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ATCF Ch 10 Part 1 – Goal : Making Money (I)

After finishing the call with Jiang Ruo, Feng Yun immediately went to Jiang Huai’s study and told him about the matter of Jiang Ruo’s friend tripping Jiang Li during the P.E. exam.

Jiang Huai lightly brushed it off: “Just a small conflict between children. Let them handle it by themselves.”

Feng Yun shook her head and said again, “Xiao Li has just returned home and is not close to us. I heard from Ruoruo that she doesn’t have friends at school but is quite close to her deskmate Tong Yi.”

“Tong Yi?” Jiang Huai frowned, “You mean that kid from the Tong family?”

Feng Yun nodded, “He used to be a good boy. Such a pity…”

“What’s the use of sympathizing with someone who abandons himself?” Jiang Huai said disdainfully, “After his parents died, he didn’t live up to expectations and let the Tong family completely fall into his uncle’s hands.”

Thinking that his wife just said that Jiang Li and Tong Yi were getting close, Jiang Huai couldn’t help frowning: “Tell Jiang Li to keep her distance from Tong Yi. I don’t want her to get involved with that kid.”

Feng Yun nodded, “I’ll tell Xiao Li this weekend.”

“Just do it now. Otherwise, strange rumors might spread and make us into jokes.” Jiang Huai didn’t want to wait.

Feng Yun nodded and took out her mobile phone to contact Jiang Li, but as soon as she unlocked the screen, her expression froze. “I didn’t save Xiao Li’s phone number. Do you have it?” Feng Yun looked at her husband.

Jiang Huai shook his head, “Call Ruoruo and ask. She should have it.”

Feng Yun nodded and gave Jiang Ruo a call.

When Jiang Ruo felt her phone vibrate, she took it and saw that Feng Yun was calling. However, when the call was connected, she was disappointed to find that her mother was asking for Jiang Li’s phone number. Jiang Ruo also didn’t have the number, so she had to get up from her bed and go to Jiang Li’s room. After the door opened, Jiang Ruo looked at Jiang Li and whispered, “Mom’s calling.”

Jiang Li took the phone from Jiang Ruo’s hand and went to the balcony. “Hello.” Her voice was cold.

Feng Yun didn’t seem to mind Jiang Li’s coldness as she said softly, “Xiao Li, it’s now late. Haven’t you slept yet?”

Jiang Li asked back in response, “What does it matter to you?”

Feng Yun: …

She sighed and said sincerely, “Xiao Li, we are mother and daughter. Mom’s calling you is of course because I care about you and want to know if you have gotten used to the new school.”

“I’m fine. Nothing worthy to talk about.” Jiang Li’s attitude was as cold as before.

“You, ah.” Feng Yun said helplessly. “Ruoruo has already told me about the conflict between you and Shen Mian. Shen Mian tripped you during the physical exam, but she has already been punished…”

Jiang Li frowned, “You are calling just for this?”

Feng Yun was stunned. She didn’t quite understand why her daughter suddenly became annoyed. Thinking that Jiang Li was still angry about Shen Mian, Feng Yun quickly changed the subject, “I also heard from Ruoruo that you and Tong Yi have a good relationship?”

Jiang Li was silent for two seconds, then answered truthfully, “We sit at the same desk.”

“But Ruoruo told me that Tong Yi gave you his meal card and even bought you water…”

Jiang Li frowned and interrupted Feng Yun, “It’s late now. If there is nothing else…”

“Don’t hang up yet.” Feng Yun hurriedly stopped Jiang Li, “Tell me your mobile phone number. It will be convenient for Mom to contact you later.” It was indeed really late now, and Feng Yun didn’t want to disturb her daughter’s rest, so she quickly asked for Jiang Li’s phone number and WeChat account.

Jiang Li let out an audible sigh, “I don’t have a mobile phone now.”

Feng Yun: …

“As for the matter of borrowing Tong Yi’s meal card, he sympathized with me when he saw how I was penniless and didn’t even have money to eat. Does it matter to you?” Leaving this last sentence, Jiang Li didn’t wait for Feng Yun’s reaction and immediately hung up the call. She then returned to the dormitory and returned the phone to Jiang Ruo.

Jiang Ruo was curious about the conversation Jiang Li had with her mother, so she couldn’t help but ask, “So quick?”

Jiang Li nodded and pointed to the door, “It’s almost blackout time.”

Jiang Ruo bit her lip lightly and returned to her room.

Feng Yun listened to the busy tone in a daze and failed to return to her senses. Xiao Li’s words just now made her realize how incompetent she was as a mother. After a long time, she turned to her husband and said, “Xiao Li has no mobile phone and no pocket money.”

Jiang Huai frowned, “She didn’t ask you for pocket money?”

Feng Yun shook her head, “I thought you gave her your supplementary card. I didn’t know that she didn’t even have a mobile phone.”

Jiang Huai didn’t think it was a serious matter. He stopped his work and rubbed his temples, “I’ll give her a supplementary card when she gets home this weekend. As for the mobile phone, you can buy one for her.”

Feng Yun was still very guilty, “Do you think we are too incompetent as parents?”

“Don’t think too much.” Jiang Huai couldn’t bear his wife’s sentimentality, “She didn’t say anything before, but now she’s scolding you for not caring about her. Can you not see that she just wants to make us feel guilty? This is nothing more than her childish trick to gain our attention. You shouldn’t mind it.”

Feng Yun: …

Really? But how could she feel that Xiao Li seemed so disappointed that she didn’t even want to communicate with her parents?


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6 thoughts on “ATCF Ch 10 Part 1 – Goal : Making Money (I)”

  1. Murat Kahraman

    Wow I actually feel like mom is a good person its only that snake Ruo and bitch of a father that sours her relationship with MC. She really puts in the effort and notices how MC feels but the dad and the fake daughter keeps gaslughting her. Even her mistakes are not really mistakes like it was really the fsther’s job to give pocket money to daughter same with the phone. I really hope their relationship gets better in the future

    1. Actually, so far I don’t see an issue with Rourou either. The moms feelings seem appropriate and Rourou learned her parents aren’t her parents so she’s worried that she’ll be replaced – the decision to introduce MC as an adopted daughter wasn’t hers and while she’s now afraid to have the truth revealed she would have initially gone along with it if the parents wanted to reveal the truth. The real issues are the dad and brother. Dad is obviously scum and there’s already been a mention of marriage matters meaning he puts his business above his family. I didn’t expect much from him. So for me the brother is the worst. He went and stalked his real sister before agreeing to have her brought back – if it hadn’t been the original back then but MC he’d probably have disagreed because he’s worried for his fake sister. Like wtf!? Relationship with the dad is bad because he’s a d*ck. Relationship with the mom is bad because our MC has no expectations of her, knowing the book. With Rourou it’s the stories and ppl around, making things more messy. But the brother is hostile from t-1

  2. I’m laughing at the personality mismatch between mother and daughter. One is all emotion and the other is all facts, total recipe for miscommunication.

  3. Feng Yun is a good example of why over empathic is not a good thing. She’s thoughtless, careless, and self-centered.

    It goes immediately from “Problem -> how would this make someone feel -> Now that’s how *I* feel!” with no other step, and she never leaves that point. It’s all about her, all about how she feels, and when those feelings should belong to someone else she claims them as her own. It doesn’t matter that its not intentional or subconscious: what she does it at the expense of being able to play the guilt trip to get the attention and support on her rather than help the person that’s actually suffering.

    Take note: When finding out Feng Yun didn’t have any money and was relying on Tong Yi to buy lunch – she recognises she failed to provide. And then she immediately spirals into “I feel like a bad mother”.

    But there isn’t even a single second where she goes “wait hold on, this isn’t solved. My daughter is hungry. I should bring her a card NOW so that she can eat tomorrow!”

  4. The dad saying how Tang YI didnt live up to the Tang families needs, the kid was 15 when both his parents died. What the f#ck was he expecting a 15 year old to do with a (probably) big business? Its better to give it to the uncle even if the uncle might be a snake than to run it into the ground by your own hands, atleast you’ll probably still have money then compared to bankrupt

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