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THDP Ch.2 Part 3 – How Much Should I Charge Him? (III)

When Qingfeng Valley was first established, the site selected as the sect’s location was exactly this cold pond located on the mountain’s peak.

Before Meng Qi approached, she already felt cold. Like fine needles, the cold aura seemed to penetrate into her bones. Meng Qi was thin, and she was just a Qi Condensation cultivator. This cold pond was the place where the sect leader and other elders came to cultivate. But even they would only come here at most once per month.

Meng Qi’s steps paused. She took out a small crimson pill from the bracelet-shaped storage space and slowly put it in her mouth. This originally was a very common first-grade pill, called spring warmth. However, the pill she took just now was a slightly improved version. It allows Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment cultivators to resist the coldness of this place.

Meng Qi put the pill under her tongue and took two more steps. She suddenly remembered and looked back at Chu Tianfeng, who was walking two steps behind her.

“Do you feel cold?” Meng Qi remembered that after he was poisoned and injured, Chu Tianfeng’s cultivation was suppressed into the Qi Condensation stage. Obviously, he couldn’t resist the coldness from this pond.

Chu Tianfeng ashen face blushed upon Meng Qi’s question. Of course he felt cold, but he didn’t want to admit it. Fentian Palace’s Young Master would never admit defeat, especially in front of this money-loving girl.

“For you.” Meng Qi touched the bracelet-shaped storage space, took out another pill, then handed it to Chu Tianfeng.

“No need.” As soon as Chu Tianfeng spoke, his teeth lightly clacked. In an instant, his face burned red. If his cultivation was still in full condition, he would never be in such a sorry state.

“Our sect’s cold pond was full with thick aura, it’s coldness penetrated into bones and could lessen your poison’s effect.” Meng Qi held the pill with one hand: “It can also force the poison to stop circulating so that it will not wander around your body and make it easier to be drawing out.”

At this time, far away from Qingfeng Valley’s great hall, the two stood on the other side of the peak. There were no other people around, and only Meng Qi’s voice could be heard, accompanied by the cold wind. Her voice was very nice. Even if her speech’s tone did not fluctuate too much, it was very soft and sweet, like sweet spring. Very comfortable.

After listening to her explanation, Chu Tianfeng’s expression became slightly better. Before, he almost doubted if the other party intentionally wanted to embarrass him.

“I forgot that your cultivation is being suppressed by the devil beast poison. In our sect, cultivators on the Qi Condensation stage aren’t allowed to approach this cold pond.” Meng Qi added.

Chu Tianfeng’s face was eased even more.

“This pill of spring warmth will keep you from being hurt by the cold aura in the cold pond, don’t worry…” Meng Qi explained with a soft voice.

Chu Tianfeng’s expression gradually became better. His arm moved slightly. So this girl actually had a good intention. His refusal was so blatant, probably made Meng Qi misunderstand, thinking that he doubted her intention with the pill. That’s why she explained like this.

“I’m not …” Chu Tianfeng just wanted to explain that he didn’t doubt Meng Qi’s pill. As if to prove himself, he simply reached out and took the pill from her palm.

He took a look at the crimson pill in his hand. It started to emit warmth, which surprised him a little. He had also seen a similar low-level pill before, but this one …

Chu Tianfeng imitated Meng Qi and put the pill under his tongue. Instantly, a warm feeling filled his limbs. It seemed that the bitter soreness he felt all this time after the previous poison attack was now reduced. Sure enough, this pill was a little different from the ordinary spring warmth pill.

“I improved this pill myself. In addition to the main ingredient of flame grass, I also added its seeds during refinement.” Meng Qi explained again.

The cold feeling was reduced, and even the pain caused by the poison attack seemed to ease a lot. Although Chu Tianfeng was a genius, he was still a young man. Just now, he was so angry with Meng Qi that he vowed never to give her a good attitude. But now, he felt that the other party’s calm and clear voice among the cold wind didn’t seem to be as detestable as before.

Meng Qi continued her explanation: “Ordinary spring warmth was priced at fifteen first-grade spiritual stones.” Then he heard the girl said: “So this pill will be an additional cost, two hundred first-grade spiritual stones.”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

The expression that was just being eased suddenly became sour again.

Very good!

He will remember this!

As the young master of Fentian Palace, Chu Tianfeng never care about such small things as one or two hundred low-grade spirit stones.


Chu Tianfeng originally followed Meng Qi to watch her joke. But at this moment, he fell into silence. Except for him being angry with her and her talking about money to him, they had no other communication. He looked at the slender blue-robed girl with complicated eyes. She seemed to be really different. Perhaps, she really has a way …

Chu Tianfeng gritted his teeth, then took a look around. The cold pond wasn’t far away, and his cultivation base was greatly reduced. Without this pill, he may be really unable to take even another step. Imagining the disdain and contempt Meng Qi might show him, he tightened his grip on the pill and stepped forward.

Qingfeng Valley’s cold pond was indeed the place with the thickest aura. Chu Tianfeng stood by the pond, with Meng Qi’s improved spring warmth, he felt warm all over. Taking a deep breath, he felt full of energy, and his body became lighter.

“Take off your clothes.” Meng Qi lightly instructed.

The surprised young man hurriedly turned his back, only to meet the girl’s unblinking bright eyes. Her side face was delicate and pretty. Her creamy skin was as white as jade, without the slightest sign of bashfulness. Not only that, but Meng Qi has also turned around and now was standing beside a big rock.

She was constantly taking out many medicinal herbs from the storage bracelet. After her rebirth, she collected them bit by bit. Although none were very rare or precious, Meng Qi still took a great effort to obtain these herbs. To get some of these things, she almost got injured several times.

But it still not enough.

After taking out all the things she could use, Meng Qi looked back to Chu Tianfeng. The black-robed young man stood aloof behind her, tall and elegant. His beautiful and flawless facial features seemed to be even colder than the cold pond, and not even the slightest warmth could be seen in his eyes.

Chu Tianfeng sneered when he saw Meng Qi turned around. His slender fingers touched his lapel, his gaze straight into Meng Qi’s eyes, then he took off his robe.

The black robe was thrown aside, then the white inner coat. The young man’s wheat-colored skin was gradually exposed to the chilly air. Chu Tianfeng was a cultivator. Moreover, he was born as the young master of a big sect like the Fentian Palace. Not only his appearance outstanding, but his body was also in excellent shape. He still looked very young, his back as straight as a rod. Slender neck, wide shoulders, and narrow waist, there was no trace of excess fat on him. His whole appearance was very handsome and upstanding.

Chu Tianfeng sneered. Now he didn’t care much about his own injury. Instead, he began to wonder what this Meng Qi was going to do. He didn’t believe that such a delicate and pretty young girl could remain calm when seeing his half-naked figure. She would definitely…

Meng Qi’s clear eyes fell flat on Chu Tianfeng’s shoulders. Although the injury has gotten some simple treatment, she still could see three small black holes on it—That was the wound left behind by the fifth-rank devil beast. Even now, she could still see black mist occasionally rising from the holes, and even the wounds around Chu Tianfeng’s shoulder gradually became darker.

Meng Qi frowned, she pointed to the cold pond next to them: “Go in.”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

Without a word, he jumped into the cold pond. Even with the spring warmth given by Meng Qi, he still shivered when the cold water reached over his shoulders. Seeing this, Meng Qi took another spring warmth from her storage bracelet.

“Two hundred first-grade spirit stones.” She said, holding the pill before Chu Tianfeng.

Silently snatching the crimson pill, the Young Master of Fentian Palace was about to open his mouth—but his body suddenly stiffened.

Severe pain was quickly spreading from his shoulder.


Chu Tianfeng gritted his teeth, ready to fight the pain of thousands of needles piercing his bones.

If it was only severe pain, he could bear it. But this was a kind of pain that seemed to pierce countless sharp needles all along his bones and the most vulnerable parts of his skin, one needle at a time. It was truly a pain worse than death.

In addition, his current cultivation was suppressed into the Qi Condensation stage, making him unable to resist the overwhelming pain of the strong poison attack. Chu Tianfeng relied solely on his pride and willpower to hold himself, didn’t want to show the slightest weakness in front of Meng Qi.

In a trance, Chu Tianfeng felt like he heard someone’s sigh. The sigh was a little distant, but it seemed to be close to him. He subconsciously raised his head, and the girl in front of him was still as before, with no expression on her small face. Only in those clear eyes, there seemed to be a flash of excitement.

He really imagined it.

Chu Tianfeng closed his eyes.

How could this person sigh like that?

Then on the next moment, the girl’s slightly cool and slender fingers, accompanied by a slight medicinal fragrance, gently pressed Chu Tianfeng’s shoulder. It felt like a spring breeze, making his body stiffened again.


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