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MWFV Ch.43 Part 1 – Praised (I)

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Xu Yangyang never dreamed that one of his idol, the person who in his mind was second only to the god Q, and to whom he was still blowing rainbow farts just a second ago, was actually his brother in the room next door.

That familiar voice and curse, who else could he be except for big brother?

Xu Yangyang: “Big, big brother?”

[vvvv]: “Don’t call me that, I don’t know an idiot like you.”

If they weren’t in the middle of the game, he would already rush to next door and beat this idiot brother!

Xu Yangyang: Really is his big brother.

“I said that the opponents are masters, you still act smart. If we lose, wait until I tidy you up!” [vvvv] threatened with a dark voice.

Xu Yangyang shuddered and asked timidly: “Then, what should I do?”

“I will take care of the security wall myself. The people who come to attack will also be handled by me alone. You don’t be a hinder. Just keep a good watch, and don’t let them make a sneak attack.” After that, [vvvv] once again concentrated on his monitor and increased the speed of building the security wall. Fortunately, what Xu Yangyang had just touched was simply a trap he prepared for the opponents, and the main code of the wall itself wasn’t affected.

[vvvv] asked Su Bei again: “Baby Q, how is your situation there?”

[Q]: A bit troublesome.

Here in her part, the situation was pretty tricky—the opponent’s security wall was on the same level as the one she had encountered during the previous round. But at that time, she only had to concentrate on attacking the security system, so it wasn’t that complicated. At this moment, however, she had to face both the security wall and its human defenders.

Brother [4v] was right. This [Black Durian] was really high-level. Some of the disguised data Su Bei sent has been pressed back, and the frontal attack was currently not going smoothly.

[Q]: I need about 15 minutes.

Su Bei had just made another set of data that very secretly attached to the regular input data. If the disguise wasn’t discovered, she could finally invade their system. However, the speed and frequency of regular data were very slow and would take at least 10 minutes to get in.

[vvvv]: “It’s okay. You can rest assured. With me here, let alone 15, I can support you for 20 minutes.”

Xu Yangyang: “Me too, god Q, don’t worry! ”

[vvvv]:” Xu Yangyang, you still dare to slack off, do your duty and properly watch the enemy!”

Xu Yangyang: “Ah.”

Meanwhile, at the opposing team’s base, their main defender [Black Durian] was in a great predicament. They have played a few games, but it was the first time he encountered such an annoying opponent: this person was not only an octopus, but an octopus who also could do guerrilla warfare! Their attack was so intense, if he was being careless even a bit, they would already sneak in.

[Black durian] didn’t know, Su Bei not only could fight guerrilla warfare but also able to do ‘underground operation.’ After ten minutes, the system prompts [Abnormal Data], [Security System Invaded], and [Unfortunately, You Lost The Battle] were popping up one after another. [Black Durian] was dumbfounded: He was guarding so tightly, but the opponent still managed to sneak in, and even by using regular data!

Who is this godly person!

Unlike the [Black Durian]’s side, Su Bei and her teammates received the prompt: [Congratulations, You Win The Battle].

Seeing it, [vvvv] sighed in relief and pushed the keyboard away.

“The tactic their side used was really cool. They deliberately took turns attacking our base to tire me out. I almost couldn’t hold it. Fortunately, you did it in time, haha.” [vvvv] leisurely chatted with Su Bei.

Su Bei: “Why are you still using this tone?”

[vvvv]: “It’s so cool, haha. Maybe we can meet them again in the finals.”

Su Bei: “…”

To be honest, she didn’t want to face this team again, especially the [Black Durian]. This time she just managed to win by a sneak attack. If the other side was thoroughly prepared, the result would be different.

“Right,” Su Bei remembered the conversation between her two teammates during the game just now, and asked: “Xu Yangyang said you are his big brother.”

“So you finally found out, ah. What a failure.” [vvvv] sighed. “Let me re-introduce myself. My name is Xu Shiwei, Xu Yangyang’s elder brother.”

“Xu Shiwei?” Su Bei was slightly stunned. The name was a little different from what she imagined.

Xu Shiwei seemed to have guessed Su Bei’s thoughts: “What, do you think my name is not like Xu Yangyang’s brother? Do you think I should be named Xu Haiyang?”

Su Bei: “Yeah, or may be Xu Haihai.”(1)

Xu Shiwei almost shouted out loud: “Impossible.”

“My name was taken by my grandfather after consulting our family’s genealogy and ancestral words. As for Xu Yangyang,” big brother Xu paused: “His is just an exception. Our mom took his name casually.”

Xu Shiwei: “Baby Q, can you call ‘brother Shiwei’? Let me listen to it.”

Su Bei: Bah!

“I’ll call you ‘big brother Xu.'”

Su Bei twitched her lips and secretly thought: She seemed to know who Xu Yangyang learned his personality from. He simply hasn’t surpassed his brother yet.

“Do you enter this competition for Xu Yangyang?” Su Bei asked. The big selfie Xu Yangyang used for his avatar was hard to miss.

Xu Shiwei frowned in disgust: “How can it be! That kind of idiot who pitted his teammates, who are willing to bring him along? If not for you who pulled him into our team, I never thought about taking him.”

Brother Xu’s words were full of disgusted tone and hard facts. Thinking of [4v]’s many dislikes towards Xu Yangyang before, Su Bei couldn’t help but smile.

Then Xu Shiwei asked, “By the way, why did you take in my idiot brother?”

How many rainbow farts did that guy blow before he finally got to hug baby Q’s thick thigh?

Su Bei: “I didn’t tell you? We are friends.”

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(1) Regarding the Xu brothers’ name: ‘Yang’ from Xu Yangyang means ‘ocean,’ while ‘hai’ means ‘sea.’ ‘Haiyang’ also means ‘ocean’ or ‘maritime.’

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  1. No love here, where is the praising. Lol. They both hackers. Also, should not they all attack at once instead of send and send in a turn? But poor baby bro.

  2. I mean … You aren’t really friends, hell even I’m pissed you’re carrying this dead weight around just cuz he hangs with your brother.

    Hehe I like how nice Su Bei is but at the same time I hate how nice she is, a bit too … Err idk naive? Simple minded ?

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