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MSRV Ch 31 Part 3 – Enemy Meets on the Narrow Road (III)

When Fang Xueruo got closer to the child, she could see his face more clearly. The child’s facial features gave her a strange feeling of deja vu. It was a sense of familiarity that inadvertently aroused a malicious feeling in her heart.

When Fang Xueruo was deep in her thoughts, she suddenly felt a sharp pain from her fingers. She shrieked and subconsciously pushed the child away.

Fu Wen was pushed back hard and fell heavily on the ground.


After the children ran away, they realized that Wenwen was not with them. They couldn’t leave Wenwen alone to face the vicious queen, so they ran back in a panic.

The children arrived in time to see the vicious queen pushing Wenwen to the ground.

“Dare to hit Wenwen!” Dali and Dashan clenched their small fists and rushed up angrily, “I will beat you to death!”

Seeing that the situation was wrong, the cameraman hurriedly stepped forward to stop the children.

“Stop, stop! It’s a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!”

The children didn’t want to listen to excuses. They saw their Wenwen being bullied and were furious! All children, regardless of their size, angrily waved their small fists to punch and kick.

The cameraman didn’t dare to fight back, so he could only try to stop them. However, it was already very difficult for him to stop two half-teen kids alone. A few fists landed on his body, and he couldn’t stop the other seven, eight years old children who rushed to Fang Xueruo.

“Beat her! Beat her back!”

Dashan’s younger brother Xiaoshan, who was less than four years old, also screamed and bumped his head on Fang Xueruo, who was panicked under the barrage of attacks.

Diandian and a few younger girls gathered around Wenwen and cried very loudly.

It was total chaos.

Wenwen, who was still on the ground, looked at the chaotic scene and was utterly dumbfounded.

In no time, Si Yue and a few people heard the commotion and rushed over. When they arrived, they saw a group of older children yelling and besieging the two adults, with another group of younger children sitting on the ground and crying. Meanwhile, there sat a dumbfounded little dumpling in the middle of crying children, staring blankly in a daze.

The stars doing the tasks nearby came first, followed by the crew who noticed the commotion from the livestream broadcast. Not long after, the villagers also rushed over upon hearing the children’s loud cry.

Si Yue quickly walked over and took Wenwen into his arms.

The crew members, dressed in black shirt uniforms, hurriedly came over and separated the older children from Fang Xueruo and the cameraman. However, it was not easy to stop strong children like Dashan and Dali, who kicked and punched around in struggle.

“What are you doing?! Aren’t you people here to record the show? Why are you bullying the children?!”

When the villagers saw that the outsiders had a conflict with their children, they were furious. If not for the villagers to see that the TV crew didn’t do anything bad to the children and only held them to stop them from hitting the female star, they would have already rushed up and fought before talking. Even so, the villagers’ eyes towards the outsiders were now full of alert and dissatisfaction.

Seeing the adults coming, the children became more confident. They hurriedly struggled free and ran to their elders to make a complaint.

“Second Uncle, they bullied Wenwen!”

“They beat Wenwen!”

“Grandpa! They beat children!”

These statements instantly formed a confrontation between the two sides.

An assistant director asked bitterly whether the livestream broadcast should be stopped or not. Because of this incident, the livestream’s popularity exploded, followed by several trending topics on Weibo. The director weighed his options and quickly decided to continue livestreaming. Originally, because there was not enough ‘drama’ during the broadcast, the number of the audience never reached its initial peak again. Although this kind of publicity might kill the show if not handled well, it was also an opportunity.

Director Peng said with a smile: “Fellow villagers, please calm down. We have no malicious intent towards the children.”

However, the villagers were still dissatisfied. It was clear that their children were bullied. Even a fool knew something was wrong!

The children glared at them hostilely. Dashan shouted: “She beat Wenwen! We saw it with our own eyes!”

All eyes moved to Fang Xueruo.

Fang Xueruo was in a sorry state at this moment. Her white dress was stained with many dirt and footprints, her hair was disheveled, and her face was pale. She was weeping, showing a weak and aggrieved look as she defended herself: “I didn’t hit him. I just lightly pushed him by accident.” There was a very conspicuous red teeth mark On her white fingers, which she waved around inadvertently.

The cameraman, who was in worse shape in order to protect Fang Xueruo, also explained: “The child bit Miss Fang, and Miss Fang accidentally pushed him in shock.”

Weng Huaibei saw the painful-looking bite marks on Fang Xueruo and couldn’t help condemning: “Even young children cannot bite people indiscriminately!”

Hearing this, the villagers became even more dissatisfied. One of the adults said: “We have known Wenwen since he was just a newborn baby. We saw him grow up, and he has always been well-behaved and sensible. He even takes care of older children very well. What did you do to Wenwen before he bit you?”

Fang Xueruo showed an even more aggrieved look. There were tears in her bright eyes, which made people couldn’t help but pity her. She weakly said: “I just want to pat his face. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that the child doesn’t like others to touch him. I will be careful next time…”

As soon as Fang Xueruo said this, the distressed Snowballs bombarded the comment area with angry remarks.

[If I was bitten by a stupid child, I wouldn’t just push him away. I would definitely give him one or two good slaps. How do his parents teach him?]

[This kid is really annoying! Hateful!]

[Xuexue wanted to get close to you, isn’t it an honor? You don’t know how to tell the good from bad!]

[Right, right. Except for being lucky, how can country folks like you guys have a chance to get so close to our Xuexue?]

[Xuexue is so pitiful. The nerves on fingertips linked to heart, and she was bitten so hard!]

[Naughty child should be beaten!]

Some people couldn’t bear seeing it and began to quarrel with Fang Xueruo’s fans.

[What year do you think is now? Are you people from the feudal era? Because your Xuexue is willing to get close, the other party must kneel down and accept with full gratitude?]

[Isn’t it right for children to be vigilant? You are scolding a young child so viciously. Have your consciences been eaten by dogs?]


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  1. Pretty sure irl if an idol’s fans were going around saying a kid deserves to be beaten, for any reason, that idol would be known as the “child beater idol” forever and their reputation would be ruined. But then again this is Chinese streaming and idk what the culture of idols is there.

  2. If someone came and tried to touch my child’s face without asking me ir them, I’d hope my child will bite them. Or at least scream or make it very clear this is not ok.

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