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DDDV Ch 57 Part 2 – Attacked (II)

“No, there is probably more than one behind. We cannot beat them. We have to run!” Lu Yaoyao’s cultivation base was much higher than Yin Si, but the silver wolf had more advantages in hunting. If the two of them cooperated, they could indeed defeat a spirit beast, but Lu Yaoyao felt extremely uneasy. She had never felt like this before. She felt a chill in the back, which made her hairs stand on end. She sensed even more danger than the time she and her playmates encountered a mutant beast for the first time after running away from home.

“That’s even better!” Yin Si was more than happy to hear that.

“Let’s lead them to the settlement!” Lu Yaoyao yelled, still running as fast as she could with her short legs. She knew the two of them couldn’t beat the spirit beasts, so of course she wouldn’t be stupid enough and still insist on fighting! What to do then? Seeking help, of course! She and Xiaosi should lead the spirit beasts to the silver wolf clan’s settlement. With so many powerful guards, those spirit beasts were no more than trapped prey.

Hearing Yaoyao’s words, Yin Si nodded fervently. Right! Since he and Yaoyao couldn’t beat the spirit beasts, they should lead them to his clan’s territory. With so many adults to help, no spirit beasts could escape!

Yaoyao’s so smart! Why didn’t he think that first? Maybe he could hunt with uncle guards!

Not long after the two cubs ran away, four or five gray-black spirit beasts appeared in sight. Their bodies were not particularly large, but they had strong and sturdy limbs. Two fangs gleaming with cold light were exposed from their mouths, and a pair of beast eyes on the size of copper bells stared intently at the appetizing prey.

The spirit beasts obviously took Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si as their hunting targets.

Lu Yaoyao felt very strange. Normally it was very rare for a single spirit beast to appear in the wasteland. Why did so many suddenly appear out of nowhere? Lu Yaoyao looked back and saw that the spirit beasts were of the same species. Did someone or something disturb their den?

Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si ran very fast, but they were still far away from safety. The flower field they visited today exceeded the range that silver wolf guards usually patrolled, so the place was inherently dangerous. When Yin Si took Lu Yaoyao to see the flowers, it was on the basis that the two of them were used to hunting in the wasteland, and he was also confident that they could run away quickly when encountering danger. Unexpectedly, they met such bad luck today.

It was indeed too coincidental for the spirit beasts to appear today because they originally lived outside the wasteland. A group of cultivators hid their traces and suddenly appeared outside the wasteland, attacking a den. Other spirit beasts and mutant beasts nearby sensed the danger and ran away one after another, with some of them running in the direction of the wasteland.

Those beasts ran purely by intuition. Among the beasts that ran into the wasteland, the spirit beasts that chased Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si were the strongest and the fastest. Before any silver wolf guards noticed the abnormality, the group of spirit beasts had already approached the hunting ground.

The spirit beasts cooperated in a group and obviously had a certain intelligence. In a group, they were strong enough to face a powerful demon in the Demon Core stage.

Yin Si obviously sensed the approaching danger. His eyes turned serious: “Yaoyao, how about you turn into your original form?” Lu Yaoyao ran fast, but her two short legs were not as fast as his four legs. If Yaoyao had four legs, she would be faster than him and could run in front to call for help.

“Are you stupid?” Lu Yaoyao’s short legs ran so fast that they left afterimages, but it didn’t affect her rolling her eyes, “My original form in a stone. Can I still run if I turn back to my original form?” If she turned back, she wouldn’t even have a single leg.

“Oh, I forgot.” Yin Si thought Yaoyao’s original form also had four legs.

The spirit beasts were getting closer and closer, and they began to move into flank and attack. A spirit beast pounced from one side, forcing Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si to change direction and run in the opposite direction. The two tried to run in the direction of the silver wolf clan’s territory, but the spirit beasts seemed to be aware of their purpose and kept forcing them to change directions, gradually making them deviate farther and farther away from their destination.

Lu Yaoyao noticed that those spirit beasts were so intelligent. From the beginning to the end, the spirit beasts never made a sound and just pursued her and Yin Si silently, putting even more stress on them.

Lu Yaoyao’s expression turned dark. These spirit beasts were very tough to deal with!

“Xiaosi, don’t stop. Run as fast as you can!”

“Yeah!” The young silver wolf replied. He focused his eyes on the road forward and increased his speed.

Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si couldn’t afford to slow down, let alone to stop. The number of spirit beasts chasing them had increased, and eight were chasing them now. If they slowed down, the spirit beasts would catch up in no time and completely surround them.

They cannot beat those spirit beasts just with the two of them, ah!

A spirit beast swooped over and happened to pounce between Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si, separating them in two directions, one left and one right. Yin Si didn’t notice that Lu Yaoyao was running in the other direction, but Lu Yaoyao noticed. She wanted to meet up with Yin Si, but she didn’t expect six spirit beasts to chase after her without hesitation.

Lu Yaoyao was unable to return to Yin Si, and they were soon separated by a long distance. Seeing this, Lu Yaoyao had an idea to lead away most of the spirit beasts and let Xiaosi run to find rescue. She could run fast for a long time, and the spirit beasts couldn’t catch up with her.

The two remaining spirit beasts chasing after the silver wolf quickly turned around and caught up with the rest of the pack.

After running some distance, Yin Si suddenly felt the sense of danger that chasing him was no longer there. He asked: “Yaoyao, are the spirit beasts still chasing us?”

No one answered. Yin Si turned to look, but found no sight of Lu Yaoyao. Not only that, but even the spirit beasts that were chasing them for so long were nowhere to be seen.

Yin Si was dumbfounded. Where’s Yaoyao?

He turned around and ran for a while, but Yaoyao and the eight spirit beasts seemed to have disappeared. Only then did Yin Si notice that he and Yaoyao were separated, and those spirit beasts all ran after Yaoyao.

“Yaoyao!” Why are they chasing Yaoyao? He obviously has more meat! Yaoyao is so small, her meat isn’t even enough for one bite!

Yin Si sniffed Yaoyao’s scent. He wanted to chase, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to help even if he caught up.

He must look for help…

Yin Si immediately ran in the direction of his clan’s settlement. He climbed to the nearest highest point, raised his head, and howled as loud as he could: “Awooooo!”

A wolf’s howl traveled a long way, with different howl conveyed different messages. This one was full of anger and warning, asking for help.

After a while, echoes came in reply from the closest patrol team. Several silver wolf demons who had turned back to their original form ran from the wasteland at the fastest speed.

But Yin Si couldn’t wait for the rescue to arrive. He followed Lu Yaoyao’s scent and quickly chased after her.

Yaoyao, wait for me!

“Awooo…” The howl was passed from one wolf to another and finally reached the clan’s settlement.

When Yin Hui and Qianniang heard their son’s call for help, they let out a majestic roar. The roar was full of anger, ordering the nearby guards to depart immediately. After that, they returned to their original forms and quickly ran to their son.


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