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DDDV Ch 21 Part 2 – A White Figure Appeared in the Field of Snow (II)

Lu Yaoyao slept very soundly. The moment she opened her eyes again, what she saw was an unfamiliar ceiling. This made her uneasy, and she subconsciously wanted to cry. But when she turned her head to the side and saw Daddy was lying next to her, she immediately felt relieved and stopped the cry.

Lu Yaoyao propped herself with her tiny hands and sat up. Her head swayed left and right as her big eyes twirled around, searching for another familiar figure.

Where is Father?

Didn’t Daddy say that she will see Father soon?

Lu Yaoyao’s face was filled with confusion.

She pounced at Beautiful Daddy.

Daddy, wake up. Stop sleeping. Where is Father?

Lu Qingyu opened his eyes and turned his head towards the demanding girl.

“Ah, ah, ah, wha!!” Lu Yaoyao babbled loudly.

Lu Qingyu pretended to be a fool: “What are you talking about? Daddy doesn’t understand.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

“Ah!” The soft and cute voice suddenly turned fierce. Lu Yaoyao rushed forward, threw her small body against Beautiful Daddy, and sat on his chest.

“Ah!” Bad Daddy! What about your promise!

Lu Qingyu sat up. The little dumpling on his chest fell down and rolled over. He caught her in time, took her into his arms, and got out of bed.

“Alright, be good. Let’s find him now.” Lu Qingyu was afraid that the child would cry again so early in the morning, so he patiently coaxed her.

After storing away the beast skin blanket, Lu Qingyu and Lu Yaoyao left the room. The time was still early. The inn was quiet and cold. There was no one in the lobby, which was quite dark under the dim morning light.

Lu Qingyu walked out of the inn with Lu Yaoyao in his arms, unobstructed. The heavy snowstorm had stopped, leaving only cold air blowing on the skin. As far as the eye could see, the world was covered in white. The red figure drifted away on the snow, slowly disappeared from sight.

The group of demon merchants also stayed in the inn last night. After confirming that their two preys had left, they slowly walked out of their rooms. Although the group took fancy to the male demon and little cub, they were very confident, and were not in a hurry to take action. In any case, no preys would be able to escape from the palm of their hands.

Obviously, they had yet to notice that they had lost a member. Even if they didn’t see the snake demon around, they simply thought that she was still sleeping in her room.

One of the demons in the group looked a little impatient, for fear of missing the prey. But seeing that their leader was not in a hurry, he had to hold back.

“Big brother, the snake is too lazy. She still hasn’t come down.” The fox demon couldn’t help feeling annoyed. She realized that the snake demon had gone to the handsome male demon one step ahead of her and hadn’t come out yet. Thinking of what kind of enjoyment the snake demon spent last night with, the fox demon couldn’t help feeling jealous.

The leader of their merchant group was a crocodile demon, and the fox demon was staying in his room last night. The leader’s cultivation base was the highest among them, and his backing was also the strongest. If it weren’t for her goal to seduce the leader in order to climb up the powerful demon behind him, she would have followed the snake demon.

The crocodile demon suddenly spoke; his expression was ugly: “Snake died.” He had noticed when the snake demon went to the male demon’s room in the middle of the night and didn’t feel anything abnormal happened. But just now, the life lamp that belonged to the snake demon went out.

As soon as his men heard that, their expression changed: “Is it that male demon?”

The group immediately rushed to the second floor and broke into the room where the male demon stayed last night. However, the room was empty, and not even a single breath could be detected.

Last night, the snake demon was killed under their noses, but none of them noticed.

Just now, they might still have a chance to rescue their comrade. It was their arrogance that made them missed the chance.

The crocodile demon’s face turned blue with murderous rage: “Chase!”

Lu Yaoyao was sitting on Beautiful Daddy’s shoulders. Both of her hands were holding to Daddy’s head while her own small head, covered in a red hood, were looking at the scenery around. At first, she was full of curiosity, but after a while, she felt bored. There was only white snow around, and it was not interesting at all.

She had reasons to suspect that Daddy was lying to the naive baby.

How long was soon?

Without her Father by her side, Lu Yaoyao had no spirit, and she became a listless little baby.

Lu Qingyu held the child with one hand and let her sitting on his shoulder while his other hand fiddled with a small copper furnace.

Tsk, only eight hours, and her soul had dissipated?

Lu Qingyu flipped his hand and threw back the furnace into his grotto-space.

“Kid, This Venerable has lived for so long, but you are the first person who rides on This Venerable’s head and does whatever you like. You must know that in this world, only This Venerable treats you so well.”

“In the future, you must be filial to your Daddy, and listen to your Daddy’s words, understand?”

Lu Yaoyao’s short fingers grabbed Beautiful Daddy’s hair. Her pink and tender cheeks bulged. She was still angry, so she would ignore Daddy!

Lu Qingyu began to tease his daughter, but didn’t get a response. He took her silent anger as acquiescence and continued his teasing. Suddenly, his steps paused. He took Lu Yaoyao off his shoulders and hugged her on his chest.

Lu Qingyu’s lips curled into a slight smile: “It’s time to sleep.”

Lu Yaoyao raised her black, grape-like eyes and looked up at Beautiful Daddy. She was still very energetic and didn’t feel sleepy at all. Lu Yaoyao was about to protest when her eyelids suddenly became very heavy.

“Aaa…” Lu Yaoyao’s eyelashes quivered. Then her eyes closed, and she fell into a slumber.

A cold wind whistled abruptly, blowing a few strands of Lu Qingyu’s hair. Lu Qingyu stopped and raised his eyes. More than ten figures suddenly appeared on the white snowfield. They were the group of demon merchants he had met in the inn.


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