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THDP Ch.3 Part 1 – Sign This IOU (I)

Meng Qi gently pressed Chu Tianfeng’s shoulder. Then she pinched some medicinal herbs she just took out, extracting their juices. The pale blue medicinal extract was lightly picked by her finger and fell on Chu Tianfeng’s wound. In an instant, the bitter pain seemed to fade away.

Chu Tianfeng’s mind gradually became clearer. He opened his eyes and looked at the girl standing very close to him. Her face was small, with fair cheeks without any powder applied. She was examining the wound on his shoulder intently, with full concentration, as if this was the only thing she ever cared.

His lips moved slightly. Chu Tianfeng wanted to say something, but a slight chill gradually spread on his shoulder. The pain of ten thousand needles tormenting him every hour now seemed to be not so unbearable. He closed his eyes again, not uttering a single word.
Meng Qi then activated a medical spell with her right hand.

Bit by bit, she probed around Chu Tianfeng’s wound. Now she was only a Qi Condensation cultivator, and her medical cultivation barely broke through the second rank, and she was unable to use stronger spells. But she was very proficient with first-grade medical spells. In the past six months after her rebirth, she had trained herself to become highly skilled and incomparable in those spells, far superior to any disciples of Qingfeng Valley.

Cultivation spells were also divided by grades. In addition to its own grade, each spell also has nine realms of strength, promoted via continuous usage. After the ninth realm, it was said that there was still even a stronger realm. But few people ever reach there.

Before Meng Qi died in her last life, she was already a fifth-rank medical cultivator. Even placed in this Three Thousand Worlds, her medical expertise was considered a pretty high-level healer that would be honored everywhere. Even if she went to a famous sect like Tianfeng Palace, she would be respected.

Meng Qi was indeed quite talented in medicine. Still, her strongest ability was the absolute proficiency in these low-grade spells that the majority of people wouldn’t even bother to put in their eyes, like the Qingfeng1 spell she was using now on Chu Tianfeng. This was a first-grade medical spell that almost every trained healer would be able to do. Even a cultivator still in the Qi Condensation stage would absolutely be able to learn this spell. But looking all around the world, there was probably no other Qi Condensation cultivator whose proficiency was on the same level as Meng Qi.

There were no shortcuts on learning spells. It solely depended on repeated use every day, a very tedious process. In the town at the foot of Qingfeng Valley, there were many non-cultivators. During this half-year, almost all injured or sick people there were treated by Meng Qi. She also went to cure injured small animals on Qingfeng Mountain. And when she had no patients to cure, Meng Qi would deliberately take some poison herself, just to practice this spell repeatedly.

So, although now she was only in the Qi Condensation stage and her medical cultivation was still in the second rank, her proficiency in Qingfeng spell was already in the fourth realm, enough to help dispel the poison in Chu Tianfeng body. However, it still needed some strenuous effort on her side.

Before an incense stick of time, Meng Qi promptly sat down, exhausted.

Still too difficult, ah.

Closing her eyes, Meng Qi took another pill from the storage space and stuffed it into her mouth. Then she activated another spell with both hands and sat cross-legged. The pill’s slightly cool aura slowly spread from her tongue and swam all over her body. Her spiritual aura that was originally exhausted slowly being recovered.

Chu Tianfeng opened his eyes again and looked at Meng Qi with a complicated expression. Although his cultivation was suppressed, he had long formed his golden core. He also came from a famous sect like Fentian Palace, so his knowledge was naturally not small.

Meng Qi was too weak!

A mere Qi Condensation cultivator, yet forcefully tried to dispel the poison from a fifth-rank devil beast, he knew how difficult was that.
Chu Tianfeng’s eyes flickered. Without blinking, he saw many beads of sweat slowly slipping down on Meng Qi’s cheek. What she used to detoxify his body was just a first-grade medical spell. Yet, in a mere incense stick of time, she couldn’t hold it anymore.

Cultivators relied on spiritual aura to use cultivation spells, and Qi Condensation cultivators had the fewest aura on their bodies. Even cultivators at the peak of the Qi Condensation stage could only use first-grade spells at most ten times before their aura became empty.

However, Meng Qi’s spiritual aura was exhausted after only seven or eight usages, which meant that her cultivation was probably on the seventh or eighth realm of the Qi Condensation stage.

Chu Tianfeng silently thought, his eyes subconsciously fell on the girl’s fair skin. The coldness from the cold pond permeated the area, and the mist was filling all over the mountain peak. Inside the mist, Meng Qi, this money-loving girl, didn’t look as annoying as before. Instead, she looked a little bit like… immortal fairy? There was a thin layer of sweat on her face. Even now, a drop of sweat was sliding down her cheek then finally dripping along her small jaw …

Almost subconsciously, Chu Tianfeng raised his hand, trying to catch this crystal drop of sweat. He forgot that he was still soaking in the cold pond. Right after he moved his hand, the water splashed with a sound. Meng Qi, who previously had her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes.

There was a shining ray in her gaze.

“Your poison broke out again?” She frowned slightly, her eyebrows curled up delicately, very cute.

“Although this cold pond can suppress the poisonous aura, thus made it easier for me to detoxify, but poison from a high-rank devil beast has a trace of spiritual sense.” Although Meng Qi was talking about a serious topic, her voice was still very soft.

“So during this treatment process, the poison may attack more frequently.” She reached out to her storage bracelet, took out a blue pill, and handed it to Chu Tianfeng.

“My spiritual aura won’t be recovered for some time. You will feel more comfortable if you eat this.”

Chu Tianfeng silently took the pill. Even before he could deliver it into his mouth, he could already smell a comfortable medicinal fragrance. Actually, the poison was still dormant now, and even if it was attacking again, he could bear it. But Chu Tianfeng said nothing. He couldn’t tell Meng Qi what he was going to do just now.

Chu Tianfeng took a look at the girl and once again closed his eyes. The sweat beads had long since disappeared, and he felt ridiculous. Just now, as if being enchanted, how could he subconsciously made such a move.

Obviously, although her medical skill was not bad, this was a girl who loved money like her own life. Compared with her, he preferred a kind and simple girl like Lu Qingran. She was so brave. Even though she knew that she wasn’t the devil beast’s opponent, even though she knew that he was much stronger than herself, but when faced with danger, she rushed out to block the devil beast with her own body.

Even without her heroic deeds, Lu Qingran was much more lovely than Meng Qi. It was interesting to chat with her, and she had broad knowledge. She wasn’t like a typical disciple of a small sect like Qingfeng Valley. Since their meeting, the two have been getting along with each other. During their travel, they never had to worry about finding a topic of conversation.

After thinking about Lu Qingran, Chu Tianfeng’s expression softened again.

Did she already wake up? She had received a great fright.

As soon as he remembered her pale face, Chu Tianfeng couldn’t help but feel distressed.


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T/N :  I made some mistake and decided to edit all previous posts, including this one. Previously I translated ‘法’ as ‘cultivation art’ and ‘诀’ as ‘skill’, but after referring to some other glossary in internet (plus it sounded more and more strange), I changed it into ‘spell’ and ‘technique’ respectively. Changes has been made on all THDP  posts, but please commented if you found any miss! Since this blog is my first time translating CN and THDP was cultivation novel, plus it still ongoing, you may expect this kind of change to happen from time to time. Wish me luck!

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  1. Qingfeng spell: Here means ‘cool breeze’ or ‘clear wind.’ A different character with Qingfeng Valley, which means ‘Blue Peak’.

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