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MSRV Ch 42 Part 2 – Hiring a Bodyguard (II)

Fu Yunruo felt relieved upon hearing that Wenwen’s videos had been deleted from the internet. After ending the call with Tiantian, she took a look at the situation on the internet. Despite being the protagonist of the story, there were mostly only written descriptions about her. Although there was also a short video, it only showed a bit of her back figure, so she didn’t care. Fu Yunruo also found out that the negative comments about her had disappeared. When she looked at the people who spoke for her, she found many familiar usernames, which she recognized from her fan list.

Fu Yunruo read further and was amused by her fans’ comments. Although there were many ridiculous things in this world, there were more sane people with positive minds. Compared with her fans, whose sharp tongues could beat others into utter defeat without a single swear word, Fu Yunruo felt that she was still far behind. She also found that her fans were very rational. Although they ‘graciously’ put Fang Xueruo on the top of the trending topics list, they didn’t spread rumors or unbiased slanders and only told the truth. Compared to the so-called facts that Fang Xueruo’s sides deliberately distort, what Fu Yunruo’s fans pointed out was truly the truth of the matter.

At this moment, the internet was equivalent to Fang Xueruo’s social execution ground.

Fu Yunruo rarely browsed social media, so she also took the initiative to look at the tags created by Fang Xueruo’s water army, and only then did she see the comments that made her very uncomfortable. The hypocrisy and maliciousness almost overflowed from the screen. However, the following replies right below the comments, which occupied the top replies, were not from her fans, but still full of sarcasm.

Seeing that her fans were very measured, Fu Yunruo was very much at ease. It might be that her fans were generally older folks whose worldview had long been fixed. Most of the communication between Fu Yunruo and them was from an equal perspective, in which they treated her like a friend or a younger generation.

Fu Yunruo always felt that most of her fans were actually fans of the eleven pots of orchid plus one human baby she raised. The popularity of these flowers and Wenwen in her livestream channel was not low. Fu Yunruo often suspected that the orchids were not the only things she grew in her livestream, but also her son.

What impressed Fu Yunruo was that her fans understood her low-key temperament, so they rarely brought her name in public and deliberately downplayed her existence. On top of that, the fans seemed to also understand her dislike of Fang Xueruo, so they never brought out her name when attacking the latter.

It stood to reason that Fu Yunruo’s identity reveals caused a lot of sensation in the livestream circle. But when Fu Yunruo went to the forum, she found only a small amount of discussion about her. It seemed that her fans were very self-conscious and helped her suppress the news too. On the contrary, some of her colleagues and friends on the livestream platform had been sending private messages one after another, one to express their support and one to make a joke.

What delighted Fu Yunruo the most was that Wenwen was never mentioned at all.

Fu Yunruo also formally gained another fan group. It could be said that this group had been around since she started livestreaming. These fans had already discovered that the Wenwen in the variety show was their beloved cub. Comments kept pouring in one after another; all were screaming for their cub. Some of these fans were wailing and bawling, regretting themselves for not seeing the video before it was taken down, thus missing the chance to see the cute, smart, and lovely face of their cub.

Fu Yunruo was puzzled. Seeing their reaction, it seemed that the video was not taken down by her fans? But she couldn’t figure out who else was so capable, so she could only put her doubts in her heart for the time being.

Not long after, Tiantian sent another furious message.

[Fuck it!!! That scumbag dared to send a weibo to publicly support the bitch!!!]

[He actually dares to talk about you! Too shameless!]

Tiantian was very irritated by this and stopped messaging soon afterward. It seemed that she was going to tear up the scumbag in person. Fu Yunruo took a look and found that not only Chang Group publicly expressed their support for Fang Xueruo, but also the artists under Orange Entertainment. They all alluded to the fact that everything on the internet was just rumors, hoping for a certain someone would stop in moderation.

Orange Entertainment was one of the largest entertainment companies in the circle. Besides the Movie Empress Fang Xueruo, they also had several first-tier and above stars, a few well-known directors, and close contacts with some famous brands. After they publicly supported Fang Xueruo, the originally one-sided public opinion turned into a tug-of-war.

The flames of war raged in an instant, and the whole internet was ready for another round. Fu Yunruo’s fan group forum turned silent in no moment. Those fans should have seen the situation on social media, rolled up their sleeves, and rushed to the battlefield again. Being silently cared for and protected by so many people, Fu Yunruo was so moved that she simultaneously posted a message on her Weibo and livestream channel.

[What I had in the past has been taken away by you, but I will protect what I have now.]

Then she replied to Chang Zhuyou’s weibo.

[Don’t get me wrong. I used to run after you because you were my fiancé, and I didn’t want anything to be taken away from me again. As for now, I don’t want you anymore. Since I have thrown you into the trash can, please be self-conscious. Do not jump out and pollute the environment.]

Since her fans were so high-spirited, Fu Yunruo felt she couldn’t be left behind. She no longer had nothing. She had friends, family, and many other people who supported and loved her, giving her a lot of confidence.

Within a minute of posting, Fu Yunruo’s comment was liked and forwarded by Si Yue.

[It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment.]

Then another user gave a like.

Like a signal, Fu Yunruo’s comment was quickly liked and forwarded by many well-known figures in various circles, who also posted their encouraging comments—

[God is fair. After giving you hardships for the first half of your life, there will be happiness and sweetness waiting for you in the future. Little girl, stay strong.]

Both the Orchid Art Association and the famous diva Liu Zhi, with whom Fu Yunruo had cooperated before, also forwarded the comment, stating that only people with pure hearts could grow such orchids full of aura.

Within the livestreaming circle, several well-known livestreamers also forwarded and liked the comment, including several streamers with whom Fu Yunruo had no intersection. Even the Panda Live platform and Apple Entertainment’s official weibo accounts also forwarded the comment.

In addition, many second-generation youngsters and several other people from the wealthy circle who were active in social media also issued public apologies to Fu Yunruo, saying that they used to hate her due to misunderstandings and apologized for their excessive comments in the past.

Fu Yunruo was stunned and clutched her frightened little heart. Since when was she so powerful?

Wenwen had been sticking to Fu Yunruo’s side all the time, looking at her eagerly. Seeing that his mother looked very distracted, the boy was anxious and wanted to watch too, but he also knew he shouldn’t disturb her. Wenwen thought to himself. Once he had the opportunity, he must quietly look at the mobile phone. He really wanted to know the latest situation on the internet!


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