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MSRV Ch 78 Part 2 – Scumbag Father! (II)

Could it be that after leaving the remote village and returning to Beijing, Mom somehow bumped into that scumbag who had been bugging her ever since?

Wenwen’s grip on the pencil tightened, but he kept his emotions hidden and didn’t show anything on his face. Picking up the workbook, he showed the page for Fu Yunruo to check, “Mom, I’m done!”

Fu Yunruo temporarily let go of her dilemma and gave hearty praise: “Wenwen is awesome! Let’s see… um, there are no mistakes! How smart!”

Fu Yunruo praised Wenwen again and again until the boy was as proud as a peacock.

Taking advantage, Wenwen said cutely, “Then Mom, can I play now?”

Fu Yunruo looked at the clock and saw it was not bedtime yet, so she readily agreed.

Wenwen cheered and quickly dragged Qian Shengnan up to the second floor. Fu Yunruo called from behind, “Don’t get yourself sweaty before bed!”

There was Wenwen’s exclusive playroom on the second floor, with a floor covered in a soft carpet. All of Wenwen’s toys were stored here, including an amazing rocking pony. When ridden, the pony would light on and play music, very lively.

After Wenwen removed his shoes and entered the playroom, his eyes rolled as he glanced over to ensure his mother did not come with them. Only then did he raise his head and called sweetly, “Sister Shengnan~.”

“What is it, Wenwen?” Qian Shengnan replied with an equally sweet voice.

“These two days, have there been any unfamiliar people near my Mom? Especially a suspicious one.” Sister Shengnan was almost inseparable from his mother. If something unusual happened to Mom, Sister Shengnan would be the first to know, so it was best to gather info from her.

Qian Shengnan thought about it for a moment, then shook her head, “No. But why did Wenwen ask that?”

No? Could it be that he guessed wrong? Wenwen thought again for a moment, “Then, has the flower garden business not been good recently? Has someone come to make trouble?” Wenwen sighed in melancholy, “Mom seems to be in a low mood recently…”

Although Qian Shengnan was not particularly sensitive, she too had noticed Fu Yunruo’s strangeness these days and thus tried to ask around, but nothing came out.

“The business is going well, and no one is looking for trouble.” Although the flower garden was not without problems, they were minor ones that did not need Fu Yunruo’s involvement.

“Then Sister Shengnan, can you please help me pay more attention to Mom? Do not let weird guys approach her.”

“Don’t worry, I will protect your mother.” Qian Shengnan promised. This was her job after all.

Even though Wenwen failed to get information, he wasn’t discouraged. If Sister Shengnan didn’t know, maybe other people knew. As long as he continued asking around, he would definitely be able to find out in the end.

Wenwen pondered and made a plan. He was free during the weekend and would have time to observe his mother by then.

The next day, Wenwen dashed out of the house right after finishing breakfast. As he stood by the side of the road waiting for the car to arrive, he happened to meet Si Yue, who was just coming back from his workout.

Wenwen waved at him, “Uncle Yue!”

“Morning, Wenwen.” Si Yue stopped in front of the boy.

Wenwen looked up at Si Yue, pondered for a while, and suddenly beckoned: “Uncle Yue, lower your head a bit. I have something to tell you.” As he spoke, he turned and looked around, confirming that his mother hadn’t come out yet.

Si Yue squatted down and leaned over very cooperatively.

Wenwen stood on tiptoe and whispered: “Uncle Yue, can you help me a bit? Please pay attention to my Mom and see if there is an unfamiliar man around her.”

Hearing this, Si Yue’s eyebrows raised a bit. He looked at Wenwen, who was looking back at him with all seriousness.

Wenwen urged, “Anyway, tell me if you find something!” Uncle Yue was so reliable. If he saw Mom being bullied, he would definitely help her!

When Fu Yunruo left the house and saw Wenwen talking so intimately to Si Yue, her expression froze for a split second. But she soon resumed walking over as if nothing had happened.

“What are you talking about?” Trying not to look at Si Yue, Fu Yunruo pulled Wenwen over and held his hand, “It’s time to go to school.”

The car drove out of the gate and stopped in front of them. Fu Yunruo took her son inside, but the boy turned around and shouted, “Uncle Yue, don’t forget it!”

Si Yue stood up and nodded, but his eyes were on Fu Yunruo.

She avoided his gaze.

The car left quickly. Fu Yunruo watched as Si Yue’s figure in the rearview mirror gradually got smaller until he finally disappeared. She didn’t ask Wenwen what he talked about with Si Yue. After sending him off to school, she went directly to the flower garden.

In order to distract her mind, Fu Yunruo kept herself busy on purpose.

Soon after, an employee named Guan Keke came in and said someone was looking for her.

Seeing Guan Keke’s nervous look, Fu Yunruo asked, “Who?”

“Fang Xueruo.” Guan Keke replied. Nowadays, few young people are ignorant of the hot news on the internet. The scandal of the Fu family last year attracted a lot of attention, and Guan Keke had also heard a bit of it, not to mention some first-hand information she learned from her fellow colleagues after she started to work in Fu Yunruo’s flower garden.

Therefore, Guan Keke also knew about the dispute between Fu Yunruo and Fang Xueruo. In her opinion, since the latter dared to even steal someone else’s fiance, shouldn’t she be self-aware and consciously avoid showing herself in front of the victim? What was Fang Xueruo doing here, coming to Fu Yunruo’s site?

Did she perhaps like to gain a sense of presence by disgusting others?

If so, then this woman surely had one strange hobby.

Hearing Fang Xueruo’s name, Fu Yunruo subconsciously frowned. Did she come here because she couldn’t get into the villa?

“Just say I’m not here.” Fu Yunruo said.

Guan Keke had a bitter face, “I told her that, but she said that if you are not here, she will wait until you show up.”

Fu Yunruo fell silent. The garden was open for business — if Fang Xueruo insisted on staying and refused to leave, there was a high chance that she might bump into a customer and cause another commotion due to her sensitive identity.

Having no other choice, Fu Yunruo took off her gloves and walked out.

She wanted to see what kind of scheme Fang Xueruo had this time.


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  3. “Did she perhaps like to gain a sense of presence by disgusting others?
    If so, then this woman surely had one strange hobby.”
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