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THDP Ch 97 Part 3 – Stardust (III)

“I’ll help you catch him and make him your dao companion, then both of you can worship me as a Master, how?” Ji Wujiong grinned.

Meng Qi: “…What are you talking about?”

“Otherwise?” Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrows and smiled like a rogue, “Our friendship was born from the time we spent fighting side by side inside the Grand Tournament’s barrier. Yet, for a person you haven’t known for a long time, you raise a knife against me. Just so….” He curled his lips again: “…those people can continue wasting a priceless treasure?!”

Meng Qi: “…”

It probably would never be possible for Ji Wujiong to not mock the cultivators of the Three Thousand Worlds every few seconds.

Meng Qi’s gaze moved slightly, reminiscing how she and Pei Mufeng got acquainted in her previous life. The next moment, she raised her eyes again. There was a rare trace of proudness on her face: “You don’t understand. Sometimes, people can get close at first sight.” She paused for a moment, “Friendship has nothing to do with the length of time. Long-term friendship can be shallow, and vice versa.”

Ji Wujiong snorted softly. His gaze shifted down slightly towards the knife against his neck.

“Besides, Pavilion Master Pei has treated you with kindness by inviting you to recuperate here.” Meng Qi said again. She knew that the man in front of her was someone who didn’t act according to common sense, but she continued persuading in a soft voice: “Ji Wujiong, you are not a heartless person. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have given me Ji family’s token when we left the barrier.”

“Meng Qi.” Ji Wujiong sneered, “Don’t try to stir me up with words.” He said: “I gave you Ji family’s keepsake not because of our comradeship after fighting side by side, nor because you refused to leave me alone until the end. It’s because of your rare talent in arrays. It’s hard to find a good disciple, so of course I have to take care of you. To tell you the truth, I appreciate your ruthless decisiveness when ambushing Tengshe sect. However, if you insist on prattle like old hags in the market, then…” Ji Wujiong suddenly sneered. Clenching the narrow black saber in his hand, the young man jumped backward like a nimble black fish.

Before Meng Qi could react, Ji Wujiong’s body had submerged into the Star Lake. Meng Qi stomped her foot in panic. Like a fish, Ji Wujiong smoothly swam towards the distance and soon disappeared out of her sight.

Should she go back and call someone? No, she wouldn’t make it!

With Ji Wujiong’s ability, Meng Qi knew that he could find the Stardust within one incense stick of time at the most. She gritted her teeth, quickly took out a porcelain bottle from the storage space and stuffed two pills into her mouth. There was cold spring dew in the lake; unlike Ji Wujiong, Meng Qi didn’t dare to directly jump into the water.

Meng Qi then took out a black diving suit she bought at the Cloud Immortal Pavilion, an upgrade of her previous one. She only had to drape it over her robe to use the suit, which was very convenient. Moreover, the suit could also withstand the attack from sharp weapons, making it a piece of underwater armor.

Finally, Meng Qi raised her hand and lit a signal firework. Xue Jinwen bought this item when they went to the Cloud Immortal Pavilion earlier and gave her three. The firework exploded in the sky like a star. All of her friends were still waiting at Xingluo Pavilion’s main building, so it shouldn’t take them long to rush here.

Meng Qi quickly jumped into the lake. This Star Lake was not that large. Although Meng Qi wasn’t Ji Wujiong’s opponent, she could still add troubles and impede him from finding the Stardust smoothly, at least until her friends arrived with Xingluo Pavilion’s disciples.

Cultivators had no trouble breathing underwater, especially since Meng Qi was already a Golden Core cultivator. She swam fast and soon arrived at the bottom of the lake. There were many cold spring dew in the water. Even though she consumed two Spring Warmth pills and wore a special diving suit, Meng Qi still felt a coldness that penetrated her bone.

Meng Qi didn’t dare to delay too much. She opened her eyes wide and looked left and right and soon found a dark shadow flashed extremely fast, just about five feet away on her right.

Ji Wujiong!

Meng Qi hurriedly pursued the dark shadow. Fortunately, the bottom of the Star Lake was covered with soft white sand. The visibility was clear, and no dangerous water beasts lurked around.

Ji Wujiong moved very quickly. Meng Qi chased him for a while, but the distance between them didn’t change in the slightest. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get closer.

Ji Wujiong did it on purpose! Meng Qi gritted her teeth. She calmed herself down. Anyway, her goal was to prevent Ji Wujiong from getting the Stardust!

In less than one incense stick of time, Meng Qi chased Ji Wujiong and swam around the lake in a full cycle. After going around, she was taken back to the middle of the lake again.

The black-robed young man stopped suddenly, as if he grew bored of playing with Meng Qi. Standing on the bottom of the lake, he turned his head, raised his eyebrow slightly, and then looked up at the sky.

Meng Qi’s heart jumped. She quickly looked up. When she and her friends arrived at Xingluo Valley, it was already afternoon. Many things happened, and the sky was already darkening at this moment. Twilight began to envelop the entire valley, and even the originally clear lake water became a little gloomy.

Early stars were gleaming dimly in the sky. Because the sun was not yet completely set, the starlights were mostly still not visible to the naked eyes. Meng Qi was startled. Although Ji Wujiong’s spiritual sea was heavily damaged and left him with an erratic aura, he was still a cultivator in the Spirit Severing stage. Ji Wujiong’s five senses, including his eyes, were naturally far better than Meng Qi’s, not to mention that the man was also very familiar with Star Array.

Therefore, the faint starlight Meng Qi could see… Ji Wujiong naturally could see it too, and even more clearly.


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