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MSRV Ch 80 Part 1 – You Can Never Wake Up a Person Pretending to Be Asleep (I)

Fu Yunruo opened the door to the office and walked in.

Fu Zonghong, who was looking at the murals on the wall with his hands clasped behind his back, turned around when he heard the sound of the door opening.

With a chilly expression on her face, Fu Yunruo asked, “What is your business here?”

Fu Zonghong was initially angered, but he quickly reminded himself of his reason for being there and managed to restrain his emotions, “Is this how you speak to your father?”

“If you want to play a loving father and a filial daughter, find that precious daughter of yours.”

“You have grown tough, aren’t you? How long has it been since you are back in Beijing? Yet you haven’t been home even once. Do you still treat me as your father?”

“Please do not joke, Chairman Fu. I properly come home every day.” As for the ‘home’ he was talking about? Was there still a place for her there?

“I’m here to inform you that you need to move back home with Wenwen. What have you turned the child into?” Fu Zonghong was extremely displeased.

Fu Yunruo frowned, “When did you see Wenwen? You didn’t say anything nonsense in front of him, did you?”

Wenwen had not informed her about it, so when did it happen? If Wenwen had been with Uncle Guo or Qian Shengnan, they would have told her, so they were probably not involved… Was it possible that it occurred when Si Yue picked up Wenwen, and they arrived home late?

Fu Zonghong said disgruntedly: “You never take the child home; cannot I pick him up? Wenwen is the child of my Fu family! I’m here to inform you today. Even if you are messing around, I won’t let you destroy Wenwen, so I am going to take him home and raise him myself.”

Fu Yunruo gave a cold chuckle in response. Wenwen’s biological father hadn’t even come out to snatch her son, so what gave Fu Zonghong the confidence to make such a demand?

“You want to raise him? What, so that he will grow up just like you, blind and stupid, allowing yourself to be led by a nose by a woman?”

Fu Zonghong slammed the table in a fury, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

“I’m not mistaken, am I?” Fu Yunruo remained undeterred. She walked to her desk in a relaxed manner and took a seat. “I don’t have the time to waste on arguments with you, so let’s be truthful and speak openly.” Motioning for Fu Zonghong to take a seat, Fu Yunruo calmly continued, “In your perspective, what kind of person am I? Foolish? Malicious? Petty? And your dear wife and stepdaughter are the kind and weak women whom I relentlessly bully?”

Fu Zonghong snorted through his nostrils and looked at Fu Yunruo without saying a word. Clearly, he was thinking so in his heart.

Fu Yunruo was not disappointed either. After so many years, Fu Zonghong’s impression of ‘Fu Yunruo’ had long become deeply ingrained in his mind.

“Do you remember what I was like before you remarried? In the beginning, have I objected to your remarriage?”

“Do you still remember your initial intention for remarrying?” Fu Yunruo recalled what Fu Zonghong had once said to his daughter, “You told me that you wanted to have someone who would take good care of me.”

“Because of your promise, I finally agreed.”

“Did you forget that I didn’t object to your remarriage at the beginning?”

“What I object to is not your remarriage, but that mother and daughter. Why do you think it’s all my fault and not theirs?”

“Ask yourself, do you really think she has taken good care of me?” Fu Yunruo furrowed her brows, “Me, the daughter born from the late wife, has grown up to become the foil for her daughter. My existence perfectly complements her white lotus daughter’s pure, weak, talented, and kindhearted countenance. In contrast, others’ only perceptions of me are vicious, stupid, brainless… See? This is how well she has taken care of me.”

“Do you really know nothing? Is the old fox who can develop the Fu Group into its size today really so ignorant about his own family affairs?”

“No, you actually know it, but your heart has long since been biased. In your eyes, your gentle and tolerant wife and your filial, considerate, and polite stepdaughter are more important than your real daughter. So, you keep your eyes closed and pretend to be blind and deaf.”

“After working hard for a day, you only want to see a harmonious family at home. Their mother and daughter can make you relax and enjoy the domestic bliss that you want. On the other hand, your biological daughter can just cry and make you upset every time…”

Fu Zonghong was annoyed, “You think I am biased? If I am biased, will I still let you inherit the Fu Group?”

Fu Yunruo’s gaze was clear. “Yes, I am still the only heir of the Fu family, and most of the family’s assets will belong to me. So what if I compromise a little for them? What’s wrong with enduring some grievances to maintain family harmony?”

“That’s what you think deep in your heart, isn’t it?”

Fu Zonghong suddenly stood up, and the pushed office chair made a loud sound. “Fu Yunruo!”

“Chairman Fu, don’t be so quick to get angry. I still have a lot to say… No, forget it.” Fu Yunruo remained indifferent, “I think I have said enough. What happened last year has already been widely known on the internet, yet you remain ignorant. You simply want to keep your eyes closed and refuse to see the truth, don’t you? Chairman Fu has a great ability. Surely you can find the video published in the beginning and dig up what bystanders thought about it. I think it’s pretty interesting.”

After a pause, she added, “Or maybe… you have seen it but think that everything is just my slander. If that’s the case, then I have nothing to say.”

There was a saying that truly fit here: You can never wake up a person pretending to be asleep.

“And I warn you to stop thinking about Wenwen. His surname is indeed Fu, but my Fu Yunruo’s Fu, not your Fu Zonghong’s Fu. That child has nothing to do with your Fu family.”

“I won’t let Wenwen become the next me. If you dare to touch him, don’t blame me—”

Fu Yunruo had not finished her words when the office door suddenly opened, and Uncle Guo strode in, staring at Fu Zonghong furiously.


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