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Translating Web Novel

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.37 Part 2 – Banquet (II)

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Lin Shaochi had just finished dealing with some minor issues in the company and was walking back to participate in his grandfather’s birthday banquet. When he passed the corridor, he noticed someone was sitting in the garden. It was a teenage girl with a pretty and delicate face, wearing a white dress and sitting on a wicker chair.

Lin Shaochi’s first impression of Su Bei was indeed ‘a girl addicted to internet’, just like many children who couldn’t let go of their phones. But he quickly noticed a glass of champagne at the girl’s hand, then saw her lifting up the glass very calmly and drinking all the content in just one gulp.

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GNU Ch.15 Part 2 – Calligraphy Lesson (II)

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The complicated family environment taught Cheng Yujin how to get the best result at the least expense. What other girls only learned after three or four years of marriage, she knew it when she was ten years old. Not only that, she also became smooth and slick in everything, and extremely egoistic. When licking other people’s boots, she didn’t care about her own face. She also didn’t crave the love of her parents, nor did she care about love.

Cheng Yujin only loved herself.

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GNU Ch.15 Part 1 – Calligraphy Lesson (I)

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The next day, Cheng Yujin went to pay respect to Old Madam Cheng early in the morning.

A servant girl greeted Cheng Yujin and opened the door for her. The earth dragon’ s1 heat burst into her face. The servant girl helped Cheng Yujin took off her cloak and said, “Last night, the Old Madam let second young master Xu and several young misses stay overnight in the main wing. Now they were still sleeping inside the green gauze cabinet. The Old Madam was afraid that second young master Xu might feel cold, and ordered the earth dragon to be ignited. Eldest miss has just arrived from outside and may still not accustomed to the heat. Please wait for a while.”

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch.22 Part 3 – Who is That Man?! (III)


Meng Qi accelerated her pace and hurriedly chased after the man. The reason why she wanted to wait for Qingfeng Valley to merge into Fentian Palace was to leave Qingfeng Town with them. She wanted to go to the Western Realm, but Qingfeng Valley was located at the Eastern Realm’s eastern edge, very far from the Western Realm. The sect was practically only one step away from the boundary that separated humans from the Demon Realm.

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GNU Ch.14 Part 2 – Taboo Name (II)

“Stupid girl. We are family, no need for thanks.” Now Cheng Min’s every sight of Cheng Yujin practically only added her affection towards the girl. It was a pity that such a good girl had her engagement canceled. Huo family really did her wrong. Cheng Min felt sorry for Cheng Yujin, and suddenly remembered her own childish son.

However, this kind of thought soon dissipated. Children’s marriage wasn’t a trivial matter. Cheng Min simply had a flashing idea and was far from making a decision. She once again held Cheng Yujin’s hand and said, “You should rest well. Don’t worry about other things. You are a sensible and filial child, really the best girl I’ve ever seen. You will have your own lot in life. Who knows, your lost this time maybe a blessing in disguise.”

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.37 Part 1 – Banquet (I)

Qin Shao seldom attended a banquet, so when people heard that Qin Group’s chairman was going to attend the Lin family’s banquet, everyone was surprised. They secretly mused: How big was Lin family’s face, that they could move even this big Buddha? Moreover, they also heard that Mr. Qin was going to brought his pair of children that never appeared in public eyes before.

Although tonight was the birthday banquet of the old master Lin, Qin Shao’s appearance has become the center of everyone’s attention. Qin Shao took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao and was invited into the guest area on the second floor of Lin family’s villa. People with insufficient status couldn’t go to the second floor. Still, many were seeking the opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Qin.

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch.22 Part 2 – Who is That Man?! (II)

Meng Qi left the Profound Auction House from the same entrance gate she used before. She couldn’t help but look back at the simple and old-looking courtyard. Such one world-one space setting was not only brilliant, but also extraordinarily complex. She could guess that this must be built using a gigantic array, constructed from countless smaller arrays. But to comprehend how it actually worked was completely beyond Meng Qi’s ability.

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GNU Ch.14 Part 1 – Taboo Name (I)

Old Master Cheng’s burst of anger made him so dizzy that he had to be supported back to rest. Cheng Yuanjing sent the Old Master back to his courtyard. The others stayed in the main hall and watched the two left.

After the Old Master left, Cheng Yuanxian angrily vented: “Dad only knows how to unscrupulously being biased towards an outside child. He even beats me today. Hah, fortunately, I am much older than him, and mother also made a wise decision at that time to secure me the shizi title. Otherwise, look at Dad, he can’t wait to give all Yichun marquis manor to that bastard son of his.”

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch.22 Part 1 – Who is That Man?! (I)

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Meng Qi never expected this development. Although she was usually indifferent and calm, her hand holding the teacup shuddered slightly. Her original plan was to sell twelve second realm Beiming pills for around six to seven hundred sixth-grade spirit stones, so that she could buy the herbs and other medicinal ingredients to try solving the poison from the jackdaw grass. However, she never thought how the people from great sects were on an absolutely different level than herself. They had so much wealth and spent money like flowing water. It was something that a little Qi Condensation cultivator like herself could never imagine.