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MWFV Ch.63 Part 2 – Cannot Wait to See (II)

“To express our gratitude, my family and I want to prepare a dinner for Mr. Qin. I wonder if Mr. Qin is willing to come?” When Li Honghao said this, he was sweating nervously. What kind of person was Mr. Qin? For him to invite Mr. Qin to his house, it was truly outrageous.

Qin Shao raised his eyebrows slightly: “Sorry, no time.”

Hearing this, Li Honghao’s face turned awkward. But remembering his wife’s request, he bit the bullet and told the truth: “It’s indeed very abrupt for me to invite Mr. Qin over. In fact, it is my wife who wants to meet you.” His wife said that she wanted to see Su Bei’s father, saying that it was related to her past. Although Su Mei did not tell him the full story, Li Honghao chose to support his wife’s decision.

However, when Mr. Qin heard Li Honghao’s request, his face turned cold: “No.”

“This…” Li Honghao was taken aback: “My wife’s name is Su Mei, I wonder if Mr. Qin has any impression?”

Qin Shao: “I don’t know.”

Li Honghao still wanted to say more, but was interrupted by Qin Shao: “Chen De, see the guest off.”

Chen De immediately came in: “Mr. Li, please.”

After the two men left, Mr. Qin sat alone in his office, engulfed in silence. Since he could find out that Li Man’er was the student reporter at the school sports festival and could find out about her father, he naturally also found out about her mother.

Qin Shao has investigated many things about Su Mei’s pasts. Such as her career as a female star who debuted together with Lin You, her various entanglements with Lin You and Song Yancheng, or about her giving birth to a pair of twins babies in the Hongxing County’s countryside….and then about her going abroad in a hurry.

Xiaobao and Xiaobei were born under Song Yancheng’s conspiracy. Qin Shao didn’t know the biological mother of his two children, and naturally didn’t have any emotion towards the other party, both in a good and bad way.

However, whether it was to protect his two children or out of his own selfishness, Qin Shao didn’t want them to have any contact with Su Mei. Having just him, their father, was enough for Xiaobei and Xiaobao. This was Mr. Qin’s selfishness.

Meanwhile, Su Bei was completely ignorant of the storm currently brew in Mr. Qin’s heart, and was busy at home doing the last preparation for the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ final.

“Are you nervous?” Su Xiaobao looked at Su Bei.

“Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.” Su Bei quickly retorted.

Su Xiaobao: “Then, are you panicking?”

There has always been a strange connection between the twins. Probably because they have been together for so long, Su Xiaobao and Su Bei’s emotions easily affected each other. Even a faint change of emotion could be detected by the other. Just like now, Su Xiaobao felt flustered, and this emotion obviously stemmed from Su Bei.

Su Xiaobao raised his hand and poked the tip of Su Bei’s nose: “You have acne here.”

“Hiss——it hurts!” Su Bei slapped Su Xiaobao’s hand and covered her nose. Su Bei discovered the acne when waking up this morning, but simply thought it was caused by her recent busy schedule.

Is it really caused by nervousness?

“What should I do?”

Initially, Su Bei wasn’t nervous about the final. But after thinking that Mr. Qin was going to watch her competition, she suddenly felt nervous. She was afraid of losing face if she performed badly in front of Qin Shao.

Su Xiaobao lowered his gaze, seemingly deep in thought. Then he raised his head and asked Su Bei: “Do you want to drink milk tea?”

Su Bei: “I want!”

On the other side, Xu Yangyang, who was also preparing for the final, was even more nervous than Su Bei. However, his tension was for a completely different reason.

Big brother Xu who was watching on the side couldn’t stand it anymore: “For god’s sake, Xu Yangyang, didn’t you have enough fuss? What are you doing running up and down all day? Can’t you stop for a while?”

Xu Yangyang: “Brother, I’m bringing my shoes!”

Xu Shiwei: “What are you going to do with your shoes tomorrow? Using the keyboard with your feet?”

“No, hehe.” Xu Yangyang laughed twice and explained: “I am going to see my god Q tomorrow. Of course I have to give god Q a meeting gift!”

[Q] and [vvvv] are his idols! However, ever since he knew [vvvv] is his big brother, [vvvv] is no longer his idol, but [Q] is still his god! The number one big boss he admired the most!

“I am going to give my precious sneaker to god Q.” Xu Yangyang took out a pair of flashy-looking AJ and asked: “Big brother, how do you think about this one? Among my collection, this is the number one, the most limited of the limited edition.”

“Or this one, this is also good. I bought it after going to line up at 2 am.”

Xu Shiwei: Haha.

Xu Yangyang: “Just giving out one pair of sneakers seems less sincere, ah. I should also give god Q my treasured No.23 jersey and a basketball autographed by LeBron James.”

Xu Yangyang: “Hehe, god Q surely will like it.”

Xu Shiwei:…

No, baby Q won’t like it.

Looking at his family’s stupid child, Xu Shiwei asked kindly: “Are you sure you want to give these to baby Q?”

Xu Yangyang: “Of course!”

He is so excited, he cannot wait to see god Q!

Xu Shiwei: He also cannot wait.

——Cannot wait to see what kind of face this stupid boy would make when he saw [Q] with AJ sneaker, basketball, and jersey in his hand.


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14 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.63 Part 2 – Cannot Wait to See (II)”

  1. I can imagine Xu Yangyang’s surprised Pikachu face when he finds out who Q is. Poor guy getting led around the nose by his evil big brother. Then I wish big bro good luck when facing the great Demon Lord President Qin Shao. 😈😂🤣

    1. But imagine his brother’s face if God Q really like the shoes and jersey. LOLOLOL

      Su Bei: (I’ll give it to Xiaobao. He will like it. )

  2. hahahahah now i got nervous. two cliffhanger in a chapter is too much! Xiaobei’s nervousness infected me. Heheh Poor dad Qin, the woman prevented him from living with the kids for 14 years, now he doesn’t even want to know about her shadow Where’s President Lin? Will he watch the match without telling Q?

  3. I have a question. It says that Qin Shao naturally investigated Su Mei and is aware of her involvement with the alleged good guy Yancheng, Song etc. And then he says he doesn’t know the mother of his children. That’s him not relating that Su Mei is the mother? Or is it him knowing that she is the mother but not getting involved in it anymore? It was not clear to me.

      1. i see .. thanks koffean-sama. I was rereading it from the beginning and do the names Qin Yue and Qin Yu have any special meaning?

  4. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    why in the world is that woman initiating contact for no reason. I also really don’t want her butting into their nic and COMPLETE family. And wow she didnt even tell her husband but asked him to get him over to their’s for dinner.What was she thinking? telling over at a family dinner that the twins were her children?or hold a private talk with QS there?

    might be cuz i don’t like her from the beginning but i feel her whole presence is to create a fuss up in their family and i really want SB to deny her any rights on them completely

  5. I think when Su Mei left her baby twins to someone not even related to her that was it. She gave up her parent rights.

  6. Huh, I don’t think I’d side with Su Mei in real life, but I’m guessing from the non-villanization of her kid that she’ll have some reason like she actually ran away to protect the kids from the blackmail stuff that Song was threatening.

  7. Author really just don’t, don’t try to justify what su Mei did, no!

    Nothing you say is gonna make me change my opinion of her now, left her kids, went on to create a new happy family overseas in 1 year? Don’t try to give me some baloney about her thinking the kids were sead or something.

    And definitely do not try to make them get along, just …. Just no.

    For once papa qin is right with his overbearing nature, they only need a dad.

  8. Even if Su Mei left them in the beginning to protect herself and the kids she didn’t comme back. She could have comme back after a while to get them or communicate with the old lady. But she didn’t at all. It’s only when she happens to bump into them by coïncidence that she wants to see them.

  9. I don’t care about Su Mei reason back then for abandoning the twins! That is so heartless….the least she could do was bring them to an orphanage or something. But instead she just left them behind. Good thing grandma Wang is a good person and decided to raise the twins and even left them money after passing away. After 14 years they are doing good now. They have a loving father, assistant Chen and uncle Fu looking after them. I really don’t want her to come and disrupt their lives.

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