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ATCF Ch 23 Part 4 – The First Impression Doesn’t Seem Good (IV)

Feng Qi continued browsing through the entire document. After he finished, he tapped the table lightly with his fingers and said after a while, “Investigate Jiang Ruo.”

The assistant was slightly stunned, “Do you want to help her find her biological parents, Sir?”

As he said the word ‘help,’ the assistant paused for a moment, because he knew that finding her biological parents was probably not a good thing for Jiang Ruo.

Feng Qi shook his head, “Check to see if she is related to Jiang Huai by blood.”

The assistant nodded reflexively, and after two seconds, he let out a shocked “Ah!”

Feng Qi frowned, “Didn’t I make it clear?”

The assistant immediately shook his head, “No, sir, your order is very clear. I’m just curious, why do you suddenly doubt…”

Feng Qi sneered, “Someone as selfish as Jiang Huai wouldn’t willingly raise someone else’s daughter.”

The assistant nodded approvingly, “You are right, sir. Miss Jiang Li is obviously much better than Jiang Ruo. Even if Jiang Huai wants to sell his daughter for profit, Miss Jiang Li must be a better choice—…”

“Jiang Li is now a member of the Feng family.” Feng Qi reminded softly.

The assistant immediately changed his tone, “Third Master is right. Jiang Huai is not worthy of carrying Miss Jiang Li’s shoes. Even if he wants to use Miss Jiang Li for business marriage, Miss Jiang Li wouldn’t even give him a look!”

Feng Qi squinted at the assistant, but did not refute. He hadn’t met this rumored niece yet, but he had seen the video of her dealing with reporters before. Others may think she was a little arrogant, but her behavior really suited his taste.

So when his old man wanted to bring Jiang Li back, he didn’t object and directly went to Jiang Huai to transfer Jiang Li’s household registration and take over her custody.

Now, Jiang Li was part of the Feng family, and he didn’t want others to associate her with Jiang Huai any longer.

“Sir, is it just a pure guess that you want me to investigate the relationship between Jiang Huai and Jiang Ruo?” The assistant asked cautiously.

Feng Qi shook his head.

The assistant looked at him expectantly.

“Mostly my intuition.”

The assistant: …

Well, he trusted his boss’ intuition.

Third Master Feng’s intuition must be different from that of ordinary people!

On the first night of returning to the Feng family’s house, Jiang Li was very satisfied, except that the late-night snack was too salty. After showering and getting ready for bed, she suddenly felt thirsty. She made her way to the living room to get to the water dispenser when her phone rang. Taking out her phone, she saw an unfamiliar local number and hesitantly answered.

The moment the call was connected, Jiang Li frowned upon hearing Jiang Zhou’s voice from the receiver. She had no idea how he had obtained her phone number, let alone why he would call so late at night.

“Do you find it funny?” Jiang Zhou’s voice was as irritating as she remembered.

“Did you call just to speak nonsense?” Jiang Li was perplexed.

Jiang Zhou was worried that Jiang Li would hang up, so he didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point, “It was you who suggested that we publicly announced your identity as our distant relative. Now that you have just connected with the Fengs, you cannot wait to tell the world that you are the daughter of the Jiang family?”

“Did someone find out about Jiang Ruo and me?” Jiang Li asked back.

Jiang Zhou sneered, “You’ve gone to great lengths to secretly manipulate the rhythm in the class group chat, yet you dare not admit it?”

“I’m not one to admit things that I haven’t done. Moreover, isn’t your family who have been unwilling to admit the truth?” Jiang Li’s tone was very nonchalant.

Jiang Zhou’s voice grew urgent, “When the Feng family took away your custody, they already promised not to reveal your identity as the Jiang family’s daughter. It would be best if you don’t bring humiliation upon yourself.”

“Grandpa wants to take away my custody?” Jiang Li was surprised. She originally planned to find an opportunity to hint to Grandpa and ask him to find a way to get her custody, but she never expect that he had already acted in advance!

Jiang Zhou: …

He had already realized that during their conversation, he and Jiang Li were not even on the same wavelength.

Jiang Zhou took a deep breath, suppressed the irritability in his heart, and tried to make his voice sound softer.

“Yes, the Feng family is going to take away your custody, but they promised Dad that they would not announce your identity as the Jiang family’s daughter, so your behavior today is actually embarrassing everyone, you know?”

Jiang Li grabbed a paper cup next to the water dispenser and replied to Jiang Zhou’s words while pouring herself a drink. “Let me kindly remind you of two points: First, I didn’t do anything in the class group. If I were to take action, I wouldn’t even bother to go anonymous. Second, Grandpa seemed to have promised that he wouldn’t disclose to the public that I am the daughter of the Jiang family, but did he say that he wouldn’t announce about me being his granddaughter? Aren’t you guys being too blindly optimistic?”

Jiang Zhou: …

Jiang Li’s second point was clearly a word trick, but for some reason, he actually started to worry that the Feng family would backtrack their words.

“Still, I am delighted that you made an effort to inform me about the class group. Seems like I should thank you.” Jiang Li said sincerely.

Jiang Zhou was furious: “Jiang Li, don’t be too outrageous!”

Jiang Li calmly replied: “My name is Jiang Li. Although it’s not the li from lípǔ (excessive, outrageous), it is close enough. Should be normal for me to do something outrageous.”

Jiang Zhou: …

He still wanted to argue, but the busy signal came through the phone. It was clear that Jiang Li had disconnected the call. Jiang Zhou sighed and walked back into the bedroom from the balcony. The moonlight shining through the window illuminated Ruoruo’s face, and he could tell at a glance that she wasn’t sleeping soundly.

Jiang Zhou reached out and gently touched Jiang Ruo’s furrowed eyebrows, then quietly returned to his folding bed and lay down.

After Jiang Li got her water, she hung up the phone cheerfully and turned around, only to be shocked to find someone standing behind her.

Out of reflex, she took two steps back suddenly, causing some water to spill from her paper cup and splatter on the floor. She looked up at the person standing in front of her and softly called, “Hello, Third Uncle.”

She had just talked so arrogantly to Jiang Zhou, and her uncle must have heard it all. Scientists like him were generally very strict and pedantic, so it seemed like… his first impression of her was not very good.


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