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GNU Ch 100 Part 4 – Role Model (IV)

“Second Prince, what are you talking about?” Cheng Yujin said with a smile, “His Highness’s like is my like. The reunion of brothers is a good thing for the country and the people. How can I have objections?”

Li Chengjun couldn’t help but take another look at this young sister-in-law. Cheng Yujin was about the same age as him. When Li Chengjun heard that his Crown Prince brother who emerged out of nowhere had married his former niece, Li Chengjun was astonished at first, and then contemptuous. A wife was a very important helper, yet he wasted such a good opportunity. Li Chengjun felt that his elder brother hadn’t actually grown even after spending fourteen years outside.

But now, Li Chengjun somewhat understood why Li Chengjing married this woman. If it were such a beauty, Li Chengjun would also be willing to bear infamy and marry her regardless of the difference in seniority. What’s more, it seemed that her beauty didn’t affect her brain in a negative way. She was a woman who knew what to say and could advance and retreat well.

Li Chengjun’s invitation could not be refused. The reason Li Chengjing didn’t reply was that he was worried about leaving Cheng Yujin alone. Since Cheng Yujin gave him a step back, Li Chengjing no longer refused. He glanced outside and said: “Second brother is kind. But the Crown Princess has just entered the palace and is not familiar with the road. Gu1 will send her back first and then go to the banquet.”

Li Chengjun was stunned, and the other two princesses were also surprised. Cheng Yujin said, “Your Highness, you don’t have to trouble yourself.”

“You are more important.” Li Chengjing’s tone was flat, but his meaning was very firm, “I will send you back.”

Cheng Yujin was also taken aback. She didn’t expect Li Chengjing to say such things as ‘you are more important’ in front of so many people.

Li Chengjun couldn’t stand it anymore. Could it be that the standard of a crown prince was so high now? Not only did he need to be diligent, self-disciplined, and be an honor worthy of his men, but also to respect his wife and maintain a harmonious family. Was he required to achieve the all-encompassing quality of self-development, family governance, and ruling the country to become the example of all respectable men in the world?

Li Chengjun used to feel unhurried, but now he couldn’t help thinking: should he also marry a wife soon?

Cheng Yujin left under everyone’s eyes. As Li Chengjing said, he personally sent her back to Ciqing Palace, changed into regular clothes, and went out again.

After Li Chengjing left, Cheng Yujin secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Their relationship suddenly changed from an uncle and niece to a husband and wife. Li Chengjing also changed from her Ninth Uncle to the country’s Crown Prince. Honestly, Cheng Yujin still didn’t know how to interact with him.

Without the Crown Prince, the atmosphere was much more relaxed. Cheng Yujin ordered her servants to take off her hair crown and helped her change out of her formal dress. Cheng Yujin finally had time to rest. Du Ruo came in and asked in a low voice: “Crown Princess, noon meal is ready. Do you want to take the meal now?”

Li Chengjing was out for the banquet, and Cheng Yujin was alone for the meal. She was already exhausted. Yesterday was a day full of cumbersome ceremonies, continued with Li Chengjing making her tired last night. Today, she also woke up early. Cheng Yujin only wanted to go back to bed and reclaim her portion of last night’s good sleep, so she nodded and said: “Bring in the meal.”

The meal was soon brought in. Eating alone was relaxing, and every dish followed Cheng Yujin’s preferences. Cheng Yujin ate until 70% full, then she put down her chopsticks and went back to the inner chamber to rest.

There would be a banquet in the evening, and Cheng Yujin didn’t dare to sleep too much. She told Du Ruo to call her up after a while.

Without Li Chengjing’s disturbance, Cheng Yujin finally had a good sleep. She slept very deeply. When she woke up again, her surrounding was dim. Time couldn’t be seen inside this enclosed babu bed. Cheng Yujin stayed in bed for a while and then called: “Du Ruo, water.”

She had just woken up, and her voice was a bit hoarse with a hint of softness. As soon as her voice fell, the bed curtain was pulled apart. Cheng Yujin covered her mouth and yawned, propping up her elbow to sit up.

She was still halfway up when a strong palm held her back firmly and supported her body. This strength was obviously not Du Ruo. Cheng Yujin turned her head in surprise and found that Li Chengjing was sitting on the edge of the bed, supporting her body with one hand and placing a teacup on the bedside table with the other hand.

“You woke up?” After putting down the teacup, his freed hand stroked her forehead very naturally: “Do you still have a headache?”


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  1. ‘Gu’ is how a crown prince call himself, similar to the emperor ‘Zhen.’

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      1. I could never survive this double meaning conversation lol. It sounds fun but sadly I even misinterpret even a straight forward sentence. In this aspect, even Cheng Yumo is better than me QAQ

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    Li Chengjun:- should I also marry??? Lmao I thought it was getting boring and boring now but this brother ????????????????????

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