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THDP Ch 122 Part 1 – What He Has Given Her (I)

“Xingxing?” Meng Qi muttered in confusion. She gazed at the jade token in her palm, which she hadn’t had the chance to examine closely before. The white jade was not intricately crafted, but it had a smooth texture and lacked inscriptions, with only a simple pattern engraved on it. “What’s wrong with you, Xingxing?” She asked again. Why did Xingxing suddenly act so weird?

The bright fox girl Meng Qi knew was always cheerful and confident. Apart from the first meeting, she had never seen Sikong Xing look so… nervous? Afraid?

“Me-Meng Qiqi…” Sikong Xing’s shoulders trembled, and she subconsciously gulped as she struggled to find words. Her legs were weak, and she already had her head down, not daring to gaze directly at the token in Meng Qi’s palm. The pressure that currently suffocated her was an innate one. As a demon cultivator born in the demon realm, Sikong Xing carried inherited reverence and fear for that object in her blood.

Su Junmo walked up to the two. Sikong Xing turned to look at him, her eyes flickering: “T-that… that jade token in Meng Qiqi’s hand… c-could it be really…” She stopped abruptly, appearing too scared to even finish her sentence.

“Do you know this jade token?” Meng Qi looked at the two and asked in surprise. This token was exactly the token to Luoyun Manor that Yun Qingyan gave her. Back then, he told her that the token could be used to enter the manor freely, so she could come and pick the phoenix fruits once they ripened again in a thousand years.

In a thousand years…

When Meng Qi recalled his words that resembled a promise, her heart warmed slightly. Sovereign Qingyan thought too highly of her. To reach the lifespan of one thousand, one must reach at least the Comprehending Perfection stage, a level too far away for the current her. Without enough cultivation base, she would never have a chance to wait for another batch of phoenix fruits.

Meng Qi looked at the white jade pendant in her palm and strengthened her determination.

So, she must work hard.

She would work hard and go to that place — one thousand years later.

As Meng Qi put aside her thoughts, she opened her eyes again and looked at her two demon cultivator friends, “What’s going on? Xingxing, can you tell me?”

The addressed Sikong Xing exchanged a glance with Su Junmo. Her eyes flickered, and she looked like she was about to cry. “This…” She looked at Su Junmo, her eyes full of pleading for help.

Woohoo, she didn’t dare to say it!

Sikong Xing didn’t even dare to say that name directly, as just the thought of it almost made her feel out of breath. But the one holding that object asked her a question, and she didn’t dare to disobey her order…

Although the object in Meng Qi’s hand should be just a manifested copy, the vast coercion emanating from it was no different from the real thing, which gave demon cultivators like Sikong Xing tremendous fear and an uncontrollable urge for submission.

“Meng…Meng Qiqi…” Sikong Xing pursed her lips again and said fearfully, “I…I dare not…”

“Xingxing?” Meng Qi was stunned, “What’s wrong?”

Except for Sikong Xing and Su Junmo, the rest were human cultivators from the Three Thousand Worlds. They all stared at the two with confused looks, not quite understanding why Sikong Xing was so scared all of a sudden.

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly, seemingly grasping the cause of Sikong Xing’s strange behavior. The jade token was given to her by Yun Qingyan, the sovereign of the white tiger demon clan. Considering that the white tiger was one of the Demon Realm’s royal clans, it was normal for Su Junmo and Sikong Xing to be afraid of a token that came from his hand. “I understand.” So Meng Qi nodded, putting the white jade token back into her storage space, “It’s all right now.” She smiled at Sikong Xing, “Xingxing, see? I’ve put it away, so it’s alright now.”

It’s alright now?!

Sikong Xing didn’t even know what to say. What caused her fear was the innate instinct engraved in the blood of every demon cultivator, forcing them to subconsciously bow their head in front of the demon monarch’s order.

Now that she knew Meng Qi was its bearer, the fear would not go away even after the object was stored away.


Sikong Xing started trembling again. From their very first meeting, she witnessed Meng Qi’s ability to use the Four Poles Great Array, a technique exclusive to the upper members of the celestial demon white tiger clan, proving her connection to a very powerful figure of the clan. That knowledge didn’t stop her from interacting normally with Meng Qi, but now that she had seen her take out the order, shouldn’t she start to treat Meng Qi with respect for a monarch?!

Sikong Xing turned to Su Junmo again, silently pleading for help. But the other party was also in a daze. His white robe fluttered around as he looked at Meng Qi, eyes full of disbelief.

Seeing this, Sikong Xing finally closed her eyes and suddenly bent down on one knee. She put her clenched right hand across her chest and bowed her head in reverence, “Your Venerable.”

“Eh?” Meng Qi was taken aback, “Xingxing, what are you doing?” She hurriedly stepped forward and took Sikong Xing’s arm, trying to make the girl stand up. As she did so, she turned to Su Junmo, “Su Junmo, what’s wrong with Xingxing? Both of you…”

Before Meng Qi could finish her sentence, the white-robed man also fell on his knee, giving her the same obeisance as Sikong Xing. “Your Venerable,” he greeted solemnly.

Meng Qi was shocked. She quickly realized that their reaction was caused by the jade token. Could it be that the owner of Luoyun Manor was the Venerable these two spoke of?


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