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DDDV Ch 79 Part 2 – The Lord of the Abyss (II)

The more Lu Yaoyao thought about it, the more excited she became, and her heart was filled with expectations. “Brother Yuanyuan, let’s turn Abyss into a place just like the outside world!”

Shen Changyuan looked at the ecstatic cub and nodded after a while, “Okay.”

“I know how to set up the array!” When she dismantled the array, she memorized how it was set up. “Oh right, Grandpa Tree, I found the corpse of that human cultivator…” Speaking of which, Lu Yaoyao remembered about the elder and quickly informed the old tree demon.

The old tree demon was very relieved to hear it. The fact that that person’s corpse could be retrieved was a fortune among misfortunes. The old tree demon’s spiritual wisdom had been awakened for thousands of years, but due to the Abyss’ scarce resources, he never had the chance to grow strong enough to transform into a human form. Even so, as a tree demon, his roots could go unimpeded, allowing him to reach almost everywhere his roots could reach except for the Serpent Lord’s territory.

“That elder’s array is awesome. The scenery there is as beautiful as the outside world!” Lu Yaoyao described what she saw to the old tree demon. She believed that the things left behind by the deceased elder could add color to the Abyss and play a big role in vitalizing this place. Still, when she found the elder’s corpse that day, she promised to take all his belongings back home to Guiyuan Sect, so she could only find another way.

The old tree demon told her, “That human cultivator should be willing to let you use his things for the Abyss.”

That being said, Lu Yaoyao was not the owner of the belongings and had no right to deal with them. Still, her own pouch didn’t have spiritual plants or spring. If only her pouch could connect to the outside!

Lu Yaoyao thought for a while, took out the elder’s jade pendant, and asked, “Senior, can I borrow these things from you? If you agree, please light up the pendant.” When she was in the illusion, this jade pendant also lit up, so this method should be effective.

Sure enough, Lu Yaoyao’s words had just fallen when the jade pendant suddenly lit up.

The old tree demon smiled, “Look, he agrees.”

Lu Yaoyao was very happy, “Yeah!” She would temporarily borrow this elder’s things first. Once she returned home, she would do her best to either find the same thing or replace them with something of equal value!

Lu Yaoyao climbed to Shen Changyuan’s back again and returned to the serpent demon’s lair. She showed the patch of red spider lilies to the tree demon, who was as ecstatic as a child.

“Is this thing called a flower? How beautiful!” The old tree demon was totally mesmerized and finally decided to move his root base to the neighboring mountain.

Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao was eager to make another transformation. The Abyss was dull, monotone, and gloomy, making her feel depressed after a long time. Since they couldn’t return home, the next best thing was to change their living environment for the better. Lu Yaoyao decided to make the serpent demon’s former lair their home base. This place was huge, with many caves connected by a maze-like passageway. With a good renovation, she believed that this place could be transformed into a beautiful and cozy home.

While Lu Yaoyao and the old tree demon were busy with renovation, Shen Changyuan went out to ‘subdue’ the creatures of the Abyss. Having help from the old tree demon was great. His roots spread through the passageway and the caves, clearing every debris and gravel.

While the old tree demon was busy with the cleanup, Lu Yaoyao began to set up the array. Her Father taught her about arrays, but the lesson was more like playing. She didn’t know how good she was, but at least she memorized the elder’s array and could replicate it in a new environment.

The former lair was changing day by day, transformed by Lu Yaoyao and the old tree demon’s joint effort.

When Shen Changyuan came back a month later, what he saw was a greatly changed cave. The originally dark passageway was illuminated by luminous pearls, the largest cave was decorated into a space that resembled the main hall, and the smaller caves were made into rooms of different functions. According to Lu Yaoyao, the old tree demon helped a lot with the renovation, especially when decorating the main hall, giving it the current simple yet a grand look.

The mountains outside the cave had also become very beautiful. No longer bare, it was now covered by a sea of flowers spaced with winding paths serving as a walkway. The old tree demon was a plant, and he had a natural affinity toward his kind. Not only was he superb at finding native plants, but he also knew how to transplant them safely.

Not all parts of the cave were transformed, however. Due to the limited resources, most of the cave was still dark and bare.

Still, Shen Changyuan was surprised by Lu Yaoyao’s ingenuity. She was still so small, yet already very capable, far surpassing her age.

“Brother Yuanyuan, you’re back!” Lu Yaoyao was very happy to see Shen Changyuan again. It was the first time that they had been separated for so long. Thanks for her being busy; otherwise, she would miss him so much that she would have run out to find him.

“Look at my work!” Lu Yaoyao couldn’t wait to show Shen Changyuan the results of her month-long labor. It was bright as far as the eye could see. A fresh stream of spring water flowed out from the mountain, winding among the lush spiritual plants and flowers. Shen Changyuan hadn’t seen such scenery for a long time, and even his cold heart couldn’t stop him from viewing it intently.

Lu Yaoyao then took Shen Changyuan to tour the cave. “This is Brother Yuanyuan’s residence.” Shen Changyuan’s suite consisted of three connected caves: one for the master bedroom, one for the office, and the last one for relaxation. It took Lu Yaoyao a lot of time to choose the most suitable place. The resources at her disposal were limited, but she tried her best to make it as perfect as possible.

When Shen Changyuan saw that the cave’s ceiling was decorated with colorful rays of light, he fell silent for a while.

Seeing that Shen Changyuan’s eyes were fixed on the glittering materials, she said proudly, “This is the sand my Daddy gave me to play with. It is colorful and can stick on the wall. Pretty, isn’t it?” Look, didn’t she treat Brother Yuanyuan the best? She didn’t have much of this sand, only a small box. Although a bit reluctant, she used them all to decorate Brother Yuanyuan’s room and didn’t leave any for herself.

“…” Shen Changyuan’s expression was indescribable. But since this was Lu Yaoyao’s kindness, so he had to accept it.

Finished with the tour, Shen Changyuan also showed Lu Yaoyao the result of his work. Outside the cave, a group of creatures — demons, devils, mixed races — stood in a crowd, shivering and frightened.

Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan stood at a high pedestal, overlooking the crowd below. Lu Yaoyao squinted her eyes and saw a lot of familiar faces, many of whom had told her stories and rumors.

Shen Changyuan said to her: “These are all the creatures with spiritual wisdom in Abyss.”

Lu Yaoyao was surprised, “This is all?”


“There are only so few?” Lu Yaoyao was puzzled. They had traveled all over the place and saw quite a number of intelligent creatures.

“Although the Abyss is wide, each group occupies a large territory, so the total number is actually not large.” Shen Changyuan explained seriously, deliberately hiding the fact that he had killed all the most heinous creatures and those who opposed him, leaving only the obedient ones.

Without waiting for Lu Yaoyao to speak, the crowd below looked at Shen Changyuan with trepidation and quickly knelt down one after another, expressing their surrender: “We are willing to submit!”

“We are paying respect to the King! To the Little King!”


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