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DDDV Ch 52 Part 2 – Why are the Cubs Fighting? (II)

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, as the idols of Duanping Mountain Range, were too difficult to approach. The locals couldn’t enter their door. Even on the occasions when one of them left the house, their figures were rarely be seen. Sometimes, when some neighbors were lucky, they could see a glimpse of Yao Jiuxiao or Lu Qingyu’s back figure.

Lu Qingyu seemed to be more approachable, but that was only relative to Yao Jiuxiao. When the former was in a good mood, he would chat casually with some young female demons. But when his mood was bad, no one dared to approach.

Now that they finally have a chance to get close to everyone’s idols, the parents naturally wouldn’t let it go.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were surrounded by a large group of demons, who maintained some distance. When the demons of different species chatted loudly among themselves, the auditory effect was on par with the noises made by three hundred quacking ducks. The demons parents didn’t expect to talk to Yao Jiuxiao or Lu Qingyu. As long as they could take a glance at their idols from up close, they were already satisfied.

Meanwhile, on the cubs’ side, Song Xiaoqi and Bai Shi’er were furious when they learned that Yin Si had stayed for days at Yaoyao’s house. Of course they were angry. Today was the first time they visited Yaoyao’s house, not to mention staying overnight. This news undoubtedly stabbed a hornet’s nest. The two felt that their Yaoyao had been snatched!

“Yaoyao likes me the best. You cannot snatch Yaoyao away just because you are the youngest!” Song Xiaoqi yelled angrily.

Yin Si shook his wolf tail triumphantly. The fluffy ears on top of his head also fluttered quickly as he retorted in a loud voice, “Yaoyao likes me more! I am the first to visit her house!”

“Nonsense!” Bai Shi’er couldn’t hold it anymore and jump over Yin Si. Disregarding the nature of the food chain, the fat white rabbit tried to squash the little silver wolf, who was not even one-fifth of his size, like a pressuring heavy mountain.

However, the little silver wolf of today was no longer his previous self. At that time, his body was still weak, and he was easily crushed without a chance to resist. Now, his chubby short legs leaped nimbly, avoiding the incoming big mountain.

The silver wolf cub howled. His immature voice was tender and cute, but already possessed the deterrent power of the silver wolf clan. But the angry Song Xiaoqi and Bai Shi’er didn’t feel that subtle majestic pressure at all. They rushed forward and cried out: “Yaoyao belongs to us. We won’t be good friends with you anymore!”

The two cubs felt that they had been horribly deceived. Seeing that the little silver wolf was so small, they took him to play together. But he actually harbored bad intentions and wanted to snatch their good friend!

Song Xiao Qi and Bai Shi’er didn’t believe it. How could Yin Si, who had only been here for a short time, threaten their position in Lu Yaoyao’s heart?

Yin Si dashed around agilely and yelled in a proud tone: “If you don’t want to be good friends with me, so be it. I have Yaoyao as my best friend!”

Three shaggy furballs of different sizes ganged together in a fight. When other cubs saw it, they also excitedly threw themselves into the battlefield, helping to fight indiscriminately.

In no time, all the cubs had joined the fight. Fine furs of all colors were flying around, and all kinds of different cries reverberated loudly.

Lu Yaoyao took the little green snake Junjun and stepped back from the battlefield. She watched the scene in astonishment.

Why were her friends fighting? Lu Yaoyao was stunned.

Seeing the cubs fought by the lake, the group of carefree parents laughed and pointed: “Shi’er’s strongest point is his powerful legs. He didn’t even use his natural advantage to kick around and insist on biting the opponent?”

“Song Xiaoqi’s tail is really powerful!”

“This wolf cub is not bad. He knows how to use his advantages.”

Lu Yaoyao took a closer look. On the battlefield, Song Xiaoqi swung his big fluffy tail like a whirlwind and threw away a cub that had just happened to jump on it. Yin Si’s sleek body sprinted around nimbly. He also brandished his claws in a surprise attack from time to time.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

She knew that fighting was also a way to train demon cubs, and she had also frequently gone with her playmates to fight with the cubs from the neighboring mountains. But the purpose today was not to fight, but to play. With the parents simply watching amusedly from the side, Lu Yaoyao had to personally step forward to control the situation. She shouted: “Stop fighting, stop fighting!”

But the cubs were busy fighting each other, and no one heard Lu Yaoyao’s shout.

Lu Yaoyao finally rushed into the battlefield. She grabbed two tails with both hands and dragged out Song Xiaoqi and Yin Si, who fought the fiercest.

Yin Si found himself being dragged on the ice. His small paws made thin marks on the ice surface. Turning around, he saw Lu Yaoyao and hurriedly said: “Yaoyao, let me go, I haven’t won yet!” Seeing Song Xiaoqi was also get dragged next to him, the little silver wolf didn’t forget to stretch out his paw and tried to claw the fat rabbit.

Song Xiao Qi was unwilling to show weakness. It didn’t matter if his most powerful weapon, his tail, was caught. He still had claws! So the little squirrel also scratched out his paw and clawed at Yin Si.

Lu Yaoyao dragged the two cubs to a certain distance to ensure they were truly separated from the battlefield. She then let loose of their tails and knocked their heads: “Don’t fight.”

Then Lu Yaoyao returned to the battlefield, dragging out Bai Shi’er and the others one by one. Once the most ferocious fighters were dragged out, the rest quickly calmed down. The group of fluffy cubs lay silently on the ice and looked at each other.

Lu Yaoyao began to settle accounts. She propped her hands on her waist and glared fiercely at the cubs: “Speak, why did you fight?”

Song Xiaoqi, Bai Shi’er, and Yin Si thought of the reason why they began fighting. At this moment, they were all in a sorry state, with some balded patches here and there. The three cubs quickly ran over to Lu Yaoyao and cried: “Yaoyao, who do you like the most?”

Lu Yaoyao: “…?”


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  1. The cubs asking her who she likes most, Isn’t this just like how it is with her Father & Daddy? Luckily she’s used to dealing with this type of situation!

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