Aerial Rain
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My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 107 Part 1 – Because He Loves Them (I)

Fu Yunruo, who wasn’t aware of the silent communication between Si Yue and the doctor, watched the doctor nervously and fearfully, afraid that he would say something she didn’t want to hear. The doctor made a quiet “tsk,” inside before turning back to Fu Yunruo and explaining seriously, “He has two broken ribs, and both …

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MSRV Ch 106 Part 2 – Accident (II)

“Mom…” Wenwen murmured softly. With a sudden jolt, Fu Yunruo slowly regained her senses. She reached out her trembling hand, wanting to touch but did not dare to. How could this happen? She had been so careful, even having everything double-checked. Why did this accident still occur?

MSRV Ch 105 Part 1 – Wire-Flying (I)

“Mom!” The moment Wenwen saw Fu Yunruo, he jumped off the chair and ran to her side with delight. Fu Yunruo bent down to meet his eyes, making sure not to bump into him. Like a little puppy, Wenwen followed behind his mother everywhere, showing boundless liveliness and joy.

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