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DDDV Ch 20 Part 2 – The Demon Merchants (II)

Lu Yaoyao listened intently to their conversation. She seemed to only partially understand, however, and thus was made confused by what she heard. Because she was listening so intently, she didn’t even realize when she had finished eating the spiritual egg custard.

Lu Qingyu took out a medium-grade spirit stone and placed it on the table, “Do you have a guest room open?”

“Yes. Fellow Daoist, please come with me.” Seeing the spirit stone, the buffalo demon’s eyes brightened, and his attitude became even more enthusiastic. He politely led the way for the father and daughter, taking them to the best room in the inn.

Lu Qingyu picked up his daughter and walked up the stairs to the second floor.

Lu Yaoyao was listening with gusto when her line of sight suddenly changed, and her body was lifted. She turned her head and saw that Beautiful Daddy was carrying her and leaving the lobby. Lu Yaoyao reached out her chubby hands and hugged Beautiful Daddy’s neck. She looked over Daddy’s shoulder at the lobby below, only to meet with a pair of greedy eyes full of malicious intent.

What a tender little cub…

Lu Yaoyao quickly shrank into Lu Qingyu’s arms in fear. Lu Qingyu patted her back softly before turning his head. His eyes were calm with no emotion, but there was deep darkness within those pupils. When the demons met his eyes, they felt an inexplicable chill rising on their back, which made them wanted to run away in fear.

When Lu Qingyu retracted his gaze, the mysterious fear also disappeared. Thinking of how they were actually frightened by a mere gaze, the demons were unwilling, so one of them exclaimed: “Big brother, they are good preys!”

“Yes, ah. Big brother, we shouldn’t waste it.” The snake demon didn’t hide her greed and lust. “After we capture them, let me play with the man first.” A forked bright red tongue came out of her mouth as she hissed.

“Big sister cannot enjoy it alone. Don’t forget your little sister when you get such a good man.” The fox demon pursed her lips coquettishly.

The snake demon smiled. Her expression was full of lust: “Have this big sister of yours ever forget to share?”

“Isn’t it just a handsome face?” When other demons in the group saw how much interest the two female demons showed towards the man who had just left, they snorted in dissatisfaction.

The snake demon smiled meaningfully, “It’s more than just a handsome face.”

The fox demon followed suit: “Even if we cannot sell him, it’s good enough to have him stay with us for the winter. It’s freezing now. He can warm us sisters.”

“That cub smells delicious…hehe!”

The leader of this group was an ugly-looking male demon. As he listened to his subordinates’ urges, he also became moved, but still didn’t forget to be cautious: “I cannot see that man’s cultivation base.”

“Big brother is too cautious. Maybe he conceals it with an artifact or spell.”

“There are so many people in the Demon Core stage here. What is to afraid of?”

“Right, right.”

All their group members were in the Demon Core stage. They also had special pills that could conceal the demon aura in their body, which was the only way for demons to go to the Human Realm openly. Coupled with a lot of powerful magic weapons in their hands, they had even sold demons in the Demon Soul stage before. This made them not afraid of demons whose strength was a level higher than themselves. That male demon’s cultivation base couldn’t be at the Soul Projection stage, right? With such strength, he would be strong enough to be a demon general in the capital city, and there was no way that such a figure would appear alone in this middle of nowhere.

The leader was still very cautious: “Take some precautions. Don’t do it here.”

This was not the group’s first time visiting the inn. During their previous visit, they had seen the weasel demon seriously injured and threw out a demon who was making trouble inside the inn. The weasel was barely in the later stage of the Demon Core stage, but he easily defeated a powerful demon in the Demon Soul stage. Thanks to this incident, the group was aware that they couldn’t easily provoke the inn’s two owners. If they made trouble here, those two might intervene.

Both the snake demon and the fox demon were unwilling. However, in front of their leader’s authority, they had no choice but to obey.

Lu Qingyu originally wanted to continue taking on the road, but the heavy snowfall and the cold wind outside were not good for travel, so he changed his mind. Anyway, Yao Jiuxiao probably thought that they had gone straight to the Devil Realm. Since he didn’t know that they were delayed on the road, he would have been rushing towards the border and didn’t even think to stop by and search around.

Thinking this way, Lu Qingyu felt that it would be better if they travel more slowly, so he was no longer in a hurry.

The room they rented was supposed to be the inn’s best room. However, it was still very plain and ordinary, especially for Lu Qingyu’s standard. Even so, basic furniture such as a bed, a table, chairs, and a cabinet was all complete.

Lu Qingyu took out a beast skin blanket from his grotto-space and spread it on the bed, then put his daughter on it before lying down on the side.

Lu Yaoyao rolled twice on the blanket. She deftly climbed onto Beautiful Daddy, pulled his clothes, and widened her round eyes before yelling “Ah, aah!” angrily.

Daddy, I want Father! I want Father!

Lu Qingyu closed his eyes, as if he hadn’t heard her protest. Even though Lu Yaoyao climbed him up and down, he was staying still.

Lu Yaoyao kept harassing Beautiful Daddy. Her small hands and feet moved around, pounding and pulling. Her milky babyish voices yelled out in anger. From time to time, she also bit Beautiful Daddy’s face.

Lu Yaoyao’s jaw was too weak to leave any marks on Lu Qingyu’s face. But her wet saliva made the man, who was a bit of a clean freak, darkened his face.

“Naughty brat!”

Lu Qingyu opened his eyes and glared at his troublemaking daughter. His face was full of her saliva, which made him frown in disgust. Lu Qingyu pointed at Lu Yaoyao’s nose: “This Venerable gives you a warning. Don’t be too arrogant. This Venerable isn’t buying your actions.”

Lu Yaoyao felt very wronged. She looked at Beautiful Daddy. Her small mouth flattened, and tears slowly began to gather in her eyes.

As soon as Lu Qingyu saw these familiar signs, he subconsciously shouted: “Yao Jiuxiao—” It was only after he shouted that he reacted. Right, he had run away with the child.

As soon as Lu Yaoyao heard the name, she immediately turned around. Father! Where is her Father?

However, the room was empty, and there was no figure of her Father at all.

“Whaaaa—” Lu Yaoyao cried. Daddy lied to baby! There is no Father here!

She hasn’t seen Father for two days! She misses her Father so much. She wants Father, whaaaa!

Lu Qingyu’s head was about to explode. Damn brat! See how he will deal with her!

Lu Qingyu glared fiercely at the crying child before he began to coax her softly: “Be good. Stop crying, and you will see him soon, okay?”

Lu Yaoyao opened her eyes slightly. How long is soon?

“Soon, very soon. Daddy promises!” Well, twenty or thirty years were also very soon, just a blink of an eye.

Lu Qingyu coaxed for a long time before the crying slowly stopped.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were still red. She rolled over and grabbed Beautiful Daddy’s hand, then pulled his little finger with her small hand.

We have made a pinky promise. Daddy cannot lie!

Lu Yaoyao looked at their intertwined hands and smiled happily.

She finally stopped crying.

Lu Qingyu lay down on the edge of the bed, totally exhausted. But the child seemed to be full of energy. She crawled all over the bed, playing with a colorful pearl rolling in front of her.

“Little kid, it’s time for you to go to bed.”

“Ahhh!” I’m not sleepy!

Probably because she had slept a lot during the day, but Lu Yaoyao was still energetic and didn’t feel sleepy at all. She pulled Lu Qingyu’s clothes, urging him to play with her.

Daddy, don’t sleep. Let’s play!

Lu Qingyu: “…”


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Author’s note:

Cultivation Levels:

Human: Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Inedia, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Projection, Soul Transformation, Body Fusion, Crossing Tribulation, Great Ascension

Demon: Awakening, Body Refining, Transformation, Demon Core, Demon Soul, Soul Projection, Soul Transformation, Body Fusion, Crossing Tribulation, Great Ascension

Devil: Aura Condensation, Body Tempering, Inedia, Devil Core, Devil Soul, Soul Projection, Soul Transformation, Body Fusion, Crossing Tribulation, Great Ascension

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