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MWFV Ch.6 Part 2 My Dad is Qin Shao (II)

After 20 minutes, the train arrived at the terminal in B station. The moment her feet landed on the land after they got off the train, Su Bei was relieved. God knows how nervous was she along the way. Everytime she heard the sound of footsteps in the train car, she was like a startled bird, afraid that train crew would suddenly come to check their tickets.

It’s okay now, they finally arrived!

Squeezing the two train tickets in her hand, Su Bei didn’t have much time to be happy. Right at that moment she saw several station staff with a man wearing police uniform coming over and stopped in front of them.

“Excuse me, please show us your ticket.”

“No ticket?”

“It’s here…”

The policeman took the tickets from Su Bei. He looked at the information printed on it, and then examining two young kids in front of him.

“Luo Xiaohong? Zhang Erniu? Is it your names?”

“Yes.” Her tone subtly higher.

“You are 88 years old?”

“…” Su Bei couldn’t answer.

Seeing her stance, the policeman’s eyes flashed. “Both of you, come with us.” He took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to the police box in train station for further interrogation.

“You departed from N county?”


“Where did you buy these tickets?”

“Bought from a scalper.”

“You know they are scalper, but still dare to buy? Don’t you know the regular way purchase a ticket?”

If wasn’t for their colleague who caught a group of scalper, they wouldn’t know that this shift would have two passengers with problematic ticket. On top of that, they are actually two children. The ticket checking system in a small county wasn’t too strict, so the obvious flaw wasn’t found there, enabled these children to ride the train.

“What’s your name? Real name.”

“Su Bei.”

“Su Xiaobao.”



“Do you have an ID card?”

Su Bei shook her head.

“What about the household registration book?”

Su Bei shook her head again. Then she took out a note stamped with their village committee seal from her schoolbag, and handed it to the police. After reading the contents of the note, the police looked at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. He was surprised. “You don’t even have an household registration?”

“For the time being,” Su Bei responded.

That year, Grandma Wang decided to raise the twins, but didn’t considered the issue of household registration. In their village, there are many children without household registration. In the next few years, one after another solved this problem. Unfortunately, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao turn was come only after Grandma Wang’s death. Thus created another problem. If they have been registered, then Su Bei doesn’t have to spend so much money to buy ticket from a scalper.

“What are you doing in B city?” Running away from home? Meeting online friend?

Seeing the two children who keep silent, the police directly continued: “How about your family? Do you have your guardian contact information?”



“Our guardian has passed away.”

“So now both of you not only don’t have a household registration, even your guardian also passed away?” The police once again confirmed their answers. As he rarely encountered such a difficult case, he couldn’t help but frown.

At this moment, Su Bei spoke again: “About that, uncle, we still have a dad, we came to B city just to find our dad.”

If she didn’t speak, they most probably would be sent back.

“You said your father was in B city?”

“Yes, previously we lived with our grandmother in the countryside. Before she passed away, she let us come to B city to find our dad.”

Su Bei’s statement is also reasonable and more in line with the general situation of many left-behind children. When the policeman looked at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao again, there was some sympathy in his eyes: “Don’t worry, if your father is in B city, uncle will definitely help you find him.”

“Do you know your father’s name?”

“Qin Shao.”

Qin Shao? The name sounds familiar.

The policeman entered ‘Qin Shao’ name on public security system, a total of 236 search results popped up.

“Do you know any other information? For example, where is your dad’s household registration and where is his workplace?”

“The household registration should be in B city, and he works in Qin Group.”

After he redo the search with additional clues provided by Su Bei, the result popped up made him stunned.

No wonder the name sounds familiar.

——There is only one person called Qin Shao who works in Qin Group, and that is the chairman of Qin Group! The famous Mr. Qin from B city!

The policeman face sank. He then looked at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao : “If you really want to find your dad, you must provide me with real information. If you continue to make up lies, then we can only …”

“All I say is true” After he finished talking, Su Bei replied with serious expression. “I also know dad’s address. He live in Shangcheng disctrict in B city…”

The policeman subconsciously compared the address Su Bei gave with Qin Shao’s information in public security system.

Exactly the same.

A person like Qin Shao will never diclosed such information like the location of household registration and home address to the public. So it’s unlikely that these children made up some nonsense from the information they casually found on internet. So there is only one possibility- they did not lie.

When the policeman looked at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao again, his expressions changed. Originally he was simply investigating a case of scalper ticket purchasing, but he didn’t expect to find two left-behind children looking for their father. Then he intended to help these two left-behind children finding their biological father, but didn’t expect to be involved in a real life dog blood drama!

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    1. Well, he won’t recognize them since he has never met them probably, but he might recognize them as his children, through DNA test or features of appearance.

    1. oh my god! a reasonable adult!! the cop is the only reasonable adult we’ve had!!! this is a first!!!

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  2. I hope instead of turning them away, he does a dna test right from the jump. And just give them alimony

    1. Sort of. They are tickets bought using other people’s ID numbers. I’m unclear if they have stolen the ID number or are compensating the owner for use of the number, but they are selling them to people who either have no ID (like the twins) so can’t buy a ticket, or are restricted from traveling (the govt can restrict your travel for certain “bad” behavior) and also unable to buy a ticket. It’s one of the many ways they can control people that are perceived as rebelling against the govt.

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