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DDDV Ch 61 Part 2 – Guiyuan Sect (II)

From the front side of the square, all the way inwards, there were ninety-nine steps leading to a majestic and magnificent building. Passing through several pillars carved with auspicious clouds motif, the door opened to the main hall where dozens of great figures representing various sects and factions in the Cultivation Realm were sitting in two rows.

Those who could occupy a seat here were all-powerful people with a high level of cultivation and status. These people were either white-haired and white-bearded elderly or handsome men and beautiful women, all exuding outstanding, sage-like aura. After washing their tendons and marrow countless times, having their body tempered by thunder tribulation, and reaching a high level of cultivation, their facial features had been optimized to the max, giving an indescribable flavor that further enhanced their appearance.

However, in the Cultivation Realm, it was not appearance that determined one’s status, but strength.

At this moment, Lu Chongyun, the Sect Leader of Guiyuan Sect and the host of today’s meeting, was sitting on the main seat at the forefront. Without exception, everyone in the hall had a solemn expression. There were countless sects, large and small, in the Cultivation Realm, and the highest status among them were seven sects and one valley, plus two pavilions and three influential clans.

Today, the representative of those powerhouses gathered here to discuss how to face the current predicament and confirm the situation of Dao Venerable Hengwu. Human cultivators did not have a central leader. Still, all the factions were more or less led by the largest Guiyuan Sect, where the strongest person in the Cultivation Realm, Dao Venerable Hengwu, was. Despite all the rampant rumors spreading outside, Guiyuan Sect always denied that Dao Venerable Hengwu had fallen, but with Cultivation Realm was now at a critical juncture, everyone was in a hurry for a countermeasure.

An elderly-looking man sitting on a front seat was the first to speak, and his words were heavy: “Devil race has assembled their troops, sharpening their blades at the Cultivation Realm. The demon race is also watching closely. The Cultivation Realm is in danger!”

As soon as these words came out, the hall broke into loud murmurs. The people here were all-powerful figures who had lived for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They had experienced countless bloody wars and fights. During the long years of the last great war, many great talents perished on the battlefield, and it was not easy for the Cultivation Realm to recuperate during the last three or four hundred years of peace. Now, another war was looming?

A short-fused elder spoke up: “The Devil Venerable has been missing, so why should we fear the Devil Realm? If they want to fight, we will accompany them to the end!”

“But if the Demon Realm takes advantage, the common people will be in danger…”

No matter what they truly thought in their heart, everyone maintained the face of peace-loving on the surface. They were unwilling to be the first to start a war, but if the two other realms took the initiative to attack, they would not stay still and be beaten passively.

“Amitabha.” On the first seats on the left of Lu Chongyun, several Buddhist cultivators from the Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect were chanting Buddhist scripture.

Lu Chongyun was like a spectator, listening to the chatters and arguments below in silence. But his pair of experienced eyes seemed to clearly see their hidden thoughts.

Li Nantian, the Sect Leader of Wentian Sect, said solemnly: “Sect Leader Lu, please tell us the truth. Is it true that Dao Venerable Hengwu has fallen?”

As soon as the question came out, the hall instantly became silent. Even the chanting of the Buddhist cultivators also stopped, and they opened their eyes.

Lu Chongyun answered calmly, “Like I said long ago, Senior Brother has not fallen.”

“If Dao Venerable is fine, why has he never shown himself?”


“Sect Leader Lu should know the reason, right? Or is it possible that there is something you can’t tell us?”

Lu Chongyun was barraged by questions, but he still maintained his calm and unperturbed stance.

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded in the hall, “The devils have retreated, and the demons are nothing to be afraid of.”

At the same time, a tall figure appeared.

Before the people in the hall could see this person’s face, all of them were overwhelmed by strong and powerful pressure.

Dao Venerable Hengwu.

The news that Dao Venerable Hengwu showed himself and appeared in good condition quickly spread. The Guiyuan Sect disciples, who had been somewhat listless and depressed during this period, instantly regained their vigor.

From the beginning, they firmly believed that nothing had happened to the Ancestor, but as time passed, although they were still persistent with their words, their heart began to waver.

As long as Dao Venerable Hengwu was here, nothing would happen to Cultivation Realm!

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for news to come that the devils at the border had withdrawn to the Devil Realm. Devil Venerable also appeared, and the whole Devil Realm instantly became quiet.

No matter what people had in their minds, the moment Dao Venerable Hengwu appeared, the whole Cultivation Realm was bound to maintain peace.

And even the Demon Realm, which showed many signs of movement, seemed to calm down.

However, the undercurrent was still surging.

The Demon Realms had taken the steps necessary to elect the Demon Emperor. Having paid a lot of hard work, the Demon Kings would not give up so easily, even for their own interests.

Especially the Dragon King. It was said that the eldest son of the Dragon King, wanting to be a help to his father, took a shortcut to improve his cultivation in a short time, but he fell into a qi deviation, was devilized, and lost all his sense. In the end, the Dragon King had to kill his own son for the sake of righteousness.

The second son of the Dragon King turned grief and anger into motivation, and after a few years of seclusion, successfully advanced to several cultivation levels, and even his scaled-dragon1 bloodline had improved a lot.

Now there were rumors in the Dragon King Palace that His Second Highness Yin Ao would become the first scaled-dragon to successfully transform into a real dragon.

No matter how many rumors rampaged outside, none could reach the Abyss.

Lu Yaoyao woke up diligently every day, and the first thing she did was send gifts to the fellow demon big brother.

However, the big brother refused to take the gifts and even ignored them.

Lu Yaoyao felt a little guilty. The gifts she gave were indeed not precious, just some trinkets she picked up and saved when she was a child, and also the things she was most willing to give up. When Lu Yaoyao re-sent gifts every day, she did not forget to take back the previous day’s gifts.

Each of these things was full of happy memory. Big brother might dislike them, but she still liked them so much!

But seeing that the big brother didn’t accept her gifts, Lu Yaoyao didn’t feel at ease living in his territory for nothing. She thought hard all night and finally came to a conclusion: Big brother probably didn’t like gifts from outside, so she decided to go out to find other gifts he would like.


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Author’s Note:

The female lead is now in her devil form, just like Daddy Lu. But she is in a juvenile form and will have a very beautiful adult form later.

The original forms of the devil race are generally in black or other dark colors. The father and daughter are mutated white, and this is also the reason why Daddy Lu got stranded in the Human Realm.

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  1. Scaled-dragon (jiaolong or jiao) is a pseudo-dragon in Chinese mythology. It is hornless according to certain scholars and said to be aquatic or river-dwelling.

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