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THDP Ch 96 Part 2 – Star Lake (II)

Meng Qi walked to the young man. Hearing the footsteps, Pei Mufeng turned his head. “Meng Qi.” He stood still, waiting for the girl to stop, “Have you rested well?”


“I was going to stop that Ji Wujiong that day.” Pei Mufeng went straight to the topic: “But he trapped me at the Apricot Forest’s entrance.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded again. Ji Wujiong had mentioned this matter to her. At the time, he was full of mockery and disdain, all to show off the power of array cultivators.

“Later, I saw how strong he was during the Grand Tournament, and I realized that he had actually shown mercy to me.” Pei Mufeng said frankly, “Ji Wujiong is very strong. I am afraid that in the whole Three Thousand Worlds, there are no other cultivators who can fight using arrays like him.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi was not surprised that Pei Mufeng would say so. He was a very pure person who spent all his mind on the pursuit of swords. Ji Wujiong was strong, so he said so. The other party had trapped him, so he admitted it. There was nothing he couldn’t say or admit.

“Ji Wujiong seems to have said that he wants to accept you as a disciple?” Pei Mufeng hesitated.

“…yes.” Meng Qi didn’t know how to explain this. Fortunately, Pei Mufeng didn’t ask further, but he said again, “Do you have a sect now?”

Meng Qi shook her head.

“Ji Wujiong is very strong. At present, he can protect you well. You…” Pei Mufeng’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down. After a pause, he continued: “I think he is not malicious to you. During the last test of the Grand Tournament, he protected you very well. You may as well consider his proposal.”

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly and looked at Pei Mufeng in surprise.

“Or…” Pei Mufeng spread out his palm. Lying on his palm was a small sword-shaped jade token. The word ‘Xingluo’ was beautifully engraved on the sword’s hilt.

Pei Mufeng didn’t finish his words, but Meng Qi understood his meaning.

“Originally, it was a good choice for you to join Xingluo Pavilion. But I am departing for Starfallen Sea tonight and won’t return for ten years.” He paused. “After ten years, you should be strong enough to protect yourself. The most critical is the first few years…” Pei Mufeng frowned slightly. His handsome face was shrouded with worry: “Meng Qi, what is your plan?”

Meng Qi: “…”

“In fact, Ji Wujiong is not the best choice. He does as he likes and offends a lot of people.” Pei Mufeng said. “Just during this Medical Cultivator Conference alone, he successfully made great enemies of the large medical sects.” He continued. “But at least for five years, it will do you good to have his protection.”

“Wait!” Meng Qi understood. Pei Mufeng was worried about her safety, so he wanted to plan for her before he left for the Starfallen Sea. Meng Qi couldn’t help smiling. Should she say ‘as expected of them? She was busy all night, worrying about Pei Mufeng’s safety in the Starfallen Sea. And the man was also the same, worrying about her.

“Don’t worry.” Meng Qi said, “I have my own plans.” As she spoke, she took out the brocade bag filled with the pills she made yesterday and handed it to Pei Mufeng. “For you.”

“Thank you,” Pei Mufeng received the brocade bag and sent some aura into it, “This…?!” He looked at Meng Qi in surprise: “You asked me to wait for you today to give me this?”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded: “Starfallen Sea is dangerous everywhere. You have to be careful.” She paused, hesitated: “If a place looks dangerous, do not proceed rashly.”

“I know.” Pei Mufeng nodded. He didn’t ask much and directly put the brocade bag into his storage space. “I will leave Starfallen Sea every three to six months.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded, “If we have a chance, we can meet up at that time.”

“If there is something urgent…” Pei Mufeng took a small black jade pendant from his neck. He put the crescent-shaped jade pendant into Meng Qi’s palm. “…you can contact me with it. Even when I’m in Starfallen Sea, I can still receive the message.”

“I understand.” Meng Qi also didn’t say much and directly put the jade pendant on her neck, carefully hiding it under her robe.

“Meng Qi, take care.”

“So do you.” She looked at Pei Mufeng, “Starfallen Sea is dangerous. Proceed cautiously, and retreat whenever necessary. As long you still have a life, there will always be another chance.”

“Don’t worry.” Pei Mufeng’s face, who always looked cold and sharp, softened. The corners of his lips curled up slightly, and he gave Meng Qi a shallow smile.

“I should go now.” The young man held out his hand. As if alive, his natal long sword jumped out and landed beside him. Pei Mufeng jumped on the sword. The next moment, the sword rushed to the sky. In an instant, it turned into a small black spot and disappeared from view.

Meng Qi raised her head and watched Pei Mufeng leave. After a while, she turned her gaze to the Star Lake. The lake surface was like a piece of clear light blue emerald, dotted with little stars, looking very beautiful.

Meng Qi stared at it for a while, then turned around and was about to go back.

“He has broken through into the Spirit Severing stage.” Yun Qingyan’s voice suddenly rang in Meng Qi’s mind.

“Sovereign Qingyan?” Caught off guard, Meng Qi was in a daze. “You… why are you…”

“His sword spirit has also reached the peak of the sixth realm. Soon after he entered the Starfallen Sea, the sword spirit will be tempered with flesh and blood of the mutant beasts, and it won’t take long to advance to the seventh realm.” Yun Qingyan interrupted her and continued: “Xingluo Pavilion has a bit of foresight. That youth is indeed an excellent sword talent.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She knew that Pei Mufeng’s cultivation base was not the highest in Xingluo Pavilion, but his talent in sword cultivation was unmatched. Yet, she didn’t know that Pei Mufeng was already a Spirit Severing cultivator.

In the memory of Meng Qi’s previous life, Pei Mufeng had just entered the Spirit Severing stage when she met him for the first time. However, his cultivation was unstable because he had just broken through, so he was injured by a mutant beast in the Starfallen Sea.

Unexpectedly, he had already reached the Spirit Severing stage at this time?

“Amazing…” Meng Qi murmured. The realms of sword spirits were the method used by sword cultivators to determine the level of their strength. The sixth realm of sword spirit was roughly equivalent to the sixth rank of medical cultivation. At his age, Pei Mufeng was able to cultivate his sword spirit into the sixth realm. Throughout the last thousand years of sword cultivation history, he should be a genius second to none.

Really amazing!

Compared to him, she was really too weak!

Even after entering the Golden Core stage, her medical cultivation rank was still far behind.

Yun Qingyan snorted softly. Meng Qi didn’t hear clearly, and couldn’t help asking: “Sovereign Qingyan?”

“So even if he enters the Starfallen Sea now, as long as he doesn’t overestimate his own strength and go too deep, he won’t die.” Yun Qingyan said again.

“I understand!” Meng Qi suddenly realized. She broke into a smile, her eyes gleaming: “Thank you, Sovereign Qingyan. Now I can rest assured.” It turned out that Senior Yun was worried about her, so he showed up to tell her this. What a nice person!

“Don’t call me Senior!” Yun Qingyan gritted his teeth in annoyance.


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  1. At first I thought PMF was planning on letting MQ know about remembering the past since he asked her to come alone… but actually even without doing that, I think they somehow still formed the same “bond of two people who believe they’re the only ones who know the past”, like CTF and that other guy. If this was still the original timeline, I think PMF and MQ would actually be the perfect side character ship, but they also work here as besties who understand each other without talking.

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