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MSRV Ch 65 Part 2 – Awkward (II)

When returning to the villa, Fu Yunruo deliberately chose the afternoon because she thought Si Yue was not home at the time. This way, she could hurriedly water the flower, do some maintenance, and quickly go off again before Si Yue came home.

It took Fu Yunruo just a moment before her focus quickly shifted to the orchids, and she forgot about everything else.

The seventh child needs a trimming…

Fu Yunruo put all her attention on the seventh child. Just as she put the tools away and turned around, she suddenly saw a figure standing by the door. Caught off guard, she stepped back in shock.

“Be careful.”

Before Fu Yunruo had time to react, Si Yue was already very close. His one hand was holding her waist, while the other caught the pot she accidentally knocked over in a panic.

There was almost no distance between them. Fu Yunruo’s nose was about to touch Si Yue’s chest, and her lungs seemed to be full of his unique smell.

Fu Yunruo’s heart was beating fast, so fast that she was frightened. Her hands gripped the shelf behind her as she tried her best to escape Si Yue’s embrace.

“Did I surprise you?” Si Yue took a step back.

Fu Yunruo stared at him, “Why are you here?”

‘Did I surprise you,’ he said? Anyone who suddenly found someone standing behind them without any warning would be surprised, alright?

Fu Yunruo felt that her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

“……I’m sorry.”

Si Yue was a bit aggrieved. Was he so ugly? How come she looks so scared?

This is supposed to be his most charming pose…

“I heard some movement here, so I came over to check.”

“…” For a while, Fu Yunruo couldn’t say a word. She didn’t tell anyone about her guess and dilemma, and even Qian Shengnan was put in the dark. Thinking that Si Yue was a close friend of Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, it was normal that she allowed him in.

“I’m dropping in to check on the flowers.”

“I see.” Si Yue didn’t ask any more questions, and Fu Yunruo also didn’t give any unnecessary explanations.

The two fell into another silence.

Only then did Fu Yunruo realize that their posture was not correct. They were not only very close, but Si Yue’s hand was still holding her waist!

Fu Yunruo subconsciously tried to push him away.

She pushed once, pushed twice… but the man didn’t budge an inch.

Just like a big mountain, Si Yue was still standing right in front of her.

Si Yue lowered his eyes. Seeing the two palms pushing against his chest, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

Fu Yunruo followed his gaze, and her mind suddenly exploded with a bang. Si Yue’s body temperature seemed to permeate through his clothes right into her skin, numbing her palm from the heat.

There was a smile in Si Yue’s eyes, “Does it feel nice?”

Fu Yunruo hurriedly retracted her hands as if scalding, “I-I’m sorry…”

Fu Yunruo’s face was as red as a boiled shrimp. She clearly just wanted to push Si Yue away, but why did it seem that she was trying to take advantage of him? “Mr. Yue.” She tried to remain calm, “I’m not used to being so close to others.”

Si Yue then withdrew his hand and took two steps back.

Fu Yunruo finally sighed in relief.

“Yunruo…” As soon as Si Yue called out her name, Fu Yunruo’s heart suddenly jumped again, and she quickly interrupted in panic, “Wenwen must be waiting for me. Since I have finished my business here, it’s time to return to the flower garden. See you later!” Fu Yunruo didn’t give Si Yue a chance to say a word and quickly finished with a bang.

“I see. Be careful on the road.”

“???” That’s it? Didn’t he have more to say? What does he mean?

Fu Yunruo was confused by Si Yue’s behavior. Every time she suspected he had a romantic interest in her, his attitude would suddenly return to normal. It was this ambiguity that made her heart jump up and down, as she couldn’t help pondering his intention.

“Mr. Yue…”


Fu Yunruo swallowed her words. Asking this kind of question was extremely risky. In the case she really misunderstood Si Yue, wouldn’t it be too embarrassing?

If Si Yue’s attitude had been more clear and open, she could straightly reject him. But at this point, there was nothing she could say.

“Ah, no… I’m off.”

“Alright.” Si Yue turned around and said, “Let’s go out to play once you guys return home.”

Fu Yunruo: “…”

Fu Yunruo returned to the flower garden with a mind full of doubt and questions. But soon, she had no time to be entangled. The flower garden would officially be open for business in ten days, but there was one more important event before the opening.

Wenwen’s kindergarten.

Wenwen had a bolt out of the blue. He was having a good time here, but his mother suddenly told him to go to school?!

He didn’t want to go to kindergarten and hang out with a bunch of little brats!


“You are already a four-year-old, a big kid. Children of your age should go to kindergarten.”


“Our house is running well now. I don’t need you to accompany me during the day, and neither does Grandpa Guo. There are plenty of uncles and aunties in the flower garden, so we don’t need a child’s labor.”

“Now, what reason do you have?”

“…” Wenwen was speechless. All the excuses he could find were blocked. After thinking hard for a long time, he finally retorted with confidence: “But I can read a lot of characters and do the math, so I don’t need to go to kindergarten!”

“Oh? Then let me test you.”

“Up to you, Mom!” Wenwen is confident. He already remembered many Chinese characters, knows multiplication tables and can read pinyin. He was not afraid of any test!

Fu Yunruo found a pen and paper and wrote a simple character 乚.

“How do you pronounce this word? What does it mean?”

“???” Is this a word? Isn’t it just a radical!! How to read it?!

Fu Yunruo spoke softly, “My dear, this is the simplest word, just a one-stroke character. Everyone learns it in kindergarten.”

“…” Wenwen was stunned. He had memorized many characters, yet he didn’t know how to read the simplest ones?

“Vast is the sky, and boundless is the pasture. The breeze blows upon the grass and grazes upon the cattle and sheep. What is the name of this poem?”

…Wh-why couldn’t he remember? There seemed no such poem in the children’s poetry collections he had read? But he seemed to have heard it somewhere…

“What is the thirteenth number after the decimal point of pi?”

Wenwen quickly snapped his fingers and calculated.


What are the next numbers?

Wenwen’s eyes turned into mosquito coils. These questions were too difficult…

Why didn’t Mom test him 1+1?!!!


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5 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 65 Part 2 – Awkward (II)”

    1. Hah! What kind of questions are those! Why would anyone need to remember the 13th decimal of pii?!

      Aaaargh! I want Si Yue to confess already! But he won’t until he has her hooked!

  1. Dear ML,
    I am a tolerant reader. You want to abuse a 3 year old’s job offer to live under one roof with it’s mother? Okay, since she went along with it that’s fine. You wanna pull some strings to “coincidentally” become neighbors with the mother and son duo? A bit creepy but she bought the house herself and the neighborhood fits her requirement. Strolling in your neighbor’s place uninvited, startling them, touching them and then asking “Does it feel nice?” when they are trying to push you away is a big fat no. I wanna smack you. Hard. With a baseball bat. And then I’m gonna ask you if it feels nice.

  2. Leyla Ramazan

    Guys I’m sorry, I tried and so far I can only remember the mother and son and now MLs names + general plot, but I forgot key points since it’s been a while so any kind soul who can direct me to a wiki of this novel or remind me will be AWESOME, please and thank you!
    My question is: 1) how did we come to ML figuring out and deciding to live with the family and 2) does the Mother know that he’s the Dad??
    3) I’m also fresh out of memory juice on Chinese names used for all the cast that are important to the plot in this novel… so Any help with that is Very appreciated!!
    Or I suppose I have to re-read… but where should I start, because I am not starting from the beginning. As I said, I know some plot points so if you could direct me to the part where the Dad comes to play house for me that would be great!

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