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MWFV Ch.26 Part 1 – Beating Back (I)

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“Aah!” A female teacher screamed before she quickly covered her mouth instinctively. However, her face was still pale with fear. Other people in the reception room did not scream, but their expression was equally shocked.

It happened so suddenly that they did not notice when Mr. Qin got up and moved his hand, but in the blink of an eye, Zhou Hongmei’s father had been knocked down on the floor. When father Zhou fell to the ground, he also knocked on the coffee table behind him. With a loud noise, the coffee table was smashed to the floor along with all the things placed on it, adding messiness to the already chaotic scene.

Too frightening.

After a while, father Zhou, who just had been beaten, wanted to get up from the floor. But how could Mr. Qin give him such a chance? Without waiting for father Zhou to recover, Mr. Qin already kicked the other party hard.

Zhou Yong was born tall and robust, and he always did as he pleases in his village. He was used to being the rogue and beating others, when did he ever swallow such a defeat before. Father Zhou’s eyes were red in rage, ferociously shouting at Qin Shao: “Fuck your old man!”

“Aargh!” His words were hardly finished, blood was spit from father Zhou’s mouth alongside two broken teeth. Wailing loudly, Zhou Yong wanted to resist and return the hit, but he was shocked to find that he didn’t even have a chance to fight back, and could only be beaten passively.

Looking at the bloody scene, everyone was dumbfounded: Who would have thought that Mr. Qin, who just a moment before was sitting calmly on the sofa, would directly move his hand and even so violently beating Zhou Hongmei’s father?

A big man like Father Zhou was reduced into a punching bag under Mr. Qin’s hands, without a single chance to fight back. Two parents of their students were fighting inside the school. As the school’s faculty members, they should persuade them to stop. But who dared to come forward at this time? Instead, looking at how father Zhou was beaten so hard that his teeth were broken, although they were also afraid, some teachers even secretly felt delighted.

Zhou Hongmei and her group were frequent troublemakers in the school. However, their parents couldn’t be reasoned with; thus, the teacher couldn’t do anything to control them. Now it was good. Finally, someone didn’t try to reason with them and directly moved his fist instead.

So satisfying.

Su Bei was equally surprised. The novel wrote Qin Shao as an expert in a free combat style. Even Song Yancheng, who was equipped with the male lead halo, could never win against him. Father Zhou was just thug who relied on brute force, how could he had any chance against Mr. Qin.

However, Su Bei never expected Qin Shao to do this. In the novel, there was only one scene when the villain really used his combat skill. That was at the end of the novel, when he was forced to a dead-end by the male lead and had to fight in order to defend his life.

Suddenly, Su Xiaobao pulled Su Bei.

Su Bei wondered: “What’s wrong?”

Su Xiaobao: “Don’t look.”

Because the scene was too brutal, Su Xiaobao pulled Su Bei behind him, blocking her sight with his back. Su Xiaobao himself, however, was watching with full interest.

The boy snorted lightly: Quite strong…

On the other side, mother Zhou, seeing her man being beaten, was panicked: “It is just a small matter, why do you need to use violence!” It was okay for them to fight, as long as her husband wasn’t the one being beaten.

Mother Zhou rushed up and tried to pull Mr. Qin back. The bodyguards brought by Mr. Qin immediately stopped her. Mother Zhou had no choice but to beg for mercy: “Stop, please! Su Bei’s dad, boss Su, our child is in the wrong. You can do whatever you want to her. Don’t hit him anymore.”

Father Zhou couldn’t even wail anymore. If Mr. Qin kept beating him, he probably wouldn’t be able to keep his life. Qin Shao knew the limit. Although he was willing to use violence, he couldn’t possibly take his opponent’s life, so he stopped.

“Assistant Li.”

Assistant Li was also scared by the scene she just saw. Especially now that Zhou Hongmei’s father was lying on the floor with blood all over his body, motionless. If it wasn’t for the man’s slight groan, she would really think that he was dead. It wasn’t until she heard Mr. Qin calling her name that assistant Li came back to her mind: “I’m here, Sir, what is your order?”

“Pay him money.”

“Ye-yes, Sir.” Assistant Li replied, barely maintained her composure. As for how much money to give, Mr. Qin obviously didn’t care. She should decide herself.

Seeing the blood on his hand, Qin Shao frowned, a disgust flashed in his eyes.

“Mr. Qin, you can use this tissue.” Assistant Li handed him a tissue, but Qin Shao didn’t pick it up. He walked over and pulled out a pack of tissues from the small pocket outside Su Bei’s school bag, and used it to wipe the blood from his hand.

Qin Shao sat back on the sofa and returned to his previous calmness.


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  1. purpleberrydoc

    Qin Shao has a father. Mehn!!! the kids guts can only grow bigger. This beating was very satisfactory. The other parents are immediately going to fall in line.

  2. OMG. THAT WAS MIND BLOWING 🤯. So so so satisfying 🤗🤗🤗😌. I don’t know how many times I have read this chapter and I am still exited 🎊🎊.

    Thanks for the chap

  3. sadfghf GOD I LOVE THAT FINAL FATAL BLOW! “Pay him money.” Hehehe does it feel like a fair trade now, dear shitty parents of shitty kids?

  4. Wow. I was expecting a show of force but not this kind of brutality. The problem wasn’t solved by wit and intelligence but violence? Then how much better is he than the perpetrators? Author, you have disappointed me. This wasn’t impressive in any way but what did I expect from a “dog-blood drama”.

  5. Spicy Salmon Roll

    Oh oohhff!! Sorry my standards for this dog blood drama is making me excited for this scene.. ugh! I’m sorry my refined taste in novels but sometimes these dog blood dramas just get the blood pumping!
    Thanks for the hard work!

  6. “That was at the end of the novel, when he was forced to a dead-end by the male lead and had to fight in order to defend his life”

    what the fuck kind of male lead protagonist does this?

    1. jeez no wonder that bully girl is the way she is. her mum literally just sold her off to be beaten by an adult man who is demolishing her husband like

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