’t think this town was big. But now that she was in the position to defend it, she knew that her ability and cultivation base alone was far from enough to take care of the entire town.

Normally, more than one hundred medical cultivators would come each year for the Grand Tournament. With a town this small, one hundred medical cultivators mostly at Golden Core or Nascent Soul stage would be enough.

But now, there were only the two of them….

Meng Qi turned her head and looked at Ji Wujiong. The black-robed man stood next to her with an obvious cold and mocking smile. His gaze was gloomy, and no pity could be seen in those dark blue eyes.

Meng Qi: “…”

Looking very unreliable indeed!

“Cannot think of a good solution?” Ji Wujiong raised an eyebrow. He was taller than Meng Qi, and he also happened to be standing on the steps on the inn’s front gate, which made him looked down at the girl.

“I have a way…” Ji Wujiong said again slowly. Then he paused on purpose, waiting for Meng Qi to respond.

Meng Qi’s eyes glinted, and a crazy idea suddenly flashed through her mind. She looked at Ji Wujiong, who had the words ‘Come and beg for my help! If you do that, I will tell you!’ clearly written on his face.

“Just now, the mayor said…” Meng Qi murmured. “…that it’s enough as long as we can protect this Fengyu Town.”

“Yes.” Ji Wujiong was taken aback, but he nodded.

“I am a medical cultivator, and people who enter this barrier are usually also medical cultivators.” Meng Qi said. “If there are enough medical cultivators in the Nascent Soul or Golden Core stage, then there should be no problem to defend this place.”

Ji Wujiong’s gaze suddenly became a little complicated as he looked at Meng Qi deeply. The corners of his lips that were slightly raised slowly flattened down.

“With only two people, even if we have three hands and six arms, there is no way to guarantee that we can give a timely treatment to all cultivators throughout the city.” Meng Qi continued. “Once there is a gap, Tengshe Sect will invade. If the rescue is late, it is very likely that innocent residents will die as a result, not to mention the casualties among the cultivators who fight on the frontline.”

“If that’s so, then we should ask the exact goal of this mission.” Ji Wujiong responded lazily. “Maybe it’s enough if the mayor doesn’t die, or probably we are just supposed to protect an important place.” He looked at Meng Qi and expressed his opinions casually: “Then we can abandon other places and focus on protecting the main objection. If it is just a certain person or certain place, we can prepare an array around it. I guess this test won’t last for so long. We should prepare to hold on until the daytime, or probably one full day at the most.”

Meng Qi was dumbfounded. She obviously didn’t expect Ji Wujiong to say something like this. “Then what about the soldiers on the gate and the residents of the town? Are we completely going to abandon them? Just now, the mayor said that Tengshe Sect is coming to slaughter the whole town.”

“Meng Qi.” Ji Wujiong said coldly. “Here is the barrier created inside the medical holy land as the venue for the Grand Tournament. What do you think of the residents here? That mayor and all of those people aren’t real. Why do you need to care so much? They probably cannot even feel pain when they die.”

“No!” Meng Qi said firmly: “I won’t agree!”

“Heh—” Ji Wujiong sneered, “An unfounded kindness will only bring more tragic consequences.”

Meng Qi glared: ” You also said that this is a barrier created inside the medical holy land! Let me tell you…” Meng Qi paused. She stared at Ji Wujiong’s eyes and said solemnly: “The one who created this place is an ancient great power from tens of thousands of years ago. Even though their legacy has been broken, even if people can no longer reproduce their glory… some things will never change. As the test from the holy land of medical cultivators, it is absolutely impossible to pass it by sacrificing the lives of the innocent. Equally so, it is impossible to pass the test by watching people die without trying to save them.”

Meng Qi paused again and then slowly said: “Neither will I do such a thing, no matter in what situation.”

Ji Wujiong folded his arms in front of his chest and sneered: “Since you are so compassionate and unwilling to let them die, then what are you going to do?”

Meng Qi took a deep breath, her eyes brightened: “Since we still have twelve hours to prepare, we can rush out to find enough materials to set up arrays on the road Tengshe Sect people will use to get here.”

There was a bit of murderous intent in Meng Qi’s tone, contrasting her youthful and beautiful appearance. As she stood in front of Ji Wujiong, the wind blew past, blowing her long hair and blue robe.

When she spoke again, her delicate little face was firm with determination: “Before they can get here, we will finish them off!”


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