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DDDV Ch 101 Part 3 – Core Forming (III)

“Daddy and Father are different. You two are the most important to me. I want Daddy, and I also want Father…” Lu Yaoyao rubbed herself against Lu Qingyu’s chest. After hesitating for a while, she reluctantly added: “Or…I can go by myself.”

After guessing Father’s identity, she probably understood why he and Daddy had never gotten along, and why they kept fighting behind her back. The three races of humans, demons, and devils were always at odds. Her birth must have been an accident, and it must be difficult for her two proud fathers to accept the fact that they had sired a child with their mortal enemy. Nevertheless, they endured being tied together for years, all for her sake.

Lu Qingyu promptly rejected: “No means no.”

Lu Yaoyao was very sad. She wanted both Father and Daddy, but now that she understood their situation, she didn’t want to force them…

Forget it. She should wait until she confirmed whether her father was really Dao Venerable or not. Since Daddy refused to tell her, she could only find the answer by herself.

“Daddy, how was I born?” Lu Yaoyao suddenly voiced her curiosity, “I’ve grown up now. Can you tell me?” She remembered the moment of her birth, but her earliest recollection was breaking out from something that looked like either an egg or a stone.

The question turned Lu Qingyu’s expression even gloomier. He didn’t want to recall the events of that day, but he also didn’t have the heart to refuse his daughter, who was looking at him with eyes full of curiosity. In any case, he had already refused her request to see Yao Jiuxiao, so he reluctantly answered: “You are a natural spiritual fetus. Your father and I accidentally dropped our blood on the unformed you, which you then absorbed. That’s why you are born with our bloodlines.”

If he had to blame someone, he would blame his past self for getting too caught up in killing his lifelong nemesis. During their battle, both of them were completely absorbed in the fight and failed to notice the legendary natural spiritual fetus lying beneath their feet, disguised as an ordinary stone. As their blood spilled onto the lifeless stone, it absorbed their life force and was rejuvenated, ultimately transforming into a living fetus, which would later be born as Lu Yaoyao.

Sure enough, she was an accident! Lu Yaoyao sighed.

Lu Qingyu patted his daughter, “Daddy is very happy.”

Although never in his wildest dream did he imagine that he would obtain a child in this way, he was very happy to have her as his daughter. Of course, it would be perfect if she belonged to him alone.

Lu Qingyu’s words instantly cheered Lu Yaoyao. Her eyes brightened, and she gave him a huge hug, “I’m very happy too!” She giggled happily.

“Congratulations, Your Highness, for successfully forming the core! Congratulations, Your Venerable!” The moment the father and daughter stepped into the devil palace, all the guards and maids had lined up and knelt on the ground, looking extremely excited.

Seeing them, Lu Yaoyao took off her smile and tried her best to make her chubby face look solemn and majestic.

Lu Qingyu was satisfied, “The resources received by all members of Devil Sect are doubled this month. Let the whole world celebrates.”

“Thank you, Your Venerable! Thank you, Your Highness!”

Lu Qingyu was in such a good mood that he wanted to hold another grand ceremony to celebrate, but Lu Yaoyao vehemently refused. It hadn’t been long since the last grand ceremony, and it would be too troublesome to prepare another one this soon.

Lu Qingyu naturally couldn’t argue with his own daughter and ultimately gave up on the idea. However, this did not prevent the well-informed elders and kings from sending a continuous stream of congratulatory gifts. Lu Yaoyao’s private store, which was already abundant, added another pile of treasures as a result.

After the congratulatory phase passed, Lu Qingyu took Lu Yaoyao back to retreat. But Lu Yaoyao couldn’t sit still. She disliked being trapped inside and only cultivated all day long. She wanted to play outside!

Lu Yaoyao endured until she couldn’t take it anymore. She opened her eyes, jumped down from the ice bed, and silently walked out on tiptoe. The size of the retreat area was more than enough to accommodate two people. Lu Qingyu put Lu Yaoyao on the inner side to meditate alone while he himself settled further outward.

—In other words, Lu Yaoyao had to pass Lu Qingyu if she wanted to sneak out.

In the vast pool of black mist, Lu Qingyu sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, motionless. The black mist covered him up to his chest, seemingly had consciousness as they moved freely within the pool. Lu Yaoyao walked out stealthily, leaning against the wall and staring cautiously at her Daddy. Holding her breath, she tried her best to move without making a sound. As she slowly moved her short legs towards the exit, Lu Qingyu in the black pool moved slightly.

Oh no, she was about to be discovered! Lu Yaoyao quickly lay down on the ground and closed her eyes.

Lu Yaoyao remained motionless. She waited for a while but did not detect any movements, so she quietly opened one eye and looked out through the gap between her fingers. Huh, it seemed like she hadn’t been discovered!

Gathering her courage, Lu Yaoyao silently stood up. She cautiously looked toward the black pool and saw that Daddy was still meditating with his eyes closed, unmoved. It seemed that he had just changed his position just now.

Lu Yaoyao tentatively moved her legs again and slowly but surely crept towards the exit. Once she was out of Lu Qingyu’s line of sight, she finally let out a silent sigh of relief and quickly dashed like the wind.

Actually, Lu Qingyu had found out the moment Lu Yaoyao started sneaking out. His eyes might be closed, but his spiritual sense always looked after his daughter. Nevertheless, he was amused by the child’s naive escape attempt and couldn’t resist teasing her a bit. It was fun to see her startled.

Lu Qingyu didn’t prevent Lu Yaoyao from going out to play. She was still young, and it was natural for her to want to have fun. He didn’t want to force her to cultivate against her will, so he turned a blind eye this time.


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  1. Lu Qingyu is so adorable to tease his daughter like that! I wonder if there will ever be devil children she can play with while in the palace?
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