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THDP Ch 106 Part 1 – Kiss Me (I)

Meng Qi smiled brightly: “Sovereign Qingyan, my medical cultivation level has advanced to the second realm of the fourth rank!”

Yun Qingyan: “…”

“My Heart-clearing spell has also reached the peak of the fifth realm!” Meng Qi said again.

Yun Qingyan: “…”

“Sovereign Qingyan, thank you for taking care of me when I was unconscious.” Meng Qi sincerely expressed her gratitude. As she spoke, she pushed the quilt away and wanted to get out of bed: “I’m fine now, except that I can’t use spiritual aura temporarily.”

Meng Qi tried her best to keep her expression calm, but when she bent over to put on her shoes, she took a glimpse of Yun Qingyan’s hand next to the bed. Looking at the man’s slender fingers, memories of the last night came back to her mind instantly. Meng Qi’s face paled, and she quickly shook her head to expel those images from her mind.

Yun Qingyan stared at her pale face for a moment, but he couldn’t see anything unnatural. Meng Qi had yet to fully recover, and her body was still weak; when she tried to move, her body fell forward, prompting Yun Qingyan to quickly catch her.

Feeling Yun Qingyan’s touch on her arm, Meng Qi was very awkward. “…Thank you.” She shook her head, as if trying to drive the sudden dizziness away. She then thanked Yun Qingyan again. “I am indeed still too weak.”

“…” Yun Qingyan’s expression turned very complicated. Was this the problem of her being weak or not?! Meng Qi… didn’t she remember it? He was so cruel and violent at the time, and did such a thing to the defenseless her…

“Meng Qi.” Yun Qingyan stared straight into the girl’s eyes and said with a hoarse voice, “You…” He closed his eyes. His Majesty the Demon Monarch, who was always decisive in his every action, was actually having an unprecedented moment of hesitation, “Yesterday I… I treated you like that…”

“Ah.” Meng Qi pursed her lips and moved her fingers lightly on the bed, embarrassed. So Yun Qingyan remembered? Having a hunch of what the man was probably going to say next, she quickly waved her hand, trying to make her voice sound more casual: “It’s okay.”

“It’s okay?” Yun Qingyan was stunned.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded quickly and emphasized once again, “It’s okay.”

Yun Qingyan stared dumbfoundedly at the girl. At this time, Meng Qi was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her two feet dangled bare without socks, revealing faint red marks on her fair and slender ankles. Similar red marks were also visible on her wrists. A white robe, which was originally his, was loosely wrapped around her slender figure, revealing her neck. Several dark red marks could still be seen on the girl’s fair and delicate skin, spreading from her neck down to her collarbone.

…very enticing.

Meng Qi lifted her hand and tucked a few strands of loose hair behind her ears. Yun Qingyan’s eyes were chasing her every move, and his gaze fell on the girl’s small earlobes and her long dark hair. After being unconscious for one full day, Meng Qi’s hair was a little messy, but this small trait only added to her charm.

Meanwhile, Meng Qi was also deep in her own thoughts. Still, since the other party actually remembered, she finally decided to address the problem directly: “Sovereign Qingyan was about to fall into qi deviation at the time. The aura in your body went on a rampage and consumed your consciousness, making you unable to control what you were doing. Besides…” Meng Qi quickly added, her tone was sincere: “I am not hurt, you see?”

“The reason why I had to use Cangmingsan Pill is solely because of my lack of cultivation. The overbearing side effect of the pill caused the cracks in my spiritual sea and caused me to be unable to use my spiritual aura for the time being. However, these are temporary, and I will naturally recover within three days. Therefore, Sovereign Qingyan, you don’t have to feel guilty.”

Yun Qingyan’s expression became more and more complicated, and so did his gaze when looking at Meng Qi.

After Meng Qi finished what she had to say, she took out her spare blue robe, shoes, and socks from her storage space item. Just as she leaned over to wear the socks, Yun Qingyan reached out and took them from her hand. “I will do it,” he said; one of his hands reached out to hold Meng Qi’s small ankle while his other hand began to put on her socks. His movement was very natural.

Meng Qi’s face suddenly became a little hot. When the large and warm hands touched her ankles, a strange feeling seemed to spread from where their skins made contact. It was as if many tiny bugs were crawling around her ankles, making her whole body itchy. Unable to stand this strange feeling, Meng Qi subconsciously retracted her feet from Yun Qingyan’s hands.

Her eyes met the man’s deep gaze: “I… I can do it myself.” Meng Qi murmured. In fact, she was not so weak that she couldn’t even dress up by herself. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t use her aura; otherwise, it would be easy to change instantly.

Yun Qingyan slowly averted his gaze. He didn’t say a word, but took Meng Qi’s ankle into his hand again, almost stubbornly so. He then proceeded to gently put on the socks for her. Finished, Yun Qingyan got up, turned around, and walked towards the door: “The rest…” His voice was slightly dry and hoarse, as the soft sensation of the girl’s skin remained on his fingertips. Feeling a slight headache, Yun Qingyan hastened his pace and strode out.

The door opened and closed again. Meng Qi slowly retracted her gaze. She then lowered her eyes, staring blankly at the socks on her feet, and sat dazedly on the bed for a while.

It felt… so weird.

Meng Qi initially thought yesterday’s incident would be over if she never mentioned it, but Yun Qingyan unexpectedly remembered. In fact, the result was not unacceptable to her. When a healer was to heal and save their patients, they sometimes were exposed to all kinds of dangers, whether big or small. Speaking of which, Meng Qi still had her life intact, suffered no injuries, and even managed to improve her cultivation. Except for the small side effect of being unable to use spiritual aura for three days, it was sufficient to say that her gain was bountiful this time.

For Meng Qi, this was completely acceptable. But Yun Qingyan’s reaction just now…

Meng Qi hurriedly shook her head again. What happened yesterday was just an accident, and both of them should forget that it ever happened!

Left alone in the room, Meng Qi stayed on the bed for a while before changing into her blue robe and putting on her shoes. She then jumped out of bed, feeling refreshed and comfortable. Although she was still unable to use aura for the time being, the pain on her body was much lighter after sleeping for so long.

Meng Qi stomped her feet, took a deep breath, and left the room. This was no longer the room she had previously stayed in. There was a courtyard garden outside the door, much larger than the one she previously saw, with luxuriant and well-spaced floras and even a small pond. A curved floating bridge crossed the pond, connecting to the other side where a tall tree stood mightily.

Yun Qingyan, dressed in his usual white robe, stood under the tree. He stood with his hands behind his back, silently looking at the pond. The lotus flowers in the pond were in full bloom, but these lotuses were a little different from what Meng Qi knew. There were two kinds of petals on each flower, one purple and one white, layered and looking very beautiful. Some lotus flowers had withered with only their pods remaining and now were swaying gently in the wind.

“Eh?” Meng Qi’s attention was immediately attracted by the lotus flower, “Zilan! It’s Zilan Lotus!” She couldn’t believe her eyes: “There is such a large amount of them here? Heaven… they are all but extinct in Three Thousand Worlds. Rumors have it that Zilan lotuses may have survived in the Devil Realm, but they are still rare even there. According to the book, no Zilan lotuses have ever been seen in hundreds of years!”


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