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DDDV Ch 92 Part 2 – The Devil Realm’s Little Princess (II)

Lu Yaoyao was full of doubts, “But Daddy, why did you lie to me that I was a demon? I always thought that our family was all stone demons.”

In the beginning, after realizing that her race had changed, it took Lu Yaoyao a long time to accept her new identity as a demon, but she was suddenly told again that she was actually a devil, not a demon?

Lu Qingyu fell silent, “That’s because we need to hide our identity living in the Demon Realm.” If not for Yao Jiuxiao’s reluctance to compromise, why would he and his daughter have to live incognito in the corner of Demon Realm?

“But you can’t keep it secret from me!” Lu Yaoyao pursed her lips and pouted. How could Daddy and Father hide such an important matter from her? Even if they needed to hide their identity, couldn’t they explain it to her in private? She knew how to keep a secret!

Lu Qingyu was very eloquent about this, “I have told you, but you didn’t believe me.” As for why he didn’t try to let her know later…. he found it cute and funny to see the kid truly believed herself a little stone demon.

Lu Qingyu was relieved to see that his daughter was only concerned about their deceiving her and did not have any rejection toward her devil race identity. Up until now, he was worried that the child could not accept the bad notoriety that accompanied the devil race.

Lu Yaoyao was stunned. Thinking back now, it seemed that Daddy had indeed said he was the Lord of the Devil Realm, but she didn’t believe him and simply thought he was bragging. But this wasn’t her fault, no? Wasn’t she misled by her Father and Daddy? They never made her doubt her identity as a little demon.

“Then what about Father? Is Father the only stone demon in our family?” Lu Yaoyao remembered that long ago, she clamored to see their original form as a stone demon, so Father transformed into a shiny stone for her to see. “Don’t lie!” She stood up and stared straight into Lu Qingyu’s eyes.

Lu Qingyu remained calm. Instead of answering, he patted Lu Yaoyao’s head and said, “Am I such a baddie in your eyes?”

Lu Yaoyao covered her head with her hands and insisted, “What is Father? What race is he?”

Lu Qingyu replied lazily: “Because you don’t trust Daddy, Daddy is very sad and decided not to tell you.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”


Lu Yaoyao acted coquettishly and cutely, but Lu Qingyu stubbornly refused to tell her. Annoyed, she rolled her eyes and snorted, “I can guess even without you telling me. Father is definitely not a demon!” If Father was really a demon, Daddy would definitely not have reacted like this.

But how did Father turn into a stone? Lu Yaoyao thought about it for a moment and guessed that she must have been deceived by an illusion.

At this time, Lu Yaoyao had fully accepted her identity as a devil. It was shocking, sure, but she slowly disgested it with time. From her view as a former human, there was not much difference between being a demon or a devil. It was good since her worldview didn’t get turned upside down again.

As long as she was still the same race as her Father and Daddy, everything was fine.

More importantly, she was now in the Devil Realm, ah!

Lu Yaoyao thought of the other buildings she saw when she left the palace Lu Qingyu specially remodeled for her. They were all gray in color and looked very gloomy, and even the sky was dull and gray. It must be depressing to stay in such an environment for a long time. Lu Yaoyao had been staying in Abyss for three years and couldn’t stand such a gloomy place.

She still preferred the environment of Cangshan Mountain.

“My friends are all demons.” Lu Yaoyao was suddenly startled. The relationship between the three races was so bad — if her friends knew of her identity as a devil, would they ostracize her? Maybe they would even hate her…

Thinking of this, Lu Yaoyao felt very sad. She didn’t want to lose her friends!

Lu Yaoyao stared at Lu Qingyu with sad eyes.

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Without waiting for Lu Qingyu to respond, Lu Yaoyao suddenly jumped up, “I promised my friends to not disappear suddenly again! Wouldn’t they be very sad when they couldn’t find me this morning?!” Lu Yaoyao couldn’t believe it. She broke her promise! When her friends came to her house and found that she had left again… would they flood Cangshan Mountain with their tears?

“Daddy, take me back to Cangshan!” Daddy could bring her to the Devil Realm overnight, so he definitely had a way to bring her back to Cangshan immediately. Moreover, she had also left Brother Yuanyuan alone!

“Daddy, Daddy!”



“You think it’s that easy?” Lu Qingyu was displeased. He was able to reach Cangshan so quickly because the kid had a magic instrument left by him, which allowed him to reach her in an instant. “Why do you want to go back to Cangshan? From now on, your home is here with Daddy.” After finally taking the kid back to the Devil Realm, how could he take her out again?

“Do you want to leave your Daddy?”

Lu Yaoyao immediately shook her head. She didn’t want to leave Daddy! “But I have to at least say goodbye!” She was extremely reluctant, but there was nothing she could do about moving. Since her Daddy was the Lord of the Devil Realm, it was naturally impossible for them to live in the corner of the Demon Realm forever. No matter how much she loathed being separated from her playmates, in Lu Yaoyao’s heart, her Father and Daddy were always more important, so she would always follow them wherever they lived.

However, saying a proper goodbye was a must!

“No.” Lu Qingyu refused. “Enough with that. Now, you should familiarize yourself with the Devil Palace first. If you want to go out to play, remember to bring guards with you. In a while, the Palace will hold a grand ceremony in your honor, so you can have fun by then.”

“But I want to go back to Cangshan. Daddy, okay? We can do the ceremony after we return.” Lu Yaoyao had a plan. They first must go back to Cangshan to bring Father and Brother Yuanyuan back with them. She didn’t know where her Father was, but she could at least try to find a way to leave a message so that he could contact her.

As for Brother Yuanyuan, he had fallen halfway into a devil, so he should not reject coming to the Devil Realm.

In order to get Lu Qingyu to change his mind, Lu Yaoyao became a sticky little tail and followed him wherever he was. Lu Qingyu enjoyed her stickiness at first, but after a few days, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Kid, don’t think you can be complacent because I favor you!”

“You have guts, huh? Dare to push your finger at This Venerable… I am the Lord of Devil Realm. Give me some respect, won’t you?”

Lu Qingyu tried to restore his dignity as the fearful Devil Venerable.

Lu Yaoyao was sitting on Lu Qingyu’s shoulders. Her short legs flailed around his neck as she shouted loudly, “I miss Father, I want Father. I want to go back to Cangshan!”

“I want to go back to Cangshan!!”


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